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7739. attorney (private practice)

As a practicing attorney and the wife of a chief county prosecutor in New Jersey, I would find it difficult to believe that President Judge Cody is unaware of the underhanded backroom deals that go on almost daily in the criminal and civil divisions of Chester County Common Pleas Court. The stories I have heard about some of the decisions rendered in this court, and how they came to be, make my skin crawl. It appears Pa does not have any checks and balances to weed out bador corrupt judges, and the rules of procedure, conduct, etc., are, utterly, meaningless if the court itself does not follow them. I have to believe this county court and certain of its judges have been brought to the attention of the state's JCB, but it does not appear to have had any effect. What does a judge have to do to be reprimanded in Pa? The answer appears to be, either, arrested or indicted. The time is long overdue for the F.B.I. to step in here. It is quite frightening that courts can conduct themselves this way in the twenty-first century. English law was more civil and fair - and honest - than CCCCP.


8882. attorney (public defender)

Jacqueline Cody is a horrible judge. One case the Deputy DA, Michelle Frei, withheld exculpatory evidence. Because of this the client plead guilty. After the evidence came to light an appeal was filed and a post conviction action. Cody denied them both without a hearing. I filed a complaint with the FBI and spoke with an assistant US attorney. Chester County is being investigated


8929. party to case (pro se)

I happened upon this site by circumstance while googling a certain Chester County judge, and I feel the need to add to the comment above. I find it both refreshing, because it was written by a lawyer, and frightening, because it was written by a lawyer. It is impossible to get a judge removed from the bench, or even a case, in PA. What happened to me in Chester County Orphan's Court is so outrageous that I cannot find an attorney, at any price. I have had lawyers in Chester County hang up on me and then call the judge in question and tell them about my phone call; I have had lawyers outside the county tell me "I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole", other Chester County lawyers tell me, "No way. I have to work with him/her for the next 30-years", etc. To call it misconduct would be kind. The actions of the court and its staff are, more than likely, illegal. I was certain a higher court in PA would hear the case or appeal because of the egregious actions of the court, but no. It will never happen. Therefore, I live in constant fear of my personal safety and security because I, literally, "know too much". I have moved out of state and I still do not feel safe. I am scared to death the case will be remanded back to the same judge, and I am afraid to, even, set foot inside the courthouse for fear I will be locked up on a bogus contempt charge, or worse. The judges will not stop until they have inflicted the maximum amount of pain and punishment, financial and otherwise, to anyone who dare speaks up ..or out... and they can do whatever they want, unencumbered by the law, the Constitution, due process, the PA Supreme Court, the JCB or anything else. That is what I have learned after three years of trying to probate my father's will. People in positions of power who do the wrong thing, generally, do not do any more than they know they can get away with. I was sure at every level of wrongdoing that someone higher up would look at my situation and say, "This is wrong. This is not allowed. This cannot happen". But that never happened and it will not. In fact, the more outrageous the judicial conduct (or attorney misconduct that the judges allow), the more the state will try to shut you up, until you have lost everything, including your mind, and just go away with your tail between your legs and try to start over, if you can. Meanwhile, I hope the poster who claimed to be from the Chester County public defender's office was real, and there really is an FBI or U.S. Attorney's investigation into this court simply because no one should ever have to endure what I have for the last three years for just trying to "do the right thing". They showed me, didn't they? How DARE I try to have a voice....


6730. attorney (private practice)

The fact that nobody has anything good to say about the judges in Chester County speaks volumes about Judge Cody. 'nuff said. Nice court you got there, judge.


7341. attorney (private practice)

Wow! I have never seen so many negative reviews about an entire county court system. (I swear, I didn't write ANY of them.) But she is President Judge, and it makes me wonder whether she condones the kind of conduct all the posters complain off, or has her head buried in the sand, or what? I can only assume the Chester County judges w/o reviews are ok, because most people only write negative reviews. Not that they are untrue, you are just more prone to lashing out on the internet when you are made. Let's hope - for all our sakes - that the entire Chester County judiciary is not as biased as what I've read on this site. Seems like a BAD place to be NOT well-connected. But choosing judges is a popularity (and $$) contest in PA and nothing else. Maybe the supreme Court ought to fix that system, because it does not appear to be working.

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