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3543. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Chen is a horrible judge. She is disrespectful in the way that she speaks to people especially the victims in the cases she hears. I was granted a PFA in '08 because the other party did not show. When that order expired, the other person began harassing me again. I had text messages and voicemails to prove my case. She threw it out 4 times. She finally gave me a final order when the person committed and was found guilty of a criminal act against me. I feel that could have been prevented if she would have listened to me the previous times I came in. The violence escalated every time our case was thrown out. She's a poor excuse for a judge.


5727. other

My parents went to court against my brother, who is a seriously disturbed individual. Judge Chen would not give my parents, the true victims (75 and 79 years old) an opportunity to speak, was very rude and was sympathetic to the perpetrator. This judge should not be on the bench.


6385. other

This judge is the worse judge that I have ever came across. I am a victim of dv and she seemed to take my abusers side. She stated that she didn't believe me even though I had evidence of the abuse which she refused to look at. She ended the trial by laughing with my abuser telling him to watch how he talks to me because I was a little sensitive. I guess I have to get killed before she actually grants me a pfa #mylifedontmatter


2001. attorney (private practice)

She's absolutely an awful judge. She is disrespectful of people's time. I've sat all day in the court's waiting room awaiting my cases to be called. She clearly is unfamiliar with the custom that counsel should be heard before pro se litigants. When you finally enter the courtroom for your case, she talks to everyone as if they're infants. She's an awful judge. I wish for her not to be retained or retire. I loathe going into her courtroom.


3897. party to case (with attorney)

She is disrespectful of everyone else's time. She postponed my pfa for a year and half. We sat all day every date we were given only to be called into her chambers at 4:30 for her to tell us she ran out of time and could not hear the case. I ended up having to get a criminal stay away order from cjc because my attacker continued to harras me even with the temporary pfa in effect. He even took out counter claims based on hersay which she allowed. I went into hiding meanwhile my attacker has been arrested and incarcerated three times for D.V. she refused to allow the use my criminal order against my attacker, the fact that other women also have pfa's in effect on my attacker or any of the evidence of his multiple arrest. She cares nothing for victims. I do not understand why she is a D.V. judge but she is going to get someone seriously injured or maybe even killed.


6549. party to case (with attorney)

I agree with all reviews. Ida Chen is going to get someone setiously hurt or killed. She has no concern for time when abuse victims are paying attorney's fees. She is empathetic to the abuser and seems to particularly leinent on men from the IBEW local 98-- perhaps because they support her, odd she was named to Mayor Kenney's "board". She let an evicted abuser back in the home after an odd 9 MONTH ONLY PERM PFA (cannit find one cop or lawyer that ever heard of that) after being told to her face that he will harm the victim again (WHICH HE DID). She should be relegated to traffic court... Oh wait... Those corrupted judges are no more.


7229. party to case (pro se)

I appeared before Judge Chen several years ago, falsely charged with criminal harassment by the ex. The judge was ready to hang me on sight, before even hearing the facts of the case - I was the only male in the courtroom. But after listening to my ex's stalling, contradictory testimony, and outright lies, Judge Chen saw through the ruse and applied the law and common sense. Following a "Judge Judy" exchange between the judge and the ex, I was acquitted and sent on my way. I will concede that Judge Chen's "benchside manner" leaves something to be desired. Unfortunately, her attitude is typical of most Family Court judges. However, she is competent and she knows the law.

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