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5177. party to case (with attorney)

You must be kidding. Judge Cartisano is a career politician and her legal background is in municipal law. She cannot admit errors when the statutes are even read to her. She talks like she is a mother to witnesses she doesn't like and take pleasure in scolding with a tone that warrants response. She is not and never has been a parent and has no clue. And if one of the parties in a case is an attorney, you get things your way. She is biased, doesn't read the law, doesn't follow civil procedure and has clear favorite attorneys.


3938. party to case (with attorney)

I had to have my parental rights taken away because a judge refuses to enforce an order. I have dealt with her saying she wants reports but when she gets them hand delivered does nothing. I can see that this is all set to go back to court and there is nothing that she will do again. I should not have to bring experts to court to force someone to do the correct thing . I pleaded with her to not allow something to be the way it was and of course she did and now it is the same old thing. Since when is it okay to not know where your kids are and the last thing I was told was they were leaving the state with strangers and I was not going to be told who with. She never did one thing about that and many weeks have passed but I am still not sure where anyone is. This is insanity that one parent is allowed to destroy kids relationship with the other. I will be prepared this time because I can tell this is set up to not go my way. Who are these people who think they can take a parents rights away bu refusing to enforce a court order. Why have orders. Well I guess it works this way if it is all about running up legal bills for one person.


3063. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Linda Cartisano does not know the basics of PA family law. In agreement with the Plaintiff in my custody case she removed all physical and legal custody at a contempt hearing where no petition to modify custody was present before the Court. This is not only against PA family law guidelines, it is also in opposition to PA Superior Court upholding that such custody modification violated a defendant's due process. See Langendorfer v. Spearman, PHD v. RRD, GA v. DL, PA Superior Court. And my petition to modify has been languishing with Judge Cartisano for 18 months. IMPEACH HER.


3633. party to case (with attorney)

I believe that she never bothered to read an emergency filing. Had she read it she would hve seen that another judge had brought my kids in his chambers and said untrue horrible things to them about me (their mother). He told my kids they never had to see me again and that "he could tell by looking at me that I have mental issues". As a result it has allowed my ex who is an alieantor and a mentally abusive person to make sure I never see or speak to my kids. This is what she allowed to continue on. This is horrible and no way to operate and never will be acceptable. Why shouldnt judges be required to take action when someone has been allowed to abuse the system with lies and sneaky horrible actions. I guess it is easier to just let it go on then to take action against alienation and people who do this. So as usual she is allowing this to continue and I will have to wait to get to superior court to get justice and have real people make decisions. I am sick of having to spend money to fight someone who is allowed to abuse and torment. I filed papers with medical expert opinions and still she did nothing and that goes to show that she will not do anything and when we have to be in court she will continue to allow someone who is abusive to get away with games and not following a court order.


5221. party to case (with attorney)

She takes sides and then the side she doesn't like will never see their kids again. She still has yet to rule on contempt charges from over a year ago. She allowed one parent to lie in court get passports for kids leave the country with no penalty ; She let one parent lie about stalking and when given proof that it never happened did nothing. She is just horrible and she should never be allowed to rule in cases where kids are involved.


5227. party to case (with attorney)

She is so horrible as she let someone who only had joint legal custody to dictate everything. This person was allowed to tell me I could not be in public with my own kids as if I had done something horrible. The end result in all that was my father died suddenly and I could not attend the funeral as kids decided to go and we are not allowed in public together . Had I gone which legally I could have she would have then some way used that against me. I have to sit inside if I ever see anyone and how horrible is it to sit there and allow some hateful parent torment another . Well I am going to do my very very best to bring a suit against her. SHE let this get to the point of no return. She knew what was going on but their lawyer was her favorite and I suspect there was one other reason. This is a very sick person who will abuse her power to make sure kids do not see one parent or another. She is doing same thing to another person who likely will never see their child again. They had 50% custody and that went to 0 . She is a horrible human being who told me I could only get information about kids from them. ONE big problem. SHE KNEW i never saw them so how the heck was that supposed to happen. She told the other side to do whatever they wanted like get passports for kids and have them leave the country. Again, just a horrible horrible judge and my opinion is not a very good human being. I will write to anyone I can now ( my kids will be 18 soon) She held things up purposely so they would turn 18. She is horrible. Well I pray I get enough media attention to her and she will never do this to anyone again. It is to late for my case but she will do this to soemone else. I will post an opinion on here as many times as I can . She doesn't get to do this to a parent and have no accountability. I hope they kick her off the bench! She is allowed to do these things and thinks she is great. I have waited a year and 1/2 for her ruling on contempt charges which never happened. This parent never paid my medical insurance for over a year and he agrees to do so. I can not even go to court because if she hears the case she will make sure that he doesn't have to follow the agreement and pay the insurance. So now I have to see if I can have her removed from my case. I refuse to allow her to rule on anything in my case She allowed one side to slander me and when proof was brought to her she did nothing. This was after saying if she found out someone was lying she would take serious actions.


5250. party to case (with attorney)

Anyone who sits on the bench, in family court, and is provided proof that one parent lied about so many things is not a good judge when they do nothing but ignore evidence. I hope no one ever has passports obtained for their kids to leave the country and never gets notified. I hope no one ever is blocked from obtaining academic records because one parent lied and stated there were no passwords needed. She was given proof about that also and did nothing. She actually made me 100% financially responsible for all therapy costs for me kids and other parent. Why is this horrible? The only reason why the 1st DR had to resign in because the other parent was secretly taking kids there for private sessions and he was also being treated privately by this same Dr. clearly a conflict of interest. So what does she do? She punished me for what the other parent did and made me 100% responsible for financial costs of therapy. Then she made sure this went on and on so that by the time she set another date in Dec 2015 there were only about 3 more possible appts. with Dr. She listened to how one parent who canceled over 15 appts and did nothing. Why should I be financially responsible when one parent is allowed to sabotage the therapy? In my opinion, she doesn't believe in parental alienation or parental interference. Call it whatever you want it is when one parent proceeds to interfere with the relationship you have with you children. She didn't think that getting passports for them to leave the country and blocking access to medical and academic records was any big deal. Nor did she find it horrible to have had me accused of trying to have my daughter fired from a job. I provided proof that I never tried to do this as was testified to. While most reasonable humans would take this as a serious accusation she just could have cared less when I had proof it never happened but punished me when it was stated in court that it had happened. Why is it that one side is allowed to make false accusations and she believes them and makes rulings based on lies and then when she is given proof that they are lies she does nothing to the parent who did the lying in the first place. She did not find it outrageous that the Dr who resigned was secretly treating the other parent and bringing kids there in secret either. I find her offensive and rude and not there to preserve relationships but to do further damage. The other parent was allowed to make up rules about not being allowed in public with kids so that I could not attend my own fathers funeral. That was the end for me. I am not allowing people such as this to do this to another family. I may never see my kids again but I can sure try to warn others about this Judge and her ability to make sure you never ever see your kids again. Or you may only see them in a DR office for 45 minutes every 8 weeks. That is what she calls reunification therapy!! LOL The other parent has been allowed to not even pay for medical insurance for over a year. Why? Because their lawyer knows that this judge will have to hear that argument and even though there is a signed agreement in place she will somehow find a way to make sure that I never get paid the money or that it costs me more to collect it than what I am owed. Can you imagine that you have to be afraid of filing for something that is in a written agreement because of a Judge that you know will allow that to cost you thousands to fight about it. Why is it that the other side is so arrogant as to ignore what is in a written agreement? They know very well that she will not make them pay for it that is why. It is a fixed system . So one side gets to do anything they want and has no fear of any any any accountability. It is the only thing that makes sense because most people would not let a year pass of making no payments unless they knew that what the outcome would be once in court. I will do what I have to to make sure that she does not get to hear that issue. I would not even be in a situation where I had to spend thousands to collect the money if it was not for the fact that the other side is so confident that they will not be penalized in any way. Just like they had no fear when they obtained passports for kids to leave the country. Now what kind of person thinks that this is okay. I have Joint legal custody but I do not have to be told they left the country. This Judge will do this to others and sooner or later will be exposed. I know for a fact that I am not the only one she has done this to. I could see her being unreasonable with a parent who was demanding everything be one way. But that is not this case at all. I wanted the agreement and order enforced that was all. I never asked to have times changed or taken away from the other parent but she went ahead and took all my rights away. Not on paper. On paper I have joint legal custody. But when she allows the other parent to not have to provide any information and then says get it from kids after I explained that other parent has them lie about everything she still said oh well . So I have to get information from people who are told to lie and other parent brought kids to court about 13 times and she didn't find that insane. How could therapy work when the entire time they are being prepped to testify against me. She just didn't care and as a result I will never see them again and I have accepted that but will not accept a person who actively allowed one parent to do all the horrible things she heard about . So now at least I am free to write about facts in this case and how I was treated but forgot me it is my kids that suffer the most as they were denied having two loving parents. When one sick person can afford to keep fighting this is what will happen and this Judge made the road very very easy.


5671. party to case (with attorney)

This is a judge who prevented me from getting any information about my kids. She does not care about that it is more important to allow the other side not to have to do anything. They do not have to follow court orders and they can lie but never face consequences . She is just horrible. She just wants to separate families when certain law firms are involved. She doesn't really care if you ever see your kids again and no matter what a court order says she will find reasons not to enforce it. I even gave proof that other side was lying. She did nothing. I am filing to have her recused as there are still matters she never ruled on. She is just biased and thinks she never has to answer to anyone.


6044. party to case (with attorney)

Anyone who wants to see the horrible things this judge to select parents go to docket. You can find out how she allows one side to do anything they want while the other parent will never see their kids again. She is a horrible judge and no one is going to tolerate this. She will be reported to Judicial and any place else so that she can not ever do these things to any other person again. She should be investigated for her rulings when certain other lawyers are involved. She is a horrible judge and beware of her not letting you see your kids.


4513. attorney (private practice)

The comments by disgruntled parties should not be taken as indicative of the level of judicial acumen that Judge Cartisano is known for. She has a family law background and has been a welcome addition to the Delaware County Bench.


5228. party to case (with attorney)

I happened to read one comment about what a good judge she is and how this is about people being disgruntled. I wish I could say that was true believe me. Check out the site Robe Probe. There may even be something on Rip Off Reports. She allowed one parent to cancel about 15 appointments and made sure that anything the other parent did wrong like obtaining passports was only spoken about in chambers not on the record. How sneakky is that. She told my lawyer well if I do anything then he is going to be more angry. OH so let people leave the country. She is just too much for words. But me having to not go to a funeral for my parent was the pint of no return. I am filing a complaint in Harrisburg and any place else. She can try to defend what she did but it will really be hard. She is so obvious. She is so horrible and to do that to kids and a mother. Oh well I was supposed to think she did an amazing thing when she said there would be 3 more therapy appts. WOW 3 45 minute appts until they turn 18. She can take them and who cares what she does because I would never go into a room where I was mentally abused. She knew this also. I was being horribly abused during these appts and she then orders 3 more. She drug this one since last April until kids were 18 . She would not enforce me having joint legal custody. I was not allowed any medical information I could only be told what they would tell me in DR office and they are trained to lie and she knew that also. The other parent lied about times kids got done school and then refused to believe that passwords were needed to access grades . I brought proof of that she did nothing. She just wanted me to never see my kids again . If someone investigates this they would also see there in at least one other person she is doing this to. She basically took away custody but I had it on paper. My kids left the state alone and I was not allowed to know who they were with. She ordered appts in summer of every other week and she was sent a letter that 5 weeks passed with no appt. She did nothing. Oh and this is the best part. The only reason the therapist had to be changed was because the other parent was secretly being treated alone by the dr. The other paernt was also secretly bringing kids to many appts that I was never told about until months later. If it was all so honest then why lie. She even heard the other parent say " that dr was going to testify against me" This is a DR assigned to do reunification therapy but he is working with he other parent to testify against me. She heard all these things and did nothing and didn't give a hoot. Most people who hear about kids being brought to a mental health provider in secret think it is sick and alienating. Not her. So anyone who says she is such a great job better learn to read all of her cases. Who does this to a parent? I haev 10 weeks left until they are 18 and will never see thmea gain because when she had a chance in APRIL to fix some of what was happening she punished me. THe most insane part I had to pay for any appointments hat the other parent went to. Even though he canceled all these appts I still had to pay for everyones appts. What kind of human being does that. She gave that person license to do anything. That is exactly what happened. I am hopin for an investigation because now this same parent has not paid for medical insurance for a year and I do not want her to hear my case she will tell him he doesn't have to pay even though we have a signed an agreement she will change that also. I am not losing my medical insurance because of some spiteful games of hers. I am far from perfect but I never abused anyone and just wanted to have time with my kids and she made sure the only time was 45 minutes a month in a DR Office. How great of her; Sure Yeah. If someone investigates the few cases this is going on in I hope it is all exposed.


5255. party to case (with attorney)

The more I think about how she handled my case the more horrified I become. When you have teenagers they deserve to have a mother and father. This Judge doesn't care about the kids. She is only worried about doing anything she can to prevent you from seeing your kids. Why would she allow one parent to lie have kids leave the country and then tell the other well to bad for you. She assigned a DR but guess what she allowed the other parent to cancel most appointments and did nothing about it. She does nothing about anything and no matter what she says it will be going back to court over and over for her to pretend like there is no evidence to prove what you are saying. She will ignore that and listen to lies that are never backed up by anything. She hopes you will be drained of financial resources or kids turn 18 and then she has what she wanted. It is a broken down system. My opinion is that someone needs to look at the cases where she clearly has NO reason to not allow a parent to have the rights they were given. Like something as basic as grades and knowing if your kids leave the country. What parent should not be told if their kids leave the country. Then she thought it was so clever to allow there to be 3 drs appts before kids are 18. Well I refuse to go anywhere to be abused by people. I refuse to let her tell me what I am going to do anymore. I may never see my kids again but I am sure going to say enough in hopes that she will be looked at closely and someone exposes her and her destruction.


5323. party to case (with attorney)

This Judge allowed one parent to do anything they wanted. She refused to enforce the Joint Legal Custody I have. Because she refused to enforce that she allowed the other parent to block me from having any information about colleges and leaving the country by obtaining passports without my knowledge. This is a judge who will do anything she wants just to show she is loyal to one side. Normally they do allow one parent to be blocked from obtaining information when they have joint legal custody. But this judge has been allowed to do this and she will continue to . I will make sure that no one else has to be victimized by this system. I intend to report and write about the facts and how others can and should protect themselves from any judge who thinks this is okay. She will take all your rights away so that on paper you have them but that is it. She thinks it is a big game but you are talking about kids who should have 2 parents involved but are not allowed when you permit one parent to do evil manipulative things that are not legal.


5540. party to case (with attorney)

She has made sure she allowed one parent to make all decisions and exclude another. This is while both parents had joint legal custody. She refused to have any sanctions for a parent who lied in court, who sent kids out of the country, and refused to even allow access to any medical information about kids. She is a horrible judge and she will ignore anything that looks bad on the party she favors. This is all going on while one parent only saw their kids 45 minutes once a month or less in a Dr. Office. I do believe that even people in prison may get to see their kids more . She is so obvious and so intentional and so destructive. She did not care that one parent brought kids to court 13 times. She just plain wants to make sure that the party with the most favored lawyer is the only one who is allowed to see kids or make decisions or even speak to their kids. I have found several parties who have experienced the same treatment in her court. My case was allowed to get so disgusting that she allowed one parent to dictate who was allowed to see kids in any public setting. Three days after leaving her court there was a sudden death of my parent. I could not attend the funeral because of the rule that the other parent made. This was not a rule that the court decided. However these rules ( that were not court ordered) seemed to be used against me anytime were in court. When a case is allowed to get this disgusting then it is time to take action and let people understand how far she allows things to get. She was told all about the rules that one parent put in place for the other. These included not allowed to be in public with kids, not allowed to ever have any access to school records or medical records, not allowed to ever know when kids leave the state or the country, not allowed to ever see anyone unless you are inside your house, not allowed to see anyone on a weekend and only after 7pm on maybe a Monday thru Thurs. Then is was only when there are DR appts which she said had to be every other week but really took place less than once per month. This is not a judge who should be hearing cases in family matters. She needs to go to another place where kids are not involved. While she thinks she is hurting one parent or the other what she is really doing is more damage to kids. How many more people are going to be treated like this before someone steps in and starts to take a close look at the cases she ahs allowed to drag on and on and on and on or the cases where she refused to enforce a court order or the cases where she has only allowed one parent to see or make any decisions. I will continue to write opinions anywhere I can so anyone who can avoid having her decide in your case do so asap. I encourage anyone who has had similar experiences to write reviews and now you can write reviews in rip off report also.


5546. party to case (with attorney)

I just read a story about someone who lost custody because they refused to return their kids to the other parent on time. This Judge is okay about parents who would send kids out of the country and somehow obtain passports without the other one's knowledge. We both have joint legal custody. You would think she would have asked herself what kind of parent would do this. What if something had happened when they were out of the country? I guess I would not have even been told and she would have been okay about that as well. Her last order allowed us to go to reunification therapy 3 times. WOW what is the point when you are still allowing one parent to cancel and block the other from information. So while she tries to make herself look like she is not one sided she never puts in place what needed to be for therapy to be able to work. If no one has to go what is the point of putting it in a court order . I forgot to mention that I am 100% responsible for costs and for even paying for any appts that the other parent has. On what planet should I ever have to pay for someone's appts when they are sabotaging them. She is a horrible judge and I will post every last detail of how I was treated in her courtroom. She made it so easy for one parent to block and alienate and now I can make sure that people are aware of what you may also experience. She doesn't care about damages to kids . She worries about her favorite lawyers getting what they want. If that means one parent never sees kids again OH WELL!!! This is how one sided she is. I am going to make sure that I continue to find examples of the horrible imbalances that go on in her court as opposed to other cases in which parents are held accountable when they do things that are not in the best interest of the kids. I will also post to rip off report as this is what my taxes are used for. You may have thought I went to her court to ask for SOLE custody of my kids. She should have given sole custody to the other parent because that is what they ended up with . Not on paper but in real life. She is so casual about it all she could care less about any damages done to kids and the one parent that she punishes for no reason. I hope someone investigates all of her cases and looks at the ones that she has intentionally allowed to drag on and on and see about the lawyers involved in these cases. Also, why it would take over a YEAR to rule on a contempt matter. This is actually closer to two years. Again making it so obvious that she never intended to have the other parent be accountable . Had I sent my kids out of the country and not told the other parent she very well may have put me in jail.


5608. party to case (with attorney)

This is a Judge who will intentionally allow one parent to block other from everything. She refused to allow other party to provide me with passwords to access grades. She told me the school must provide them. LOL Even when it says on the site " the school does not have passwords" she believed other party and instead yelled at me as if I did not know what I was doing. Now because of her inaction other party is allowed to hold on to tickets to graduation I believe. I can not even attend kids graduation from high school for fear of her letting other side make something up and because I have no tickets which I believe you must have. She even gave that person permission for me not to be told about college visits. This is what she will do if you do not have the right law firm representing you. I feel bad for anyone who expects her to do anything but allow one hateful parent to hinder relationships. It is so hard to even believe this happens in courts but it sure does. I have found several people who are in the same boat and have to go to superior court. She is a horrible judge and will never be good to be a person because what type of person tries to destroy relationships by letting one parent do and say anything they feel and she refuses to enforce a court order that is in place. I will continue to write and let everyone know just what she stands for. I am no longer afraid of what she will do because she has no power anymore. She waited 8 weeks to provide a ruling on something very important. She is an example of what should never be deciding child custody cases. Thank God for free speech and the ability to make others aware. One day all the horrible things she allowed to happen to certain people will come back for her to be accountable.


5685. party to case (with attorney)

If the other side has a lawyer that she favors she will never enforce a court order. She intentionally made sure that my order was not enforced and allowed the other party to get away with hiding any information they wanted which included the kids leaving the country.


7358. party to case (pro se)

Sign to help me tell this Judge its time for her to remove herself from Family Court. Please if you are someone on here with the same problems as me, her clearly favoring Lawyer Louis Martini Jr. or any other Lawyers. Its not right and children are hurting do to it. Go to Change.org and lookup Petitions and Judge Linda A. Cartasino. jr


7506. party to case (with attorney)

This judge is either incompetent or corrupt. Or possibly both incompetent and corrupt. She should be removed. Consistently violates the PA Code of Judicial Conduct and the PA Rules of Civil Procedure and the PA Constitution . If you feel so inclined report her to the Judicial Conduct Board. It won't change the horrible outcome of your case or get you reimbursed for wasted attorney's fees, but it will give you some sense of justice. Note that I gave one star, if I could post without giving any stars, I would.


6784. party to case (with attorney)

My friend is in prison for two months because of the corruption in delAware county - child support. Cartisano originally recused herself from the case and then started hearing it. She is in the Cordes political ring of the Republican Party. He has paid over $ 22,000 this year and can't afford the amount they are saying he owes. They refuse to look at his tax returns and income statements and go off of what the mother and grandparents say. I have proof of the corruption for the past two years to prove all of this. Now his children don't get to see him. A lot more to this story. I am so ready for these people to face reality and take accountability for these scandalous actions.


7299. party to case (pro se)

My name is Stacy Donohue, right now I am in the middle of a custody case heard by Judge Cartisano. Now Media Court House has been unfairly being handling my case since I have no lawyer now due to low income. When I was getting turned down left and right for pro bono because of my Ex's Lawyer who I came to learn is favored by all, he is Medias Santa Claus. But I had faith that like last time the truth about their father being mentally abusive, not being a part of the kids’ lives till now, and being bullied in school. But to my shock the Judge would not even allow me to tell my side. She started with their lawyer on Def. saying I know your side and you filed first. When I told, her I had not been notified on the Emergency hearing She said I did that her office manager called and left notes for her. I said I have proof that I never talked to anyone on my cell and the letter from her office wasn't mailed out till the day after the hearing. When I would try, and say anything she told me to be quite till she told me to speak. When I said, I could not just place my son back into his old school because he was not enrolled there anymore. She told me with her court order I could have and that I've kept him out of school because to her K-12 is not a real school. She then told me I had to pick either he goes to the school he is being bullied or his dad has a great school and every day my son would need to wake up at 6 to get ready for school. Plus, my son and his dad are not in a good place which she would not hear. I knew then I was not going to win because she already made up her mind. I was not able to question their witness and she never let me explain my side just told me to keep my mouth closed. Once I got out of court I researched her to find out I'm not the only one. That she favors some lawyers like my ex's and will let them win even when it’s for a bad parent. I don't understand how she can get away with this and why every time someone tried to report it never shows up agents her. I can't lose my children to a father that has never showed these kids he cares. When I told the judge, I has no car the look she gave was clear she thought I was a bad parent. My whole case has been handled wrong and no one out their cares. I had to sign up for a GoFundMe account to try and pay for a lawyer but I'm running out of time. Those in power need to know they still need to follow the law. Not go with any side that will or did vote for her to be in the spot she is. If you have been wronged I am looking to start collecting names to protest that she should not be a Family Judge, she is not a parent and is clear has not been doing her job which is to follow the law and its time we take action! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1349972651701317/?ref=bookmarks&qsefr=1 https://www.gofundme.com/Keepingfamilytogether

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