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2716. party to case (with attorney)

This Judge is in the clouds next to GOD, she can't hear anything a person tells her unless they have an attorney speak for them. She knows that all the attorneys in town are going to follow what the court wants, and that is just stealing their client's money. I wasted $24,000 on 3 attorneys that all decided to do what the court wants, so they all intentionally mis-represented me. The first arrest by a state trooper that fabricated evidence against me, should have been self defense as 2 people tried to run me down with ATVs on my own property. This Judge is one of those women that believe that doctors are like automobile mechanics and can fix anyone's body as if it were a car. A person should not wait until they have a dozen broken bones and be bleeding profusely before they attempt to defend themselves. This Judge does not understand conspiracy of rights, 18 U.S.C. 241 and therefore she violated my rights, along with the State Police, DAs, and my own attorney. She lets the real criminals go free and sentences the real victims. I'm 63 years old, spent 482 days in prison, because of what's going on in her justice system. I know by the people in prison that only the poor are the ones that get arrested for drug crimes in Williamsport. I worked in a factory for 20 years and about half the people did drugs, but in all those years, nobody was ever arrested. This is because, if you have a job in Lycoming County, it's OK to be into dope. While I was in prison, I wrote this judge to tell her what is really going on with my once again false arrest, she ignored it, signed an illegal continuance for 13.5 months, because I refused to take a plea on my false arrest. I have security cameras and plenty of evidence that I was a victim of a false arrest, but her court made sure I had to go to my trial without any evidence. Now 3 years later, not one person in the justice system will take a few minutes to look at my evidence. This Judge along with some others in Lycoming county need to be impeached.

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