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3833. witness

I appeared as a witness in a custody case before Judge Bucci last year. I was disgusted by the disdain he showed both litigants & their attorneys, & by the incredible amount of personal opinion with which he makes judgments rather than using the PA custody factors to determine the best interests of the children involved. He yells & screams from the bench in what is essentially an adult tantrum because he is perpetually in a bad mood. Most alarming is that on at least three occasions he told the parties, "This wouldn't be a problem if you were still married. This is what happens when parents get divorced." Certainly most people would love for their happily ever afters to be both happy & forever. But that is not reality, & people who appear before him do not deserve to be shamed because their marriages were broken. His job is to determine the best interests of the children, yet he seems to think everyone in his court room comes to him for the wisdom of Solomon. I have never been so appalled by a judge on the bench.


4427. other

Court corruption in the Common pleas courts in these regions of Pa (Berks, Lehigh, Lancaster, Lebanon etc) are an epidemic because these counties are the Confederate Counties in PA. They do not adhere to the laws of the State/Federal gov, they have their own laws that they go by. The judges in these areas are not about serving the citizens as they are sworn to do, but elevating themselves as 'gods' which is an abomination in the eyes of The Creator. Until the people of Berks County (and the other cousin corrupt counties) unite to proactively fight this evil, it will always be here waiting to destroy not only your current family but your descendents as well. Therefore, I encourage the people in this area to form a grassroot group to fight this epic evil and to begin to abolish this home grown terrorism from our State. There are at least three judges on the bench of Berks County that I have been hearing about constantly when it comes to corruption and unethical practices and if you want them out you need to join together and flex your political muscle to remove them via a petition for impeachment. Although this judge, you once voted him in, he can be removed with a petition with enough signatures presented to the PA General Assembly. Otherwise Judge Bucci is set to stay on the bench until 2023; you need to decide if you can stand to have him sit that long. Solo complaints won't help you, but a collectively cry going up before the higher powers that be will get the attention of those in authority to make changes on our behalf. UNITE TO FIGHT! myjourneyforjustice@aol.com


1845. party to case (pro se)

This judge should NOT be on the bench!! He is rude, he belittles litigants, yells screams, and he makes his decisions based on who he likes or dislikes in the courtroom!!


2443. witness

Judge Bucci needs to be taken off the bench! The only people giving him good ratings are probably the people who got away with their crimes because of his bias ways.


2444. witness

Judge Bucci needs to be taken off the bench! The only people giving him good ratings are probably the people who got away with their crimes because of his bias ways.


2445. witness

The Role of a Judge is to be impartial, fair an unbiased and to follow the laws of the state. Judges are to listen to all evidence without passing judgment until all is heard. Not true with Judge Bucci!!!! I watched him take the wife’s side in a case. Who knowingly took advantage of the system by crying abuse (pfa) not once, not twice but three times. (Pfa’s were thrown out of court every time). The woman never complied to the rules and guidelines while domestic relation based the support amount on her verbal statement as creditable information as to her financial income. When the husband on the other hand did in fact comply to all rules and guidelines that were set forth before him. He disclosed all information that was requested of him. (pay stubs, w2’s etc.) Judge Bucci knowing that a modification hearing was scheduled in six weeks . Never giving the man a chance to defend himself. He belittled the man labeling him a “dead beat dad” and sentenced him to prison for thee months for contempt of the support order. As the wife who should have been the one going to jail; walked away smelling like a rose. All because of Judge's bias ways.


3550. witness

If this judge is not disbarred I lose all hope in our system ever working. You take an oath to be fair and unbiased and this judge is not.


4511. party to case (with attorney)

Do not go with this judge.he listens to hear say and false testimony.while illegal doings of obtaining information was admitted by the women.did not want to hear from the man a military be and state employee but deemed the veteran having PTSD is grounds to order visitation only then hot headed throws whole order out..realized a custody hearing was set fourth but relocation was agreed to be heard by him.very incompetent biased towards men.screams and yells.did not allow for any testimony from father he needs to be disbarred immediately horrible judge.


5184. party to case (with attorney)

If the people of Berks had a brain they would not keep voting for this pathetic man to be on the bench. Corruption is his middle name and the court is his playground. Some day God will be the judge of him and his evil ways will put him exactly where he belongs.


6065. witness

Judge Bucci does not even deserve one star. My girlfriend of three years has been belittled by Judge Bucci repeatedly and discriminated against by Bucci. He has made many bias decisions against her. He takes the lawyers into his chambers and talks about hunting and fishing trips, meanwhile my girlfriend is left in the courtroom waiting for his biased rulings. He does not care about facts and laws. His only concerns are his current temperament and what's best for the father.


1848. party to case (pro se)

I would vote for this judge a million times! He's gets right to the point. There's no grey with him. He doesn't want to hear the nonsense, just want to get straight to the point. I mean, I give him credit for dealing with all the idioitic people he has to deal with


6698. party to case (with attorney)

This judge is a baboon. I honestly believe he has altzheimers ...it was an open and shut case of contempt of court...and some how he refused to see the facts of the case....he even said yes she is in contempt...but I'm not going to find her in contempt....he made a joke of everything and wound up forcing me to go to therapy with a woman I haven't been with in 13 years....he is nothing short of incompenent....and was too enamored with my x....to even see the facts of the case....my lawyer said his mind is blown....and he will be using my case for years to come as an example of how biased judge bucci is towards men...and always sides with the woman


6314. party to case (with attorney)

He needs to be removed! Twice I have watched as he has agreed the mother has placed the child in danger yet twice I have watched him punish the father... without hearing testimony or expert court appointed mediators! Get him gone!


1131. party to case (pro se)

too liberal


7069. other

This judge was very biased and did not listen to facts. His final decision did not even have correct dates. I have lost respect for our legal system. He is not looking at what is best for children, but what is best for the parent living in his county.


1849. party to case (pro se)

Great judge!


6535. party to case (pro se)

Great Judge as long as your a Blonde lol.He is easy to manipulate.His daughters did cheer leading so i signed up my girls knowing this would give me brownie points with him.He lets you talk to him in the back room simple to sway the case my way.That dead beat never had a chance lol.i was my own attorney and had the county and my dead beat ex pay for the childrens attorney lol.win win


7975. other

He is a horrible judge that conspires with his friends to have guns taken away from people and is trying to be a dictator. He goes by hear-say at the drop of a hat. He is very corrupt and has no respect for a persons civil rights at all.


8142. party to case (pro se)

Judge Bucci ruined my opportunity for career advancement. Made sure my children had to go to a failing school district and lost free attendance to UNC Charlotte.


8160. other

Yells,screams,belittles,, time for retirement,, obviously he hates his job,,

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