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1194. other

She doesn't deserve to be any type of judge, or even hold office. When she can't deparate her personal/private life from judgements. She ALWAYS favors certain lawyers over others and also favors cops over anyone else. Thank goodness she's not in family court anymore because I'd be screwed if I had to go before her.


6487. other

She's is a terrible judge. She does not make decisions that she is supposed to bc she is scared. She does not deserve to be the judge of ppl who's lives rest in her hands. Anyone who is scared to make a decision and possibly save someone reputation and money should not be on the stand bottom line. I feel as though she should be taken off stand and replaced with someone who has some balls, literally.


6488. other

For someone who is a judge she has no concept of the law and how it is supposed to be handled. And not only am I staying this based on opinion this is coming from a lawyers mouth personally. She bases her descision on feelings not facts and basic knowledge of the law.


45. other

I dont think that you could ask for anybody better than Mary Alice...Today she helped me get my life back, and also showed me that I am able to stand up for myself... something I have a very hard time doing..She is compassionate and kind hearted...I have made a life changing decision today, and I think it can only get better from here...She is very understanding, listens to both sides, and then makes her decision, and she also knows when somebody is lying right to her face...She is genuine person, and all I can say is Thank God that I stepped foot in her courtroom, just thnk it was meant to be for me!


6536. juror

Very fair and competent judge.


7723. other

Judge Brennan is a extremely competent and devoted judge. She is extremely passionate about doing the right thing when it comes to descisions and sentencing. If you have ever been in her courtroom you would see how down to earth and compassionate she is, and extremely knowledgeable of the law. Do not judge her do to a fault of your own or a judgement not in your favor. There is two side to every story !


8297. other

I was in her courtroom twice as a prisoner from George Hill prison. She seems nice but because my lawyer did not really want me to talk I don't know how she would have reacted if I had done so. I'm going to write her a letter about my back case and based on her reply I'll be able to judge her better.


9094. other

I feel that her court room aswell as many others in that courthouse are disproportionately incarcerating African-American And others of color . The law definitely is not being applied equally . 90% of the time if the defendant is of color they are guilty . Regardless of the evidence that proves otherwise or The character of the person . There is racist undertones there's also a overall feeling of an unbalanced scale . With this Is the fact of police officers being proven liar on different occasions . This is ignored and their statements are still held in higher standing than a citizen. I encourage people of the community and then higher ups to do the research on your own . Come to a few court rooms and witness for yourself , but most of all do your research . (Side point ) people of color are the most impacted by incarceration for nine Violet people of color are the most impacted by incarceration for non violent crimes FACTS

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