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8241. party to case (pro se)

This man should not be a judge. He does not follow guidelines.


8245. other

Horrible commentary from the bench prior to sentencing of Curley/Schultz/Spanier. Demonstrated lack of understanding of the essence of the case. Very disappointing.


8261. other

I had hoped for so much more from Judge Boccabella in the Curley, Schultze, Spanier case. He saw that the prosecutors had no real case during the Spanier trial and yet he chose to punish the defendants more than they have already been punished. This was not an objective view of the cases. This was an extension of Laura Ditka herself. The fact that Judge Boccabella would chose to use jail time for the three men as a deterrent for future third party comments from those not even involved in the case is very concerning to me. I would think that the public would at least have the right to an opinion about a legal case. I am concerned that there is no accountability or responsibility for a Judge to perform ethically.


8256. other

Bases judgements on politics rather than evidence.


8265. other

One has to question what this judge was paid to come out of retirement to make a mockery of justice in the Curley, Schultz, Spanier sentencing. A federal investigation needs to occur regarding this whole fiasco. I have never seen such blatant disregard for the actual law. Who is pulling these puppet strings?


8271. other

You really are a show-boater using the bench like a bully pulpit. Making comments about Joe Paterno that were inaccurate and continuing the false narrative that has caused great harm to a great university.


8272. other

How can a judge make comments about citizens not on trial when sentencing someone who is on trial. Thanks to this corruption, children are not any safer in PA while the agencies that failed them continue to be overlooked.


8273. other

The worst ever. Where does a judge have the right to comment on a person who did not appear before him in a court of law. Who never had charges brought against him, but was complimented by the State Attorney General as being truthful, and followed the law. The person in question never had a chance to speak in his own defense, and is in fact dead. I believe this would be called slander, and the judge should be brought before a judicial review board for his comments.


8276. other

I observed the trial of Graham Spanier in March of this year. Judge Boccabella gave thorough instructions to the jury regarding their charge in evaluating the evidence. Despite an absolutely abysmal case presented by the prosecution which was mostly fire and brimstone, playing on jurors sympathy instead of presenting credible evidence, Judge Boccabella opted to follow the court of public opinion and sentence 3 men to jail time for crimes they didn't commit. Judge Boccabella had one job - to uphold the law. He chose to make commentary instead. The judge went further to criticize individuals who were never even charged in the case in an attempt to make headlines instead of carrying out the rule of law. If the justice system continues to allow this kind of wild west justice in our courtrooms, we are no further along than in the days of Salem during their witch hunts.


8277. other

Judge Boccabella decided to admonish people that followed the law precisely when handing down his verdicts for Spanier, Curley and Shultz. His personal feelings were obviously biasing his statements and he should be embarrassed. I hope he will use his time now the case is over to familiarize himself with the law and NCAA protocol, each of which Coach Paterno followed EXACTLY.


8249. witness

He robbed me of my faith in our criminal justice system and we we as adults will become. He should stay retired.


8257. other

Based on his rulings and statements on Spanier, Curley, and Schulz, this judge has demonstrated a complete lack of understanding the law. Corruption continues to run deep in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Pathetic and tragic.


8260. other

It was unfortunate that the defendant's attorney did not put on his case. The subject of pedophilia makes it such that regardless of the facts at hand, Mr. Silver (and ultimately the jury) may have been afraid of looking unsympathetic to child abuse victims. The flamboyant prosecutor did not make her case, but certainly did get the jury's attention. Neither bodes well for bringing out the truth in Court. I had hoped this Judge would rely on the facts of the case and rule accordingly; instead, apparently he played to public opinion, paid little regard to the law, and even brought in issues not presented in Court in his sentencing. The Judge even inferred that it was comments made by people outside of the courtroom that led him to invoke jail time. Unprofessional, unethical, and downright frightening. One wonders who wrote the script and why this Judge followed it.


8262. other

No very connected to reality.


8263. other

He lost all credibility and proved his own corruptness after his latest sentencing. What happened to ruling based on facts? No one wants a judge that caves in to public opinion rather than carrying out true justice.


8270. other

Can you rate lower than 1 star?


8275. other

It is quite obvious this judge knows nothing about this case....perhaps only what he read/heard from media and Louis Freeh. Very disappointed in the PA OAG and judges so far.


2833. party to case (pro se)

Best judge in Berks County. Fair, consistent and very down to earth. On the same level as the citizens of Berks County


8258. other

Grandstanding and corruption do not belong in our courts.


8259. attorney (private practice)

Hope he stays retired. Political correctness over law has no place in our Courts.


8264. other

You ruling and comments on the Graham Spanier are truly sad. Your comments about Joe Paterno, and UNACCEPTABLE! I thought you were supposed to be about TRUTH and JUSTICE. What is PA doing about the Second Mile???


8274. other

Totally reprehensible. The judicial system is a farce, better to not have any.


8280. other



8282. attorney (private practice)

An absolute disgrace to the bench.


8531. other

The judge correctly called out Paterno as a gutless coward. All the 1 star reviews are from pedo loving Penn State cultists.

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