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478. party to case (with attorney)

In 1997 I had my nose broken by my husband. I went before Judge Emanuel Bertin who denied me a PFA. Although I had hospital records as testament to my abuse, but because I did not bring my children in to court to testify against their father he denied me court ordered protection. Really? I had the police report with me, which Judge Bertin did not even want to see because my husband’s case hadn’t been tried yet so he was decreed to be innocent until proven guilty. My psychotic husband took this to be proof that he did not hit me but I did indeed slip and fall like he said the entire time. I had at that time, 3 minor children. After months of arbitration for child support my case finally went to court. In front of guess who! Hon. Judge Bertin. Judge Bertin decreed that my Ph.d ex husband should only be responsible for paying me approximately 240.00 a month and that I would be responsible for paying their health care insurance, which came to: You got it. . . 240.00 a month. I would love to see Judge Bertin raise a child on 60.00 a month. Because I was a professional female (Registered Nurse) trying to raise my children alone, Judge Bertin penalized me. Had I known what I know now I would have gone to every major newspaper in the tri state area with my story. I would have protested to the County Commissioners and done whatever I could to get this travesty of justice off the bench. As a registered Republican, when Judge Bertin comes up for re election I worked the polls and urge people NOT to vote for him. I would be more than happy to expound on this story at any given time should someone ask. This man should not be allowed on the bench. At that time I wrote to NOW and ERA and any woman’s movement I could find, but no one was there to answer me. Result: I raised three children by myself without assistance. I managed to buy my ex out of his half of the house and although I was so poor I had to take charity at one point from the church, I managed to keep it together, by well, working my ass off. When I look back on that dark time on my life the main person who stands out is Manny Bertin who, because he is an angry man who obviously hates strong, successful women, took away the opportunity for me to raise my children properly. The best I could do was be a part time Mother while working constantly in order to allow them to maintain an adequate lifestyle. I feel more anger towards Judge Bertin over this than I do my ex, who is now deceased as a result of years of perscription drug and alcohol abuse. I can only hope Karma is as good to Mr. Bertin as it was to my ex husband. Thanks you for allowing this opportunity to tell my story. He rates a totally below expectations in all catagories. He gets a minus rating in all things.


1264. party to case (with attorney)

In 2007 my childs paternal grandparents filed for custody after absconding with said child, because dad is a sex offender and couldn't do it himself, and because they have money and simply wanted to make my life hell. Judge Bertin didn't give a flying crap that this case had been in the Montco courts for almost two years. He did not care that my 15 month old had been taken, against court order to another state, and held for two years. He did not care that they did not let me see the child, or care that I still legally had custody. At one point during testimony of one paternal grand parent, he turned to them and said "You have a plane? I do too. A four seater Cessna." I knew right then and there I was going to lose, and in fact I did. Not neglegent, abusive, unstable or anything else. Just not as wealthy as the paternal grandparents, whose son wanted no part of parent hood. Because of his thoughtless decision, based solely on finances-- which I understand to be in direct violation of the law, another child in this country, MY CHILD, has not seen its own biological mother in almost three years. Has not spoken a word, and is unaware where mom is. The funny part is, in his own book on Pennsylvania child custody, he writes about a case where he ruled opposite to my ruling, on an almost eerily similar case. He is not qualified to decide on children, or anything else. He needs to come back to earth and see that money is not everything. Even people with money can be terrible, terrible people.


1469. party to case (with attorney)

He does not have equal standards for men and women. He takes what ex wives say at face value without requiring them to submit proof of what they are saying. He drags things out too much and does not use equal distribution of the law


3959. party to case (with attorney)

He slept during court hearing when he was presiding a case as the judge.

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