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7158. party to case (pro se)

Despite the multitude of evidences in our behalf submitted to the Clark County Municipal Court record, seen here: http://images.clerkofcourts.municipal.co.clark.oh.us/CISWeb /Search.aspx?caseNumber=15CVF02981 Apparently the only thing that the Crows (Plaintiffs) needed to "win" were: 1.) An allegation 2.) Photos (of dubious origins, anybody with a half-wit IQ can see the pictures are fraudulently doctored...i.e. 12 colors of the same carpet, cut/copy/paste identical objects, etc.) 3.) And some fake receipts which if verified show up as 2 years after the fact. That's it. Money making scheme or Justice? You be the judge, if you need any of the exhibits that were submitted to the Court Record, before pretrial and after, email me and I'll send them your way as the Court Record does not allow some of the exhibits to be visible for whatever reason. It's really too bad I couldn't sit with my mother to present the evidence in court seeing as I have all the evidences. Nothing was permitted into the Trial (but we brought them) .... no videos, no signed documents, none of our receipts, ....my mom just didn't know how to get the court to review them at Trial and the Judge treated her as an attorney (and apparently turned a blind eye to all the evidences we tried to get onto the court record). ..not allowed, hold it for trial, then put a 70+ woman to fend for herself and the judge acted like both parties were attorneys when only the crows had an attorney...my mom's never so much as stepped foot in a court room before. So, that we're clear, since I was not permitted to be an intervenor (thereby being able to present all of the evidences that refute the claim made by the plaintiffs) all that one needs to take money from someone else is: 1.) allegation 2.) pictures (regardless of how photoshopped they are) 3.) And an INCOMPLETE lease agreement. (I had the CORRECT lease). I tried to submit the motion to intervene submitted prior to Pre-Trial (for a number of reasons, I'll name a few in the event that you didn't read the motion in the above-stated case link: I have all the receipts, I am the tenant in the landlord / tenant relationship, I have all the video/audio recordings showing EVIDENCE that the Plaintiffs claims were false and directed to the wrong person. In the event the reader here would like to verify whether I should be seen as a pertinent member in a case where I was not named as the defendant or the plaintiff, simply search youtube.com for : 1335 NORTH LIMESTONE (no city or state needed). I recorded all of those videos so OF COURSE I'M A NECESSARY PERSON IN THE CASE....my mom should NOT have been flung through the system in this manner (she's too old for this and knew nothing as I WAS THE PERSON THAT WAS THERE AND NOBODY ELSE; she was in Florida and we're in Ohio). State Law and Federal Law state that I should have been either able to intervene, adjoined, or whatever it takes to allow me to show the EVIDENCE!! How could a court not allow evidence from someone that clearly has an interest in the case? P.S. I wrote all those motions to the court (about 20), all my mom could do was sign since the Court would not allow someone to stand with her in there. It's a shame that the only way to get into court is to sneak through the court record! http://images.clerkofcourts.municipal.co.clark.oh.us/CISWeb /Search.aspx?caseNumber=15CVF02981 Please consider our plight here, it's the RIGHT thing to do. Denial of Federal Law Right to access Courts in Ohio (Title 4, Rule 19)


8087. other

When my attempts to enter a case was denied, I appealed to the appellate division against the lower court's decision to deny me court access in an on-going case. This Judge didn't even bother to wait for the appellate to return an answer and five months later went to trial anyway. Five more months after the municipal court trial the appellate came up with an answer, concur. I'm presently knee-deep in filing a federal lawsuit but apparently judges are immune even when they act maliciously and against the federal laws (such as rule 18, 19, or whatever allows evidence, witnesses, first-person testimony, photos, receipts, etc. in a court).

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