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984. party to case (with attorney)

The reason for 5 stars for every area... I've been in Hon. Judge Peter Kontos' courtroom many times, (And not because I was always there to appear in front of him!) and every time I seen him, he was the same professional man, doing his job. He wasn't in a bad mood one day, then the next time in a good mood. Always calm yet firm without making you feel like you're inferior. People seem to respect him more & I believe it's because of his demeanor. He treated everyone fairly. And what was nice to see was he took into account that the decision he made would affect someone's life. He was always prepared and court always started on time. He seemed to know the law well. His opinions, orders, and instructions to counsel were always clear. I felt bad for some of the counsel he had to deal with. Twice I've seen him have to deal with a public defender who came late and completely unprepared. Not only did he not know any of his clients, he didn't know their case, or what to do with it once he did find out. He asked for a continuance on almost every case and while you could see the other attorneys, prosecutor, others getting frustrated, Judge Kontos stayed calm. And this went on quite a few times during an almost 3 hour period. Although I think it was terribly disrespectful to him and his Courtroom, and think Judge Kontos had every right to address the situation, he didn't while court was in session. Hopefully he did address it after cuz the guy deserved it!! So, even though I would have rather not have met Judge Kontos under the circumstances I did, I'm grateful he was the Judge I had making the final decision with my case.


8560. other

Judge Kontos has a history of pre judging cases that have horrific outcomes to the accuseds. In the past several weeks I have witnessed him in court and prejudge several cases of two middle aged women with first time offenses. He literally threatened them at the time of their sentencings. Before proven guilty of any wrong doing, Judge Kontos threatened these women by telling them to plead guilty and do limited jail time or proceed to trial where they would receive a minimum of 18 months in the penitentiary. Seriously, this is what they call "justice". Both cases had no serious proof in the cases of the defendants, all heresay. And the accuseds had no chance to please their cases with what Judge Kontos threatened them with. Is this what democracy has come to? And whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty". Did we just throw that out the window. It's time for Judge Kontos to respectfully step down from the bench.


7116. other

Thank you for sending the 2 Ohio Turnpike men to prison. Finally someone stepping up and stopping these two.


7728. other

Judge Kontos is well past retirement age and is the poster boy for term limits. Even the Prosecutors will tell you he is biased against Defense Attorneys.


8498. other

The worst case of pre-judging a case I have ever heard about in the North. The theory seems to be that if an elderly person says it, it must be true. The case in point involves a newish care-giver accused of theft. With no other evidence and without hearing the accused at all, this judge decided her guilt and threatened her from the bench to get her to plead guilty. The accuser's son supported the claim. The interesting thing is that he was accused by his mother before she decided that her care giver was guilty. no evidence was presented concerning the "missing" money. The accused is living with us or she would be on the street. She is trying very hard to get her life together after some admitted mistakes. There is no trace of the "missing " money and the accused certainly doesn't have it.

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