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7945. party to case (with attorney)

I went in front of judge gattermeyer recently. I had never been arrested had no record, no parking ticket, no speeding ticket my record was spotless. I went home one night and got into a altercation with my ex and his friend. My ex threw me on the garage floor and was on top of me choking me so I scratched his face to try and get him off my throat. His friend was verbally attacking me. I'm 5'2 and I was alone against two men. Long story short I got away and called the police and Even though I had injuries he had his friend to back up his story so I was arrested. I had a bloody knee, my clothes were dirty, I my hair was covered in his beer, and I had a clump of my hair he pulled out on my shoulder. His friend said I hit him which was not true I was told its their word against mine by the officer. I was charged with domestic violence and assault for defending myself. Judge gattermeyer dropped the domestic violence and convicted me of attempted assault. I got fined, I lost my job, I lost my home, I lost all my belongings. I was never asked what happened they took his word because he had his friend there. I was covered in bruises I had them on my throat where he was choking me and all over my body, I had a sprained ankle, a sprain in my neck and my bad. I tried to press charges against my ex I gave them the hospital report because I had to go get checked out, I gave them pictures of all my bruises and injuries. I was told the only way I can press charges against him is if his friend turns against him and sides with me. Well that obviously wasn't going to happen. This wasn't the first time he choked me but it was the first time I reported it and I was arrested not him just me. The court system and judge gattermeyer basically showed me that what he did was ok and me defending myself was wrong. I see now why so much domestic violence goes unreported. I finally reported it and I lost everything.


862. other

Concern for the ruling of Elizabeth Lewis being found not guilty of a cruelty charge resulting in the starvation & death of a companion animal in October, in the Hamilton Municipal Court by Judge Dan Gattermeyer. The dog was brought to the animal shelter in August by a dog warden. At that time the dog lethargic, malnourished and weighed 17 pounds. The dog was to returned to Elizabeth Lewis. The same dog had to be taken to a vet clinic to be euthanized to end its suffering, according to Meg Stephenson, executive director of the Butler County Animal Friends Humane Society. The condition of the dog was a direct result of starvation. The suffering of this animal almost ended but something happened when it entered the court room and nothing was done. Ashame.


863. other

I also saw the article concerning the ruling of Elizabeth Lewis. Judge Dan Gattermeyer DID NOT perform his job properly. Elizabeth Lewis clearly neglected this dog and she was charged not guilty and then given the dog back. I have provided a link below to the article where I found this information. I would hope that this information leads people to investigate further on Dan Gattermeyer and his ruilings. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/51004535/ns/local_news-cincinnati_oh/


868. other

After viewing the newscast concerning Judge Gattermeyer and his ruling which later resulted in the suffering and death of a dog, I hope that the voters in Butler County would not re-elect this man to sit on the bench in the future. Just seeing what this poor animal looked like the first time he was taken from Elizabeth Lewis and to realize that this judge actually returned the dog to her makes me seriously question both his character and his abilities. A judge who has such little compassion for an animal makes me fear what type of compassion he has for his fellow man! He should be horrified with the results of his inaction!


869. other

Shame on this judge for his ruling that allowed an obviously abused dog to be returned to his owner Elizabeth Lewis. I feel Judge Gattermeyer should also be held responsible for this poor dogs suffering and death. What will you do this time, Judge Gattermeyer? Smack her on the wrist and send her on her way? Or will you do the right thing and punish this behavior to the maximum the law allows? Even though it's too late for Bruiser, maybe others will think twice before allowing the suffering of animals we as human beings are responsible for. This woman just laughed at you as she walked away with her dog in hand. Do the right thing this time Judge. You have to live with your decision.


870. other

I am also concerned over the horrid animal abuse by Elizabeth Lewis! Even more concerned that Judge Gattermeyer would allow this starving animal go BACK to it's cold, heartless owner. This woman has a video online and speaks, coldly, of her defense 'I did not starve the dog it was sick' and she is devoid of all emotion and eyes look vacant and cold. If the dog was sick, and thus could not gain weight, why did it gain what, 21 lbs or so when under the care of Humane society? My heart broke when I saw pictures on tv and online. How a judge could even consider letting this woman have any dogs shows him to be a cruel person as well.


889. other

Daniel Gattermeyer should not have the honour of being a judge. The greatness of a country can be judged by it's treatment of animals and he has let down not only this inncocent creature but the entire country. There need to be severe consequences to the horrid acts people like Elizabeth Lewis do to defenseless animals. You are lucky I don't reside in your district Mr.Gattermeyer, you would never get my vote.

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