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3924. other

What Judge would allow 50/50 shared parenting with a convicted drug dealer that has placed his daughter in numerous dangerous situations and admits he will continue to do drugs? Well, Judge Capper did! Maybe Judge Capper gave up on the case, though, I have no intention of letting this drop and he and the GAL will be advised when future issues occur.


5093. party to case (with attorney)

He gave custody of my daughter to an abusive, convicted drug dealer. I have never been arrested, my child has never been abused or without everything she needs. Thomas Capper is a corrupt judge. He went against the wishes of the child, GAL and every professional who took the stand stating my child should stay with her mother. He is not a fair judge.


8043. party to case (pro se)

This judge favors men, most pointedly in custoday and divorce cases. In addition, he brought up an opinion of me during a proceeding and clearly stated that he was basing his decision on personal feelings and not facts . He is why the justice system fails, blatant abuse of power and clear disregard for real justice.


8472. party to case (pro se)

After being falsely convicted of child endangering, I sought the legal system to assist me in clearing my name and getting full custody of my son back. This was in 2015. I am the mother in this case. I put together documents and hospital records proving that I had a serious medical illness which had caused my arrest to happen, as well as proof I had attended counseling and the recommendations of the counselor. The father is a known drug addict with arrests in another state, multiple evictions from family members due to his behavior, restraining order from one of his family members and with severe mental illness that causes him to see people that tell him to do bad things to other people. He is on medication and will be for the rest of his life and it is always changing due to the severity of his mental illness. I had proof and testimony to confirm certain abilities of my son. In the ruling, the judge said my testimony was "delusional" because my son has these abilities and I made them up to make me look better "in the eyes of the Court". So I went back to Court, this time with an attorney, who ended up not representing me anymore after another ruling came forward that was unfair and biased. So, for a third time, I went back to Court with the testimony and proof that was requested by the court, which had previously be presented, and was presented again and was more inclusive this time. Still, today, almost two years later, the father of my son is refusing almost 100% of my phone calls to my son, refuses to let him call me when he requests (he is currently 7 years old), and I am being refused by this Court even SUPERVISED visitation. The bias is more than evident and I am never going to give up as the future of my son's well-being is at stake. The father is constantly harassing myself, my fiancé and my family members and then hanging up on them. No one in this system seems to want to do anything about it. My child was raised in a household by myself full of love, art, music and respect. I can't understand how the judicial system has failed myself and most importantly, my son.


7686. other

Just because I cannot afford a lawyer I will never get my 2 kids back from my mom. I don't think it's fair that I didn't even have a fighting chance for my children and I had done nothing wrong, just because my mom has more money than me and had a lawyer. How can she just take my babies away??? And now I can never get them back no matter how hard I try. I'm on a limited income and still have 2 of my babies to take care of. I wish somebody could help me. I've done everything judge capper told me I had to do to get them back, I just can't afford a lawyer. I can't say weather he is a good judge or not. But if he was a good person he would at least refer me to someone who can help me or something. I don't want to give up.


7695. attorney (public defender)

ATTENTION: You can protect the JUSTICE System and oppose obstructions of JUSTICE. Demand JURY TRIALS be provided, TO SWEEP THESE ACTS OF WRONGDOING WITH THE JUSTICE OF THE GRAND JURY. With enough persistence you should be able to obtain a mailing address, email address, and/or fax number for a sitting grand jury in your area. Send your evidence presentment in all possible means, ASAP. Any person that tells you that you do not have the right to present knowledge of WRONGDOING to your district grand jury is acting in contradiction to law, and aiding and abetting, adhering, giving comfort to enemies (and enemy forces, organized crime) of this country and United States. If you have knowledge of what you believe to be wrongdoing/crimes, immediately report that evidence to your nearest grand juries ASAP, and law enforcement, local, state, and federal (district attorney, police, sheriff, state attorney General, FBI, securities and exchange commission, US Marshall service, etc. etc.)


8896. party to case (with attorney)

This "man" is by far the most corrupt "judge" ever. He gave custody of my wife's children to her mother who is a pill addict and is married to an alcoholic cocaine addict. We presented proof of neglect and abuse. The GAL recommended that the kids be with us. This completely poor excuse for a "man" threw out my wife's testimony, my testimony, and the Gal's testimony and recommendations saying they were all lies. He also said my wife had schizophrenia when he had all of her medical records and they clearly said she didn't. He said at the pretrial that if I didn't give them complete and unfettered access to all of my medical records than he would be biased against us. He should be disbarred, drawn, quartered and hung.


9006. party to case (with attorney)

This judge and the GAL James griffin of Springfield Clark County are corrupt and bias against women! I too had documentation of medical appointments, police reports of my ex husband taking my daughter from my house against orders, school records to show stability and the list goes on and on. This judge reallocated custody of my daughter and stated in his judgment that I failed to provide my daughter with a loving home environment. Who did he think was providing her with love, affection, and guidance the 7 years her father spent drunk and off doing what he wanted. He gave my daughter to my ex whom had a DUI, had abused me, went to anger management, refuses to allow my time with my daughter, had arrearages in child support(which coincidently was dismissed with lack of evidence) and in contempt of court orders. While I on the other hand was taking care of 3 children as a single mother, working full time obtaining my associates degree. I have no criminal record, I do not do drugs, I even maintained the relationship with my children and their father when his licensed were suspended by taking them to see him. Yet Judge Capper stated that the father would better maintain the relationship between my daughter and I. The end of the Trial was 8/17/17 I received the judgment 9/8/17 or so and received a text from my ex stating that I would not be getting my daughter during the week as specified by the court orders. The arrearages that were dismissed, Judge Capper stated there was a lack of evidence that my ex was in arrearages, but dated the dismissal of such arrearages back to June of 2016????? If there was nothing there why would he apply that date? There is wrong doing for women in Clark County and probably all over. The GAL James Griffin was on the stand and stated "Yes, I went to the fathers house where the child was and promptly after leaving the fathers made a visit to the mothers home knowing the child was not there" James Griffin made slanderous comments about how I need to have control and that I do not demonstrate good judgment. Look up parental alienation.. This is what is happening to women and our court system is not educated on this nor do they understand it! This is a serious issue and needs to be taken seriously. Judge Capper and James Griffin of Springfield Ohio need to be disbarred. They are corrupt and bias against women, they neglect pertinent documentation and favor men, without even a care for the children involved. I had letters written by my daughter that she wanted to come back home to me that she was mislead by her father and that her father told her that she would be able to see me anytime she wanted! He lied to her and the worst part is that she does not know better and Judge Capper and James Griffin were to protect her and they did not! My daughter had been with me her whole life and they took her away from me to give a man his rights! What about the rights of the children to not be put in the middle of such a thing? What about the children's right to be protected by the law? My ex could have asked for shared parenting when we filed for dissolution but never did! instead he went on a drunken spree for 5 years and then decided he wanted to play daddy. Is this what women should expect? to do all of the hard work only for the father to come in and be the friend for the last couple years of the child's life? He even emancipated himself from our sons once they turned 18, It is all about control over me, money, and sticking it to women! What judge awards and encourages a father who was in contempt of court orders? Women need to stand up against what is going on with the bias and negligent treatment of such cases.

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