Hon. Jennifer Jensen

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Judicial offices

  • Judge, Family Court, Saratoga County, Elected, 2011 to 2020


  • J.D., Syracuse College of Law, 1983
  • B.A., SUNY Plattsburgh, 1980

Bar admission

  • NYS, Appellate Division, Third Department, 1984

Professional experience

  • Assistant District Attorney
  • Private Practice

Professional and civic activities

  • New York State Family Court Judges Association, Member of Committee of Professional Responsibility, 1994 to 2000
  • New York State Bar Association
  • Saratoga County Bar Association
  • Warren County Bar Association



456. witness

I have worked in law for 10+ years & have never seen a more biased Judge. This Judge ignored facts and ignored the law. I was a witness brought in on a family court matter and was completely taken aback by how biased and angry she was toward the defendant and his attorney and treated the hearing as if it was an adversarial criminal trial. She does not have understanding, compassion, patience and she is definitely not open-minded.


2357. other

We are getting more and more complaints including from lawyers and parent litigants about this judges lack of empathy and poor judicial temperament and skirting of proper fair legal process via her 'judicial bullying and lack of respect' for both parents and due process, I believe that she will eventually need to be removed from the bench.


2097. other

She belongs in a jail cell and needs to be removed from the bench. I have met with more than 10 attorneys who all describe her in a very negative manner on her ethics, conduct and competence. Her actions are highly criminal and she makes up the rules and ignores civil rights and due process. The lawyers allow great harm to many innocent people and children in Saratoga County by her and do not file complaints with the commission on judicail conduct. The previous comment here is a shill mouthpeice for the criminal Judge. She is a criminal and so is her Chief law clerk. "Do what your told or else"….even if it is illegal and violates your client or your constitutional rights. It is very troubling to continuously watch the lawyers and court personel badmouthing her on factually accurate matters involving unethical and criminal activity, yet refusing to hold her accountable by filing complaint with the commision on judicial conduct.


3003. party to case (with attorney)

She was the most rude and biased judge I have ever met. She tried to dismiss our case almost immediately. She cut our lawyer off whenever she tried to say anything and didn't want to hear our side of the story at all. I hope she's removed so no one else has to deal with this monster of a woman.


3548. other

Absolutely unreal, not allowed to speak my side of the story, even though i know my children are very much in danger with their alcoholic / drug addict "mother". she is most defiantly a man-hater


3709. witness

As a woman who has received custody in the past I was disgusted by the treatment Judge Jensen gave the petitioner. Even when the mother on the stand under oath proved all the motions of the case were just and relevant the judges complete bias and hatred for the father was evident. Her facts were askew from the transcripts, and when I let an unbiased out of town family lawyer look at the case she said appeal it! The most ridiculous judgement I have ever seen!


4186. party to case (with attorney)

there isn't much more that I can add to the other comments. disability discrimination, denial of due process, bias, rudeness were all part of her courtroom against me. the injustice was and is (because due to PTSD I can never go back into her court, and she has dismissed every petition I put in anyway), that I have started a family court reform committee. I never want what happened to me and my kids to happen to anyone else.


4473. other

A judge who will not even follow her words and rulings. Usually makes decisions and rulings purely out of her own personal roller coaster emotion instead of pure fact. Often uses bullying tactics in a wild manner against parties and speaks to people inappropriately. To say anything against in the court will be held against the speaker.


4193. other

Saratoga Family Court is a complete bias joke. Those who support condone and accept this behavior should be dismissed of their professional standards as well as the committee who appoints or discharges such bias.bullying.coerse manipulating and gross behavior.regarding making their own rules up.for political gain.backed by lobbyist who buy there way thru the system.. truth is. Family court judge Jennifer Jensen.should be investigated and held accountable for her bullying actions.and be removed from her post .


4221. witness

this judge picks which side she is on at the onset of litigation and refuses to acknowledge facts otherwise. I witnessed it over 4 years since she gained office in 2011. She is rude, disrespectful and biased. I was not a litigant, but I have seen her, read her transcripts and what makes me upset is that I know many lawyers. Each one has nothing good to say about her, yet not one will stand up to complain and advocate for fairness to all the people who come to her court every day. Judges should make judgments on the facts.


4581. other

I had judge Jenson and she cut my lawyer off gave my ex all he wanted after four years of not being there and when he does decide to come see our child on announced he's drunk wanting to take her his girlfriend harasses me text fb ect tried taking my child one night they physically harm each other do drugs and drink they live w her mother and father who allow it! And judge Jenson had no care as to let my child go with them the visits are supposed to be at his mothers they are all over with her they don't show up when they do they are telling my 5 year old that I'm fat I'm not her mom his gf is that the only father she ever known is a fag and she pees her pants when she knows there coming and they see no problem w what's going on! I wish she would be more responsible with people's children and take in to consideration the fact that yes I brought him to court to protect us from my once abuser and that my child shouldn't have to suffer the consequences of her ruling and his actions


4585. other

I was a child in a domestic family home. I understand that sometimes you get half the facts of a case. But that is no excuse I met this adorable little girl in may and her mother just recently took the "father" of this child to court to stoo the harassment. Its been non stop bullying and lies from the father and his new girlffriend. If he hasnt been around in 4 years thats his choice! He should have came around before and talked like an adult. I have seen a mmajor difference in this little girl in the past several months after her visits with him. Never put a child back into an abusers home. And as Dr. Phil says " Never talk to a child about adult issues". Thats exactly whats happening when the little girl is at his house. She was perfectly fine with her schedule and routine and now is being tossed every other weekend to her "dad". My final staement is that sometimes yes the mother is a better suit for the child and sometimes the father is. Start finding more information from both sides, maybe our state would have less abducted children. And if I had the oppertunity to have left my fathers I wish it could have happened.# Children come first


5226. party to case (with attorney)

She is a very rude hard headed Judge who refuses to see facts that matter but would rather see kids go to adoption than see the changes parties have made. She is border line criminal in her acts and has no respect for court policy. She told my fiancée to leave me and our 18 month old son would be fine because he is a baby. I wish I knew where to file complaints and get the ball rolling to get her removed


5717. attorney (private practice)

This woman is not a judge. She can wear ten robes and still would not be a judge. She is a bitter, angry, lawless, unfamily orientated disgrace to the entire legal system. Shame on the Unified Court System, shame on Saratoga County and shame on the State of NY.


6307. party to case (with attorney)

By far the worst judge ever. She will be the reason that women and children are abused and killed, because nothing is strong enough to be of just cause to change what she feels is the law.


5609. other

She is a man hater . She always targets men as the bad ones. And I'm a woman and see it. Needs to step down .


7351. party to case (with attorney)

HOW is this woman even a judge? For over six months I have been petitioning to get my children away from their mother because of the horrible filth and bad parenting going on in their mothers parents' tiny shack. I definitely feel the sexist, biased, man-hating just flowing from her bench. The only men in the courtroom were my lawyer and I. Totally inappropriate for the system to allow her to remain a judge. How can I make a report and sue for custody?


7704. courthouse employee

As ugly on the inside as on the outside.


2047. other

I love how hon. Jennifer Jensen won't put up with attitude. i know of several cases that have come in front of her and it can't be easy to deal with all the nonsense put in a judges day. she keeps things black n white do what your told or else plain and simple. Thank you judge jensen keep it up!


7730. party to case (with attorney)

I agree with all of the above about this judge she needs to go,, totally unfit, she actually gave full custody to a known drug user without first drug testing him totally against the mother who totally supports this child with everything. Never once looked at the evidence, said she didn't want to see it or hear it threw tha paper work at the mother, attorney and law guardian screaming at them to shut up....A total NUT WHY ISN;T THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM IN ALBANY NY DOING ANYTHING ABOUT HER ???????????? complaints to The STATE COMMISSION --JUDICIAL CORNING TOWERS SUITE 2301 EMPIRE STATE PLAZA ALBANY N Y 12223


7941. other

Absolutely the worst and unfair person me and my attorney's admitted as well. Totally bias and unfair. A JUDGE SCREAMING at the top of her lungs?? I agree with everything said here plus some.


7946. courthouse employee

The absolute worst judge I've ever seen. Not only I but others heard her SCREAMING at a defendant and her attorney. The door was closed and these doors are very thick and solid and I and few others heard her scream like a banshee. This is a professional?? The attorney came out red faced and her client crying and absolutely upset. The attorney I heard say (that was uncalled for and totally uncalled for, she wouldn't even listen or let alone let either one of us to talk or present any evidence on our own behalf). That's not the first time she has screamed or not let anyone talk or even bring forth any evidence to help defend their case. Social worker says something the judge automatically agrees and then you are done for. I believe she makes her mind up before she even enters the court room. She's totally unfair and bias. How she's a judge I do not know. All these lawyers defense and offense stand there and talk all kinds of bad and negative things about the judge in question and then when judge walks by or enters court room they are all smiles and polite?? That's called backstabbing and two faced. Almost all the lawyers talk real bad about the judge nothing good but not one person will say or stand up for what's right. They mostly say (There's nothing more we can do, she likes you or she doesn't which she mostly doesn't to 90%of the defendants that go in front of the judge) She 98 percent of the time goes with the social workers side especially when it comes to children even if you are the best parent in the world. She's famous for taking young children even with disabilities from there home where they are loved and cherished and protected. FOSTER CARE NOW!! So if you get this judge and child services are against you??? You lose before it begins.


8623. party to case (with attorney)

I am glad I'm not the only person that feels this way about Jennifer jensen. I have had the unfortunate experience of being in her poor excuse for a court room. I concur, she has zero respect for rule of law, she is totally biased absolutely partial and yes borderline criminal. She has completely no regard for the most important people not in the room. The poor children who suffer due to her uninformed and premature rulings. She thinks it's a good idea my child stay with a parent who has a long and storied history of substance abuse and severe mental health issues who has been exhibiting blatant present use. Won't even take the time to look at the evidence. I will actively fight against her reelection. I urge everyone having experienced her wrath to contact and complain to the the entity provided. We should not be afraid to stand up to tyrants. And tear them down! Even if they wear a dress under black robes. I am loath to have to give her even one star.


7729. other



8179. party to case (with attorney)

If I could give her no stars I would. She is nothing but a two bit liar. All she does is think of herself and not the best interest of children. She makes up her own laws and changes any rules she wants. I can't believe she is still on the bench when so so many people have complained and to think that the lawyers are all afraid of her. I am so glad my youngest doesn't have to be involved with the court system or lack of but when he is forced to go down to the other parents house up until he turned 18. I hope ALOT of people would complain so she can be where be where she belongs out of office.

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