Hon. Patricia E. Henry

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Judicial offices

  • Judge, Family Court of the City of New York, Appointed by Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman, 2005 to Present
  • Judge, Criminal Court of the City of New York, Kings County, Appointed by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, 2003-2006; reappointed, 2007 to 2016


  • J.D., Brooklyn Law School, 1979
  • B.S., University of Dayton, 1970

Bar admission

  • United States District Court, Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, 1984
  • NYS, Appellate Division, Second Department, 1980

Professional experience

  • New York State Unified Court System, Executive Assistant II, 2003 to 2003
  • New York State Unified Court System, Special Projects Coordinator, 1997 to 2003
  • NYC Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator, Director of Program Planning & Assistant Coordinator, 1987 to 1997
  • Law Department , City of New York, Assistant Corporation Counsel, 1982-1987; Borough Supervisor, 1986 to 1987
  • David Bernheim, Esq, Associate, 1979 to 1982


  • Chair, Mayor's Criminal Justie Child Abuse Task Force, 1991 to 1997
  • Member, Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 1989 to present
  • Member, New York County Lawyes' Association, 1984 to 1993
  • Member, Criminal Court Committee on Domestic Violence, 1992 to 2002
  • Member, NYC Family Court Advisory Council, 1994 to present



4653. party to case (pro se)

If you go in front of this Judge, Immediately request for Honorable Judge Henry to "Recuse" herself from the hearing. After you state your name and the truth the whole truth. Before sitting down and getting treated like a criminal. Fire your court appointed Lawyer, he or she will not do anything for you accept, go in the direction as what the Bias Judge rules. Your court appointed lawyer will never fight for your rights, they are paid by the same tax payers that pay the Corrupt, Bias, One Sided Judge. After you fire him/her ask the Judge to Recuse herself on the fact she is completely Bias and Prejudice towards all fathers that come into her courtroom. And only sides with the mother.If you do not do this, well then expect 2 to 4 years of absolutely nothing, getting done ..accept all your rights being denied and the unfit mother being treated like gold. This is by far the WORST JUDGE on the planet. Completely one sided in favor of the mother and your most likely going to get Lauren McSwain as your court appointed children's lawyer. She is worst then Judge Henry, completely one sided in favor of the mother and she will stand up and lie in court and say the opposite of what your children say. The two of them destroy more father and children relationships then the Natzis. It is Christmas Morning and my children were kidnapped out of State, which is called Parental kidnapping / but the Judge allowed it. All the evidence I brought into court was never even looked at. My daughters wrote letters stating how they were being abused by the mother and her boyfriend. Video and Audio of Abuse and Neglect by the mother and Medical records backing up everything and the Judge did nothing. I do not understand how a mother is allowed to kidnap my children, move out of State, Neglect my children's Medical Dental needs. To the point they need Emergency Surgery. The mother is allowed to pull my children out of special needs programs, pulled out of Religious programs and be stuck in an unfit environment, where the mother is never even home and the kids spend all day locked up in their one bedroom apt, sleeping on air mattresses, while the mother goes out drinking and has her 19 yr old Niece and 87 yr old mother watch the children. My kids had a Great Life with a lot of friends and family, Now they sit home all day watching T,V, eatin Apple Jacks. This Judge did nothing to help my children. She Just feeds the father into the System so all her friends can make money off the father. Judge Henry and Lauren McSwain, do not look out for the best interest of the children. They really are both Bias and Prejudice towards the loving and caring father, So Print this out along with the other reviews and tell the Judge, the internet caught up to her Bias and One Sided ways and Fathers have rights too. What every Happened to Equal rights. Speak right away and asked the Judge to Step aside. Good Luck !


4737. party to case (pro se)

Somebody Please, knock some common sense into this Judge. Judge, please read a file or two. Do you even prepare yourself for a hearing.? Seems like you're lost and confused. Have not seen my Grandson is over two years. Thanks to your postponing and stalling and giving the mother more and more time to come up with my outrageous allegations. Please be a judge and listen to both sides, not just one party. You are a very unfair and dishonest judge. You need to be removed. How many children are in harm's way because of your ruthless ruling. Get Real ! And get a Grip on Life.


390. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Patricia E. Henry of NYC family court had presided over a family members attempt at joint custody of his child. With understanding the court being in favor of the mother of the child, Judge Henry ignored all evidence showing the unfit nature of this woman. The mother of the child falsely accused my family member of physical and drug abuse. The results of a negative drug test along with proof of verbal and physical abuse upon my family member went UNACKNOWLEDGED. With regret, I believe Judge Patricia E. Henry was quite unfair in her ruling and caused more destruction than justice.


3527. party to case (pro se)

this woman has to be remove from that bench .....almost 4 years and i seen my child for 40 minutes on 1 occasion ....in process of writing a letter to the supervising judge jeanette ruiz who oversees her and have my cases looked in the way they been handled anf her bias ways .she question my parental abilities of my kids taking my daugther to watch a horror movie on a kids visit only which i was allowed to be a part off so I wasnt even there n the movie was part 2 her mother took her to see part 1 now is trying to overide me not consenting my kids mom getting a passport for my child as i will not sign the form ...explaining to her that my childs mom is a flight risk and might abduct my daugther to another country she has got to get REMOVED ASAP ..........there has to be some agency who looks into these kinda issues with these kind of judges ........any one with links or information of places where you can take this too please reach me at rickeesmalls@aol.com


4736. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Henry would not even allow me to speak. I sat in court for over 2 years and absolutely nothing got done. I was treated worse than a dog. Never got a chance to tell my side of the story. Judge Henry already sided with my babies moma, before the hearing ever went forward. Never could tell my side of the story. Worst yet, she never looked at or read any of my documentations, occasionally, she would lift up a page, but never read it. Have not spent one overnight visit with my son, in over three years. Thanks to Lauren McSwain, my son's lawyer who only sides with the moms in the courtroom. I gave up and walked away. Waste of time, save your money. She doesn't look out for the best interest of my or any child. Needs to be reevaluated. Poor Judgment. Can't even take my son to a Yankees game. Should be removed.


4746. party to case (with attorney)

Appalling to the facts. Offensive to any father that stands in her courtroom. Nasty and dreadful and horrendous and severely offensive to fathers that want to spend time with their kids. Unshockingly dreadful and unacceptable to the case sitting on her bench. a lousy judge that is shameful, unethical, unjustifiable, unlawful, bad base bigoted, blameworthy, cheating, criminal crooked, culpable, discreditable, dishonorable !!!!


3379. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Henry is completely one sided in favor of the mother. She has allowed the mother to kidnapped my children and move out of state. She refuses to give me a lawyer or council, but the mother of my children who lives out of state has a NY State lawyer, paid by you and me the tax payers. She has allowed the mother to abuse and neglect my children's medical needs. As a result they had to get emergency surgery. She refuses to watch a video or listen to the video and audio of the mother abusing my children. Patty does not remember anything she said in the last court case, she is corrupt and bias towards any caring loving father that just wants to spend time with their children She should be taken off the bench.


4654. attorney (private practice)

Bias, Prejudice and Completely One Sided in Favor of the Unfit Mother. Patricia Henry's husband Bruce Henry works at the Covenant house, which is a second start for children that come out of jail and need a second chance. The minute his wife Patricia, became a Judge, Bruce pushed out his Supervisor. On fake allegations of sexual abuse, that were never followed thru or even prosecuted, the guy never pleaded guilty and there was no evidence or trial, he was forced out to resign. Once the Supervisor was forced out. Bruce took over the position and immediately, opened up a program called Women and Children. Now all the women that were coming in and falsely accusing her husband of abuse, were being coached and encouraged on what to do. The women were brought down to the courthouse to and coached on how to file the paperwork, asking for full, sole custody. And guess which Judge got Appointed the Case. His wife Patricia Henry. With no proof, only allegations, The Father is then told he was to see Diane Hessman. The Supervised Visitation Lady. And She is Good Friends with Patricia Henry, they grew up together in Flatbush. So Now Diane Hessman, gets her pay cut from supervising visits. It is all about Money and Feeding the System. Then after you see Diane Hessman. The Judge, will then have you go see another one of her friends she grew up with in Flatbush. The Forensic Evaluator Mark Rhand. She will sign off on thousands of dollars, by the taxpayers or the father's own money, To pay this guy, for six months to 2 years. To sit down and grill the father about absolutely nothing. Getting Paid 90 an hour to ask the father, what kind of car his Daddy had in the driveway when he grew up and did his mother ever skip school. What does this have to do about you being a good father. It is all Political B.S. And it all about kickbacks, Patricia Henry and her husband Bruce and been scamming them system for Decades. It is all about money and how much money they can make off the system. It is never about the children. I hope somebody reads this and something actually gets done. This Judge should be immediately Disrobed and removed from the Bench. shirleyraines21@yahoo.com


4657. courthouse employee

Did not even want to give this Judge a star. She is a negative ten. I feel sorry for all the children she removes from the father's life. Does she even have any morals, how does she sleep at night. The court room is run like a circus. Go right next store and watch a hearing, one officer in the room. Patricia Henry, has four, armed guards. WHY?. Where is the EQUAL rights. She doesn't even give a father a chance or look at any documentation. Bias and Prejudice towards all men and One Sided in favor of the unfit mother. SHAME on the system for not removing such an unfair judge. The Poor children. System is broken...


4697. attorney (public defender)

Unfair and Bias towards any father that steps foot into the courtroom. Judge Henry doesn't even listen or review any documents that are brought in, to prove, wrongdoing by the mother. She is senile and doesn't even know what cases are in front of her most of the time. She can not make a decision on her own. Judge Henry relies most of the time on the Bias, One Sided, Children's lawyer.. Lauren McSwain. who always sides with the mother. Doesn't matter, how much evidence or documentation you bring in. The Judge does not lift a page. Terrible judgement. Unfair and unethical and it is really sad, in today's society that this goes on and on, day after day. Please remove this Judge off the bench and disrobe her.


4705. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Patricia Henry, should be removed from the bench. Incompetent to the facts that surround the case, in front of her. She does not follow the rules and the laws, set down by the country and state. She makes up fake laws out of thin air. Judge Henry, stalls and adjourns and adjourns cases for years. Everybody in this country has a RIGHT to a speedy trial. Henry is very unfair to any man or father that steps foot in her courtroom. Her ruling is always in favor of the mother in any custody case. Judge Henry will not allow a father to see his child, if he is behind in child support, which is against the law. Every parent is allowed to visit their child, regardless if they are behind in child support. Judge Henry needs to be removed from the bench. Very bias and unfair in her judgement. I hope Mayor Bill De Blasio will read some of the comments and read thru some of her cases and not reinstate this Bias Prejudice Judge, that only does harm to the children.


4706. party to case (pro se)

Walk into the courtroom, look at the bias, prejudice judge Henry. And ask her to explain to you why all your rights as a father are being denied by her and what happened to equal rights ? Seems like she sides in favor of the mother 99.99 percent of the time. Then turn to your children's bias and prejudice court appointed lawyer, Lauren McSwain, who always sides with the unfit mother, no matter how much evidence you bring in. And say these words " I want a new Judge and I want a new court appointed children's lawyer. They have to recuse themselves and step down and have others step in. You need to do this immediately. If you do not do this, then say this " I do not want to see my children till they turn 18 " because that is what is going to happen, if you allow these two bias women, rule your hearing. 100 percent of the time Henry and McSwain will beat you down and deny all your rights, Hearing or no hearing, same results. Mother gets, full, legal sole custody and the father gets visitations. The ruling will have so many obstacles, that the judge and the children's lawyer will make it nearly impossible for you to ever see your child. Welcome to hell. Good Luck with these two they are very, unfair. Just a question. Why are there no male, children's lawyers. Or male family court judges or any male child support magistrates. Hmmm. Equal rights ????


4707. witness

Yes, the last few comments, pretty much describe and sum up how incredibly unfair and bias this judge is towards any father. That just wants to be involved in his child's life. It is totally hypercritical how these mothers are encouraged to make up all these false allegations without any proof or documentation. However any proof, the father brings in, is overlooked and not even addressed. My brother has not seen his daughter in 2.5 years, Thanks to the judge for throwing my brother under the bus and denying all his rights as a father. I thought when you have a child and you are on the birth certificate as the father, you would have parental rights. Not in this courtroom. The unfit mother was assigned a lawyer, however my brother had to pay one 350 and hour. For what ? 3 years down the road my niece is now 6 and hasn't seen her father or her father's side of the family in 3 years. My mom, passed away last month, not able to see her granddaughter. Shame on this judge, for stalling out this case with only negative results. Get a clue on life. Lauren McSwain the children's court appointed lawyer is a nightmare, very much bias towards my brother and only supports the mother. Unfit mom, got everything and my niece lost everything. (Her Dad ) with no evidence only false allegations, my brother was put through living hell and is now depressed and suicidal. Please remove these two unethical, bias, prejudice, insensitive, corrupt, tax paying employees out of the country. I believe hell is hiring.


4708. witness

Welcome to Hell, My brother in law, lost his daughter, lost his job and was denied all his rights as a father. My brother in law, was pulled into court, every two months for the past three years. This had a very bad effect on my brother's mental and physical health. Could not keep it together, could not do any day to day activities. Was treated so poorly and denied his rights by the Judge Henry. Unfit mother made very disturbing allegations against him with no evidence, just so she could move out of the state with her new boyfriend. His daughter's court appointed lawyer, Lauren McSwain, did nothing but hide any evidence or documents my brother brought to her, proving the mother was unfit and it was overlooked by the judge. 3 years to the date. My brother is depressed, out of a job and not allowed to see his daughter unless he catches up on child support, but how ? he lost his job from all the distractions. Very unfair Judge. Muchas Gracias Judge Henry, for ruining and destroying another father and daughter relationship. Enjoy that over inflated taxpayer's salary. How do you sleep at night ?Do you hang upside down from the ceiling ?


4740. other

Very unfair Judge, only sides with the mother, which is not always the best ruling. Alternative solutions do not exist in her courtroom. She does not allow a man to speak, Bias and prejudice towards any father that just wants to spend time with his child. Like the other comments, I too didn't feel comfortable giving this judge a star. Minus 5 stars. Country has changed, she is still living in 1940. Not all men are bad people and dads are fathers too ! Disrobe and remove Henry from the Bench.


5059. witness

I was not surprised to see all of these negative yet true comments. I sat in her courtroom awaiting my turn and I had to watch a woman beg to see her grandchild because her son the father had been murdered. judge Henry had no feelings, no evidence at all in her decision. This poor grandmother had so much proof that the mother of this child was some how involved in the death of her son and it was ignored. it has bothered me so for so long. I truly believe that this mother was involved and lied through her teeth. If I knew this grandmother at all I would help her get the justice so rightfully deserved and GIVE her full custody of that grandchild. I am a woman and I was appalled at this judge. I asked my attorney to request another judge. I pray that this woman has gotten to see her grandson and the mother of that child has since been arrested.


4780. attorney (non-profit practice)

Where is the Justice in this court room ? Judge Patricia Henry is the worst most unfair judge on the planet. She is one sided in favor of the mother and doesn't even consider the facts surrounding the case. Her view is always. the father is a bad person and treats him badly and the mother gets every thing she asks for. If your in front of this judge for a custody hearing. Ask for a new judge. Patricia Henry will always side with the mother, even if you bring in evidence proving the mother is unfit and causing harm to the child. She needs to be removed and disrobed. Unethical and bias and prejudice towards every male that enters her court room. Where is the Justice and equal rights. Please remove this judge off the bench. Lacks common sense and can not even figure out how to schedule her calendar. Not even worth a star..


494. party to case (with attorney)

Wow she is so unfair. Doesn't give a guy a shot. All for the girl Mothers aren't always the best choice. I hope the child is not affected by this judges wrong choice


2394. attorney (private practice)

Judge Henry benefits enormously by comparison to the absolutely crazy and unbearable Judge Morganstern next door to her, so man of the Court Street crowd see her as the good cop. She was probably not abused as a child and is socialized enough for common courtesy, etc. and she starts in time. But everything in her court is all aimed at the same result no matter the evidence. When you couple her with the law guardians, you've got problems.


3576. other

Under the leadership of a corrupt seat of state government like Albany, an inept judiciary hand-picked by highly placed cronies is essential. The less the judge knows about professional practice the better. What matters here is the agenda which brings in money to the state for federally funded items like domestic violence and child support. Judge Henry is the epitome of a poorly professionally prepared judge. Her practice experience is nil and her knowledge of all the law needed to preside over one of Sheldon Silver’s domestic violence parts is abysmal. Her organizational skills are lacking. She cannot track a calendar. She cannot comprehend the facts that come at her during a trial. The domestic violence part is an amalgam of courts sitting in judgment of crimes, divorces and dispositions of non-marital children. Judge Henry lacks any skill in any of these areas and her illogical decisions are a reflection of this. She merely puts into operation Albany’s agenda as her mentors there require of her. She removes children from mens’ lives. She imposes a tax (child support) on fathers. She manufactures facts out of thin air and makes them reality by her convoluted and confusing orders. Henry is par for the course as a loyal mutt for a corrupt master. She has to be that way or else she’ll be kicked out of the business of manipulating families as a square peg to fit into her round hole.


4709. witness

Worst Judge, People do not wake up depressed and suicidal, something has to trigger their emotions and to put them in that state of depression. Well when a unfair judge, denies a proud father, a brother and my son his rights of being a dad, then they are responsible for the action. Why can't these mothers, just say, hey I am not in love with you any more and let's work something out so your child can see you. Why is my son not in jail ? Because the allegation against him were b.s and the judge knew it. So why stall and drag a case out for over 3 years and pull my son into a bureaucratic b.s system. My son was sent to a,b and z over the past 3 years on false allegation by the unfit mom. The result after 3 years, My son lost his job and is depressed and I have not scene by granddaughter in 2.5 years. Terrible and unfair unethical judge.


5082. attorney (private practice)

Remove Judge Patricia Henry from the bench. unfair and one sided in favor of the unfit mother. Does not look at any documentation or evidence you bring in. to prove your side of the case. Hell, half the time the mother, didn't even have to show up to court. Her false allegations where made through a phone call. You have the right to confront your accuser on false allegation and you have your right to a fair hearing. No, not with this Judge. Stalls and delays and adjourns the case for years and years, nothing gets down, accept all your rights being denied. Judge Henry is bias, prejudiced towards all fathers in her court room. Doesn't even give them a chance to speak and she has been getting away with her poor, judgement for over a decade. What ever happened to looking out for the best interest of the children. Please remove her from the bench and disrobe her a.s.a.p.


5083. witness

Judge Henry has absolutely no feelings. Does not look out for the best interest of the children. She only sides, one way. In favor of the mother. Doesn't matter what kind of evidence you bring in. She will over look it and ignore every thing you have to say. Ask for a new judge or you will lose every time with this judge. Bias and unethical and unfair and senile.


5141. witness

Blown away, how disrespectful and unfair, Judge Patricia Henry is towards all the fathers that step foot into the court room. I have scene and witnessed Judge Henry, bias ways, towards the father and very one sided in favor of the mother. Patricia Henry is caught in the 1920's were husbands were never around and out working. Needs to get with the times and the facts, that fathers are very involved in their children's life. She is unfair and unethical and needs to be removed from the bench.


6471. other

After reading all of these comments what can we do as a unit to remove her or start a process to disrobe her. Her term ends this year... We need to do something. She has ruined so many lives already


6577. attorney (private practice)

I am a female attorney and a mother. I have been, floored by this judge. Patricia Henry is a mother and being a mother, one would think, the best interest of a child comes first. Children are our future. Judge Henry is bias and prejudiced toward any father that enters her court room. I have been in every court room over the past 17 years as an attorney. Stepping foot into this court room is a nightmare. I hate to say this, but if I was representing the mother, I would of won the custody case. However, I was representing a loving, caring, father. My clients, rights were denied and no of his evidence, was looked over by the judge. After 4 months of being denied visitations by the judge. I put in a request for a new judge on the facts that she is one sided in favor of the mother and is bias towards the father. My request was denied and we lost the case. My client, lost visitation of his daughter and can only get phone calls 3 times a week. This judge, is so unethical and allows, almost encourages, the unfit mom to throw out false allegations with no merit. Frivolous claims by the mom, with no proof, to put the father thru years of frustation and depression. I sit here as a mother, trying to wrap my head around the fact that my clients daughter, was just removed from her father's life for no reason, but to rule in favor of the mother. This judge, did not look at any evidence or documentation we brought in to the court room. Nobody won or lost this case. A daughter, that turns 7 in two weeks, just lost her father and her friend. Please read these comments and please reevaluate the credibility of Patricia Henry. I stand behind all these comments, they are all very upsetting and sad. Please disrobed this judge and put somebody in her place that has a heart and common sense. I also did not want to give this judge a star. Minus 5, is my overall score for Henry.


6824. party to case (with attorney)

Please remove this judge from the courthouse. Patricia Henry is a complete basket case. Does not read or look at any evidence or documentation. She has no idea, what case is in front of her. She goes thru the files, as they are placed on her bench. Confused and plain out racist and stupid. Senile and bias. I do not understand how Lauren McSwain ( children's court appointed attorney ) only sides in the favor of the mother and will leave any type of evidence or documents, behind. Lauren stands up in court and lies and the judge agrees whatever she suggest. How can a children's attorney, take on so many cases, she must get assigned 5 to 10 new cases a day, plus the hundreds of cases, she already is assigned to. This judge really is not fair to the children, who are the only ones that are effected, in such a negative way. Shame on the system, for allowing this terrible, mean and unfair judge to continue to ruin and destroy, so many children's families. Please disrobe this judge and get another judge, that is more understanding and treats each side, equally. I too, did not want to give this judge a star. Not a happy father, all my rights, were thrown under the bus. I am now completely, depressed and overwhelmed, my children are living in another country and the judge, did nothing, but stall and adjourn the case, till the point, I gave up. She won and my children lost, they lost a loving caring father. Help


3838. party to case (with attorney)

WOW. Wonder if it's a coincidence that all of these comments are from disgruntled fathers who, most likely, deserved what they got. Judge Henry is a fair judge. She may lack some calendar tracking skills but show me a single judge in any of the counties who run a perfect calendar. All in all, she does her job well. As for the comment that "she imposes a tax (child support) - news flash - your sperm and decision to fornicate imposed the "tax", certainly not the judge.


5142. witness

Blind sided, just watch in horror as my brother as was rang thru the system. My brother never got a chance to speak or present his evidence. Two years, an nothing got resolved. My brother spent two years, bringing evidence and documents to the court, that were never even looked at or reviewed by Patricia Henry. Lauren McSwain, her side kick, the court appointed children's lawyer is a complete bitch ! Only sides in favor of the mother and never looks out for the best interest of the children. They both need to be removed from family court. Just witnessed the Judge, allow full custody to the unfit mother, who never had to come to court. Bureaucratic Bullshit ! Ask for a new judge. Disrobe this judge from hell.


5162. attorney (public defender)

I agree with alot that has been said , I had 2 different acs home visits, both sided with me, judge Patricia ignored both. The mother missed court numerous times, nothing happened..the mother was involved in domestic violence cases with her new boyfriend while we fought for custody and nothing...contrary to most she did let me speak,and after I realized it was a game of cat and mouse I figured out how to get what I wanted...What I realized was they don't care about the child,,it's about money and not breaking a long running tradition..So ,,I knew that if I kept Fighting no matter what threats were made...I could get what I want..they don't want to go to trial,,believe me ..they don't..if u loss at trail ur case is public and anyone can look at it and see how they violated ur rights...they'll be fucked,,plus u can always get a retrial....which means no money just time...if u settle u loss the right to appeal and everything is sealed..ur fuck urself. Soooo with that said u should fight ur case all the way..I get my son 7 whole days every other week, I basically got joint custody privilege with the non custody title...She is pretty bad but can be reasonable,,Sarah siegal I think should be removed...she completely lies but she just had a child maybe one day she'll be on the other end..


5620. attorney (private practice)

Ask for a new judge right off the bat, print out, all these, negative reviews and ask for a new judge. Patricia Henry is lost and confused and senile. Doesn't understand the new world we live in and still thinks it is 1940. Very much described in the past 25 reviews. Bias and prejudiced towards all men and fathers that enter her court room. I watched in horror as she refused to look over any of my clients evidence and documentation. She ignored the fact the mother, was neglecting the child's medical and educational needs. Never once, address the child's needs, all about the mother getting everything and the father being laid out in the coals. Unfair and unethical. Please remove and disrobe, Patricia Henry from the bench. But this and all the other complaints will be ignored and this is why the system is broken.


5621. witness

Unbelievable, how this corrupt judge is still sitting on the bench. I agree with all the above comments. Patrica Henry and Lauren McSwain (children's lawyer) are so unfair towards the father they should be thrown in jail. Never once, was the child or the child's needs, brought to light. It is all about filling the unfit mother's ruthless demands. burning in hell would be more satisfying and awarding then sitting in front of this bitch from hell. Horns on the back of Lauren and Patricia. Devils in a cape and robe. Bring a crucifix and some holy water, you are going to need it when you step into this court room. Please disrobe and send back to hell. Night mare


6425. attorney (private practice)

Never scene such a bad judge, in all my 26 years of practice. Gave back every cent. My client paid me. I was completely torn away on how corupt n bias this judge henry is towards the fathers that love their children. She n Lauren McSwain. Should be thrown in jail. They both lie n favor the unfit mother. The mother was not in court most of the time. So it was me n my client. Fighting fake allegations thrown in the air from the mother who was either on the phone or represented by our tax dollars lawyer. Completely unfair n bias n rude. Children should come first. Not in this court room. Please remove n throw in jail. Disrobe and send her to all the children she misplaced.


6469. other

After reading all of these comments what can we do as a unit to remove her or start a process to disrobe her. Her term ends this year... We need to do something. She has ruined so many lives already Hated to even have to give 1 star


6704. party to case (with attorney)

Please what can we do. She has to be stopped. Her term is up this year. We can have not have her do to others what has done to us. Let justice be served as we speak as one. Where do we start


6805. party to case (pro se)

I would like to join your boycott .. Please let me know what I should do


5084. witness

Judge Henry has absolutely no feelings. Does not look out for the best interest of the children. She only sides, one way. In favor of the mother. Doesn't matter what kind of evidence you bring in. She will over look it and ignore every thing you have to say. Ask for a new judge or you will lose every time with this judge. Bias and unethical and unfair and senile.


6294. other

She dislikes women as much as men. I've watched her pull loving children out of the arms of parents. I've seen her be blatantly biased with her "nods" and "eye movements." She decides the cases first than hears the testimony. I've seen her cover up for lying Lawyers for the Child. I've seen her allow a child to be abused as opposed to changing her mind. I've seen her snarl at loving parents and make them feel like criminals. I saw her tell a loving father whose ex left the state without permission that because he paid so little in child support she was not going to make the mother come back. I've seen her gag the parents she's abused so they can't get help or tell their story. She likes parents who get along. They don't really need her. On her deathbed she will be visited by the faces of the children she has hurt and destroyed. There is no reason for this behavior except that she identifies with abusers. And this is IDV court!


6723. party to case (with attorney)

I am Boycotting this Corrupt Judge, Patricia Henry, every Tuesday from 1pm to 3pm starting Sept 19, and every Tuesday after that until she is removed. I am bringing signs and pictures of all the abuse she put me and my children thru. She is a terrible human being and a poor excuse of a judge. I would like to start by saying that all the above comments, pretty much sum up my 2.5 years of being denied any of my rights as a father a parent and a dad. If you deny my right to speak in the courtroom, well then I am going to take it to the street. Sept 19th and every Tuesday after that, I will be in front of 330 Jay St, with poster boards. Join my boycott, tell all your friends, that were denied their rights and have this bitch removed from the bench. I hope the news, does a story on her and interviews all the parents and children, who lost and were torn away from their families and children. Join my boycott,


6962. courthouse employee

I stood in guard, in this courtroom, for a bias judge, named Patricia Henry. Yes, I bit my tongue, so many times, watching this unfit, bias, one sided judge, make so many bad rulings, day after day. Every court officer, knows about how bad a judge, this Patricia Henry is and continues to be, so bad and unethical, towards the fathers in her court room. Today, I watched in horror, as judge Henry, awarded full custody to an unfit drug abusing mother. The father, who works for ups, for over a decade, got no rights. The never around mother, who dumps her child, at her moms house and goes out and does and admitted to doing drugs, was awarded custody. This judge is very unfair and plain stupid. All the court officers, in the supreme court. Are frustrated and upset on how this continues, day after day and year after year. Ask for this judge to recuse herself and ask for a new judge. Lauren McSwain, the children court appointed lawyer, is a complete bitch and only sides with the mother. The two of them are dreadful and unfair. I am stepping down from my duties and I but in a few complaints about this judge. She needs to be removed and disrobed. Keep fighting for your rights, but most importantly, fight for your children's rights.


7015. party to case (with attorney)

Disrobed and Removed ! Finally. They cleaned out her courtroom this past week and she was finally, removed. Her contract was not renewed. All the terrible damage she did to families the past decade. It took a few good fathers and some strong letters and complaints to the commissioner and the major and finally, somebody took notice and she is gone. Burn in Hell. You are a terrible human being. Next is Lauren McSwain, her days are numbered as well. Terrible children's lawyer. Time always catches up and the truth always comes out in the end. If you got treated poorly, write a letter to major or the commissioner. Good Luck.


7028. party to case (with attorney)

Please tell me who to write letters to because I will asap... I am truly grateful


7627. party to case (with attorney)

Without commenting on experiences of others. As a father, i felt that there was never any bias but fairness. I believe it was over 4 years of trial... It was long, arduous and expensive. In the end i believed Judge Henry was not only fair but was more than competent. I know she has now retired. And i am forever grateful for the time and commitment that she has shown my daughter and I. Many thanks, Mr. Y


7645. party to case (with attorney)

Not even worth a star. Judge Patricia Henry, showed up late every court hearing and left after lunch. She was and is very bias towards fathers and does not give them the chance to speak or defend themselves. 3 long years and nothing got done but more damage to the family and my children will be scarred for life. Burn in hell in your retirement or were you finally disrobed ? I guess you ran away because of all your evil, illegal ways, were catching up to you. What a mockery to the civil, legal system, you were a hack, bias, corrupt and mean and never gave any thought or consideration to the children you were separating from their loving and caring father's. Shame on you ! I hope you rot in hell ! I hope you one day realize what you did, to destroy so many families after families. Karma will come back and get you and the day you take your last breath, I hope you see all the faces of the innocent children you destroyed. Burn in hell !


7751. attorney (private practice)

Judge Henry, is by far, the most arrogant, stupid and bias judge. Ever to sit on the bench in Brooklyn, NY. The amount of damage, she did, to so many families and the poor children, she ripped away from their father's arms. For over a decade, Patricia Henry, did nothing but rule in favor of the unfit mother. Documents ? Huh. She read nothing. She couldn't even date her calendar. She already determined that the father was a bad person and the unfit mother was going to win the case. The children suffered and she never blinked an eye. She was never voted onto the bench. She was side door in by her politically corrupt husband Bruce Henry. Bruce likes to tell everybody about how he went to Vietnam. Really, you were a pencil pusher. You were never on the front lines. They now are retired and living in Flatbush and walking around like they are important to society. All you tax dollars are paying their over the top retirement. I am so glad she is gone. Look at the other comments. They are all to the point. Every single comment is negative and 1 star. Only problem now is her side kick. Children's lawyer Lauren McSwain is still working in the family court. Lauren only sides with the mother and lies thru her teeth to get the mother to get full custody. In the past 5 years, I have never once, witnessed Lauren McSwain rule in favor of the father. Lauren needs to be removed from the family court. I have watched her hide documents and patently lie to cover it up. Not all mother's are the best solution to raising children. The whole court system is suppose to be designed for the best interest of the children. However Lauren, who is the voice of the children. Does not see it that way. Lauren McSwain needs to be removed. I really wish Patricia Henry would move back to white trash Dayton Ohio, were she is from and she would take corrupt Lauren McSwain with her. Two very dishonest, corrupt, bias crooks. If you are ready this, please print out all these reviews and ask for a new children's lawyer if you get Lauren McSwain assign to your case.


7858. party to case (pro se)

To all of the attorneys Please help. Judge Henry has been disrobed and removed. Can u help get my case reopended

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