Hon. Angelo Delligatti

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Judicial offices

  • Judge, Nassau County District Court, Elected, 2009 to 2014


  • J.D., St. John's University, 1970
  • B.A., St. Lawrence University, 1967

Bar admission

  • NYS, Appellate Division, Second Department, 1971



4469. other

This complete moron and pathetic excuse for a "judge" needs to be disrobed and disbarred. Puppy torturer walks free because of this imbecile. I would really love for someone to cut off his ears and leg (and maybe another part...if he has one) with no anesthetic. Now THAT would be justice.


4463. other

This idiot is a disgrace to the justice system. He let a man go with absolutely no punishment for cutting off a puppy's ears and legs. His reason for no jail time? The man was planning to move and it would have interfered with the move! Animal abuse is a felony! Incompetence at it's finest.


4476. other

I'm so disappointed to hear that a judge would allow such behavior without any sort of punishment. I know there are 2 sides to every story, but I can't see anything that could ever make this OK. It saddens me to think of what that poor puppy went through, wondering what she had done to deserve such actions. And it worries me to think that this guy's next victim could be someone's child.


4481. other

This judge is an embarrassment to the bench, and a disgrace to the justice system. He is more interested in the rights of criminals than victims. He let an animal abuser off with no jail time or no probation, because it would have "interfered" with the perpetrator's plans to move out of state. Animal abuse and animal cruetly will not end when judges like Angelo Delligatti let people off with no jail time.


3844. other

Judge Angelo Delligatti is one big liberal jerk who favors all the criminals by letting them to go home and be good boys. He is an embarrassment to the judicial system and St. Jon's University. He refuses to sentence the criminals and has no regard for our children when he lets all the sex offenders free and no consequence for their crimes. That's a judge?


4474. other

How can you possibly hear this case and not impose a harsher sentence???!!! What kind of message are you sending out here? Do you give so little value to an animal? That is someone's pet, loved by a person or a family. A person that can be that cruel to an animal would do the same to a person, and will CONTINUE to do this to animals!!! Especially with so little consequences. You should be removed from your position, as you obviously are not an appropriate person to be making these type of decisions. There is no way that your decision would be supported by the vast majority.


4478. other

Awful. He let a perp off for performing surgery on a dog, and claims it wasn't cruelty. (Also, the State Veterinary Board is irresponsible for not proceeding against the man for practicing without a license.) Sets a bad precedent for future violations regarding animal cruelty, veterinary practice without credentials/licensure, etc.


4479. other

Judge does nothing to vet tech who cuts off dogs's legs and ears and w/o anesthesia.....??? If he doesn t care about animals he doesn t know that psychos like that end up hurting and killing humans eventually...?


4498. other

The kind of judge that law-abiding citizens, concerned for the safety and well-being of their loved ones, should fear. A man lacking devoid of any sense of justice, unsympathetic to the suffering of the victims of crime.


4817. other

I read that this judge is not liberal but a republican. I don't understand why he would not sentence a violent animal abuser to prison. He should be thrown out .


4470. other

A monster is set loose on the community because this moral idiot does not think cutting a dog's leg off is animal abuse. . He is a moral vacuum.


4485. other

I can only give a NO rating to this sorry excuse for a judge. His title should be changed to the Non-honorable Judgeless Angelo Delligatti.


4496. other

Tell Judge Angelo Delligatti that man who cut off leg and ears of dog without anesthesia deserves jail time, not a slap on the wrist! How is it possible that the evil person who did this to this poor dog gets away with torturing and mutilating this dog? What in the world is he thinking? I say: I strongly support putting animal abusers to sleep! Carola Tschiemer, Colorado Mahatma Gandhi: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated"


4590. other

By the way, this judge is not a liberal jerk, he was listed on his ballot as being a Republican! Why he didn't give the person who committed this horrible abuse on this poor dog a suitable sentence of jail time is beyond me. He cut off half her leg, both of her ears and said he didn't want to inconvenience the bastard who committed this crime, yes crime, on this poor dog because it would interfere with his plans to move to Georgia. What planet is this "judge" living on?? He ought to have sentenced the man to the two years under the law for this crime at the very least. Unbelievable!


4818. other

I read that this judge is not liberal but a republican. I don't understand why he would not sentence a violent animal abuser to prison. He should be thrown out .


4458. other



4471. other

A monster is set loose on the community because this moral idiot does not think cutting a dog's leg off is animal abuse. . He is a moral vacuum.


4484. other

How dare you call yourself a judge. You are a disgrace to society. Please quit/retire immediately and as a favor to the rest of the world, contemplate suicide as well.


4491. other

I'm disgusted by your lack of judgement on a future killer! Animal abuse is a crime ! Cutting off limbs from a dog is at the very least an "insane "form of abuse. You know the pattern that forms from hurting innocent animals ... And where that leads .. I pray he doesn't come after your children/grandchildren ... Karma is making its way back to you ! Your an idiot .


5722. other

Appalling decision in the case of the man who clearly abused an animal and was clearly guilty of animal cruelty. A judge is supposed to embody fairness, hand down intelligent decisions, and a decide on a punishment which is commensurate to the crime. This judge fails these tests in every way. His decision is simply absurd and out of touch with reality.


7915. witness

Nothing but a two-bit hack who got on the bench because he was loyal to a bunch of corrupt scumbags. He is just a stupid man, whom should be no where close to a judicial robe - but politics being politics


8332. other

Sounds like these reviews were done by one person. The judge went by the rule of law and how the evidence was presented. Maybe the negative reviews should be about the prosecutors for presenting a horrible case to the court.

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