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8285. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Conner, is Collusive in Corruption and is directly affiliated w/ Dr. Howard Drutman (all renowned for colluding w GAL, Michelle Vereen, and siding w/ perps at any cost ($$$$$$) in child custody placing children in imminent danger and harm. She broke every Ga state law, Amendment and Constitutional Law, and Child protection laws. She should not only be removed from her position, but, with the most severe punishments possible.


7045. other

Her court is a public shame to Gwinnett County. Judicial discretion is of course necessary, but at the expense of families, it is unacceptable.


7880. attorney (private practice)

She is unfair and bias and should be removed from the bench, she doesn't have the Judicial Temperament to hold a position as chief Judge in any Court of law - This character trait encompasses both the ability to apply the law to the facts and to understand how a judicial decision will affect the human beings appearing before the court. It is the ability to communicate with counsel, jurors, witnesses and parties calmly and courteously, as well as the willingness to listen to and consider what is said on all sides of a debatable proposition. Her abuse of power is despicable!


7894. courthouse employee

The D. A. office in Gwinnett County needs to be investigated. Prosecutors are overlooking justice in their quest to win convictions at any cost most often at the expense of young trouble teens/adults, some of the teens obviously has underlining mental health issues. Some public defenders, investigator, and police officers are using scared tactics to force these teens into pleading guilty. They are being told that they are facing 25 to life sentences for non violent crimes. They are being taking advantage of in the worse way, they are called stupid and laugh at. Prosecutors are destroying these young peoples lives just for a win, how sick is that. There is a tremendous level of misconduct and unethical practices among Gwinnett County's D.A. office. Individuals are afraid to come forward to report parties involved because they are connected and very dangerous.


8035. attorney (private practice)

we get in Connors, prisons are profitable. you're already a very wealthy woman. enough is enough. who will be brave enough at 75 Langley Dr. to hold this woman accountable. GOD IS WATCHING!


8321. other

I had the misfortune of being in her courtroom in 2002 for my son's case. Among other things, she allowed Assistant DA Greg McKeithen to threaten me. I have good reason to suspect she advised our attorney not to question a witness about a statement made that would have exonerated him, and allowed another witness to hide so he wouldn't be exposed for what he did. All involved are crooked, despicable human beings.


8443. attorney (non-profit practice)

This judge is an embarrassment to the legal system and the justice it stands for.


8528. party to case (with attorney)

If I didn't have to choose one star I wouldn't. Melodie Snell Connor has an ego issue. She let her power go to her head and is extremely partial without really going over all of the details. All it takes is someone saying they are a firefighter (as her husband is) to grant that party her favor. She may be a judge but she will meet the real judge someday and I hope she is disgusted as I am with her. Money talks and judges have a price.


8424. other

This woman is a tyrant, she has total disregard for the law. Not only should Judge Conner be removed from the bench, she should be investigated and punished. What happen to our constitutional rights? everyone pleads guilty in her courtroom. She behaves like me of some type of criminal/gangster/bully.


8968. other

Zero stars for this woman. I had some preconceived respect for judge Connor being a woman in a powerful position, however when I dealt with her first hand I realized she didn't deserve my respect. Perhaps she is a good judge in high profile or criminal cases but this woman has NO business sitting in making judgments on family court cases. Melodie does no homework before the case she is about to rule on, and is easily manipulated by parties that are smooth talkers. Judges should be able to read people and see through the BS, but once she chooses a side she isn't going to hear anything else. She is bias! What an embarrassment to women in politics because she makes us all look bad. Sometimes the court does get it wrong, there are tough decisions they have to make but Connor reacts impulsively; and on a whim without really combing over the facts. I believe sooner or later some dirt will be brought out about her. I think she knows people in certain social circles and rules based upon partiality, not facts and best interest. She is so stuck on herself she would never recuse herself.


8555. courthouse employee

0 stars for judge Connors, how she arrived at this position is something to really be analyze. It's time she's remove from her position. She's corrupt, disrespectful and bias. Her courtroom is a disgrace to Gwinnett County.


8902. other

This judge, DA and public defenders office is a prime example of why criminal justice reform is so needed in the state of Georgia.


9172. party to case (with attorney)

You have to know somebody that knows somebody to get a positive resolution in this courtroom. The admin staff are rude. I give her no stars.

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