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7117. witness

Judge Zeidler must be fired and removed from the Edmund Edelmund's Children's Court. This man has no interest in actually doing what is in the best interest of children, the very innocent people he took an oath to "first do no harm" to and protect. This man has an ego bigger than Kanye West and the Kardashians. He is a clinical narcissist with zero empathy for children or human beings in general. He likes to wrist-slap the attorneys in his court just to show he can. He likes to throw his power around. He is clearly a mysoginist who hates women and mothers, and will not act to do what is in the best interest of the children. He forms an opinion within seconds and will not hear evidence that will affect the ENTIRE FUTURE of a child. He is arrogant and full of himself. Several court employees told me he is the WORST judge in district 404, and has the worst reputation at this courthouse. This man must be removed. He has demonstrated an absolute abuse of power and has "hissy-fits" in court if the attorneys say anything that annoys him or challenges his pretend-gavel. A person can have a high IQ but be emotionally-retarded with no empathy. This man is definitely that. He has NO BUSINESS working in a field where his decisions have the ability to affect entire lives when he won't even listen to the facts or let the attorneys speak. He disallows vital/pertinent information to a case because he believes he is God and gets off on a power-trip being able to tell the attorneys what to do. We must NEVER ELECT THIS MAN AGAIN AND HE SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO WORK AS A JUDGE AGAIN. I will do everything in my power to see to that.


2962. party to case (with attorney)

I am blown over that there are no complaints about this dush bag! He take bribes!


4577. party to case (with attorney)

I know he taked bribes, he took bribes from my wealthy peoples in 1998-2000.


5616. other

He does? Does he still take bribes?how can I get a hold of him? Please email me back all the info that is needed for me to go about having a helping strategy go in my favor. Thank you.


7365. party to case (with attorney)

I will say what some people already know about this pompous detestable freak of nature he ruins lives period point blank he has had my 5 children for 3mos now the original charge was an uninhabitable home once that charge was proven to be false the department trumped up a worse charge in its place physical abuse. The department had already had my children in custody for a month the only accusation against me was uninhabitable home when the social worker was informed that the original allegation would be dismissed she went and talked to my kids the day befote court the next day she comes running (literally) armed with a shiny new amended petition stating that my children said they are being abused. This dumb arse judge decided to sustain the petition even though it was stated that he believed the social worker was over reaching he ordered my 16yr old son to be sent to his dad in NC mind you he hasnt seen his dad in 12 yrs he had his nephew sit in as my sons Atty and his nephew lied and said he had spoken with my son and he stated he wanted to live with his dad needless to say he never spoke to my son the judge is a true rubberstamp he is unprofessional he doesnt care about preservation of the family unit he leads an alternative lifestyle so i feel he doesnt value or respect traditional family structure. I know that this court goes by preponderance and not real evidence its really a shame that this judge and all the others just like him have forgotten how to use their own judgement every case where one cannot afford real legal representation goes through the process of being ineffectively represented and told to admit to things that didnt occur just to get your kids back in my case because im standing up to the corruption they are holding my kids hostage inevitably.


7659. other

Comment 7117 by a "witness" to Judge D. Zeke Zeidler is pretty accurate. Most of Zeidler's rulings are fairly typical of Dependency Court hearing officers, but some are outright crazy and clearly minimize the rights of children or mothers in favor of abusive fathers. Despite any debate over his decisions, there is a consensus among DCFS staff and attorneys in his courtroom that Zeider is an emotional toddler: prone to tantrums, mood-swings, abusive behavior in the courtroom, and unprofessional conduct. No one wants him as the judge over her/his case, including the professionals who are forced to work with him.


8666. party to case (pro se)

He knowingly gave my children to James Edward Smith a registeted sex offender who repeatedly raped them and was founded to be the Lancaster Serial Rapist. My daughter is still with the rapist mother who aided and abetted to the rapes.


8772. party to case (with attorney)

Daniel ZEKE Zeidler is terrible. He speaks to families in a sarcastic and belittling manner. As a first hand witness, this judge lacks empathy and demonstrates poor judicial temperament. He runs his court as if it's his own world and skirts proper fair legal process via 'judicial bullying and lack of respect' for both parents and due process. He needs to be removed from the bench. This Judge ignores facts, recommendations from social workers and simply ignores the law. I was in this family court matter and was completely taken aback by how biased and angry he was toward the parties. He does not have understanding, compassion, patience and is definitely not open-minded. As a family law court judge, he is required to express himself in accordance with the Code of Judicial Ethics." The rules say judges must "4) A judge shall be patient, dignified, and courteous to litigants, jurors, witnesses, ... and others with whom the judge deals in an official capacity". He fails this on many occasions. Luckily, they have been noted in our case, and are public record. We are reporting him to California's Commission on Judicial Performance,

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