Hon. Michael P. Vicencia

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427. courthouse employee

Rude to all.


441. attorney (private practice)

one of the meanest, nastiest judges I have ever seen. Favors one side over the other. Thinks himself intellectual, ends up missing lefal and factual issues.


608. party to case (pro se)

The most belligerent, despicable, contemptible, disrespectful man. He has no business being a judge. It makes no sense how he remains on the bench.


1943. party to case (pro se)

He is a disgrace to even the appearance of blind justice. He comes in angry, yelling and screaming. He did not care that opposing counsel did not give ex parte notice (and admitted it) on prev. hearing nor did he care that they put 37 lines of text on 28 lines paper to force 13 unauthorized pages on demurrer; did not care what atrosities opposing counsel did but when on and on about no special favors for pro per litigants, even though I have 30 years legal experience AND just won an appeal. He argues about disclosing funding to judges...why is that? He is unfit to hold such a position of power because he has no respect for the law; no impartiality; no fairness. He's a disgrace to the bench.


3241. witness

Its sad that someone like Michael Vicencia to sit in as Superior Court Judge


3260. attorney (private practice)

Judge Vicencia is arrogant, abusive and impatient. He does not give time to the parties to present their case. He does not case law on many subjects. He boasts that he can do anything he pleases in his courtroom. He is hot tempered and will scream and threaten parties at will. There is no sense to his decisions since they are not based on case law. A horrendous representative of "justice for all."


3644. attorney (private practice)

All the comments made about him are accurate. Interesting that in view of his complete lack of civilty and childish termper tantrums in court that he does nothing to correct his abusive and unprofessional conduct on the bench. One would think he would seek counseling or other personal help, but then he would have to be honest and recognize his failings, which are obvious to all who appear before him.


426. attorney (government, civil matters)



615. witness

he`s rude don`t let you finish the answer to the question that was ask.


4396. attorney (private practice)

I appeared in court before Judge Vicencia in Oct. 2015 on a motion. After reading all the scathing reviews, I was expecting the worst. Aside from the fact that he started his calendar about 45 minutes late, he seemed pleasant and composed. He was pleasant to people, and didn't display any obnoxious behavior. His staff seem happy.


6232. attorney (private practice)

I have read the scathing comments of Judge Vicencia and strongly disagree. I have been before him numerous times as have my law partners. We all consider him to be a very intelligent and fair judge. The only attorneys I've seen him berate are, frankly, inept, disingenuous, or woefully unprepared counsel. Since many LA Superior judges give such counsel a pass more often than not, I can understand how Judge Vicencia would be a shock to such counsel as he holds them fully accountable for their conduct and the conduct of their clients. If you intend to engage in unethical, unlawful, or even simply boorish conduct, then Judge Vicencia will be a terrible wake up call for you.


7354. courthouse employee

Ridiculously arrogant and bipolar.


9103. party to case (with attorney)

He is the worse judge. He doesn’t care to listen to both parties ,very Impatient he rushed my attorney multiple times and finally got frustrated and ruled in favor in the defendant since he had more witnesses


6932. party to case (pro se)

I found Judge Vicencia to be a no nonsense Judge. Judge Vicencia got down to the nitty-grit with his concise and pinpointing questions, quickly exposing the lies and half truths of my accusers. A most effective Judge. Judge Vicencia serves Justice with Justice well done.


8373. juror

He was informative, respectful, and thorough.


9128. party to case (pro se)

Unfair judge, I just wanted to have my money back for product dont work. But he gave favor to defendants. Without any reasonable cause,( by mail.) He can not face his own judgement talking to me in the face. Because he know he is wrong. Making this judgement, he make judgement based on the color and ethnic of people not by the law. Can not thrust law in the court. When rules by judge Michael P Vicencia


9152. other

We recently had a trial with this individual. Oh my goodness, the reviews on this sight are spot one and as negative as they are it's still and understatement. There are only a small handful of positive reviews and it's clear who those came from. He's nasty, rude, arrogant, shows blatant favoritism, makes up his own rules because it's "his courtroom", will sit on the bench and lie in front of a jury about having a submitted document to deny having testimony read back from a deposition transcript only for his clerk to stand up and say "it's right here judge" when it was right in front of him in plain sight for everyone to see, and has complete disregard for the law. The list of unethical rulings, comments and actions in his court room are too many to list on a post such as this. As many have said, he is an embarrassment to the judicial system. The things witnessed in his courtroom I would have only imagined I'd see on TV. I have spread the word to avoid this judge at all cost or there is an extremely high chance your client will not receive a fair trial. Paper him!! Am I a bitter litigant who lost in his courtroom; not at all, our case was defensed. This judge is just that bad and if I could give negative stars I would; he is not even deserving of a 1.

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