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4872. witness

I witnessed this judge in a family court proceeding. She was assigned to a hearing on a day when the other regular judge presiding over the case was out. This judge is as bad as the rest of them. she is a B and she is biased and unreasonable. She listens to the gossip in the court house and makes her mind up about the case before she walks into the room. She is terrible. So is the other judge. You are better not getting involved in courts if you live in this county. Move if you think you may be heading for the family court and postpone the process a little while until you can file in another country. Its your only hope.


640. other

Judge Aridne Symons has abused her powers by playing god. A parolee does not need to commit a crime or use drugs. If she does not like your supposed intentions she feels you may have, she will incarcerate you. Go Prison Reform!


5067. party to case (pro se)

I have been involved in a family law case for over 5 years in the Santa Cruz (for protective orders) and Watsonville courthouses and have gone in circles with multiple judges including judge Morse, Judge Almquist, Judge Seigel and Judge Ariadne Symons to name a few. Judge Ariadne Symons was one of the most intelligent, competent, thorough judges I have EVER seen on the stand. Our file is literally thousands of pages long... Yet she seemed to be the first judge that read literally every every single document, every piece of evidence, and so thoroughly that anything referenced by myself or opposing counsel was instantly recognized, she was deeply familiarized with and referenced back to instantly with notes as she went through our stacks of piles.... it was incredible. I know she has not been in family law vey long which some people question, however, I feel the criminal courts was a huge contribution to her attention to detail in he court room and absolutely aided in her knowledge of the law and case law to reference. It truly was admirable and a sense of relief to see how much research and time this judge put into learning about our case and what was relevant to it. I found her to be one of the most respectable judges I have ever stood before.She was extremely professional, calm in demeanor, yet powerful.... Yes! Her power came from her competence and knowledge of the law, her ability to consistently reference case law that was truly relevant, her compassion toward both sides, while being strong and stern to keep the courtroom disciplined and focused on what was important. She presented herself as a highly experienced judicial leader. Any questionable evidence, hearsay or documents were reviewed in detail and it was apparent that she takes great care in learning about her cases before walking into the courtroom. Yes she is powerful and stern and wants people to take her and the law seriously. I am so happy that the Santa Cruz courts have found such a detailed, organized, thorough, diligent and wise judge to join our family court system. It has been needed for a very long time. Thank you Santa Cruz courts for bringing in such a competent judge. We need more like Judge Ariadne Symons.


5068. witness

I witnessed Judge Ariadne Symons in the court room as I was involved in a child custody case in Family Court. I had never seen a judge so meticulously go through the hundreds of documents that were a part of this case, which had gone on for four years under other judges. Before she would make any ruling, she made sure everybody had a fair chance to give their side of the story. She always came in fully prepared and knowledgeable of every aspect of the case. She knew what was presented, what had been presented, and what was going to be presented. She was stern, demanded respect, and treated everybody the same. Because she was so thorough in knowing everything about the case, she caught people in their lies and stopped them from trying to run over her and the other people involved in the court case. I was in awe of her intelligence, her knowledge of the case and her fairness. She is not a judge that you want to try and deceive. She will catch you and reprimand you every time. This is what we want in a judge. People will lie to try and win. She will not let anybody get away with anything that is illegal and unfair. Those who show respect to her and her courtroom will be given respect.


7698. party to case (pro se)

Judge Symons is an unreasonable, disrespectful and over bearing woman that likes to play God. She makes her decisions prior to listening to or reading evidence. If you want justice, stay out of her court.


7878. other

She has a chip on her shoulder. More like a boulder. Something is very wrong with this witch. If it's not in her interest- you are screwed, even if you have a great attorney. A despicable wench who should NEVER have been given the Privilege of sitting on the bench overseeing cases.


5297. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Symons listened to all parties and addressed all concerns with intelligence, fairness and thoughtfulness. We felt grateful have her for our Judge.


8214. other

Settle out of court if you have children, she has no concern for them, she is not professional, been told by several mothers who had to be in court with her how shocked and offended they felt due to her unprofessionalism and disrespect, Our most vulnerable citizens do not have a voice in her court, it should be a future requirement that Family Court judges have experience raising children.


8462. other

move to different county, you will not get a fair trial.


8642. other

Honorable judge Ariadne Symons is one of the most loving and caring people I've ever met. She has helped me through some difficult times in my life, when she barely knew me, and thanks to her I can be proud of who I am today. Thank you Adriane Symons. We need more people like you in this world. Much love from my family to yours.


9034. party to case (pro se)

Biased corrupt and rude

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