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4683. other

I agree with several of the reviewers. Judge Scott is bias and one has to wonder if there is some corruption behind the scenes. She has no regard for the best interest of the children, despite their wishes. She listens to the obnoxious, loud -mouthed attorney(s) and hands everything they ask for on a silver platter. Anyone with common sense are left open-mouthed and shocked over her judgments. Who knows how many family's lives she has shattered? It is a tragedy she continues to sit behind the bench and destroy and tear apart once happy families.


4110. party to case (pro se)

She only listens to the attorneys. She doesn't know what shes doing!


5033. party to case (pro se)

I agree with the comments on her ignoring the law and being biased. She ignores the best interest of the child and California law and makes judgments that make the situation worse. If you are self represented and the other party has a lawyer she ignores you and give the other lawyer all the time to present what they want and gives it to them. I could not afford a lawyer but yet I was still awarded my ex's legal bills. Good luck if you are self represented!!


3610. party to case (pro se)

This judge is completely bias. No regard of what is in the best interest of the children. Gave the parent who doesn't have a job and puts in less effort into parenting whatever request that was asked although I valid reasons why request should be denied


1925. party to case (pro se)

Judge rules her court as a prosecutor in family law. She hears cases to move them along. Sentenced me to financial hardship and allowed my son to be taken


4443. witness

Opinion on someone should not be based on whether they agree with your point or not, but how they handle objectivity dealing with he facts. My case involved my Son who was aking for joint custodial custody of my Grandchild with his ex, current situation was ex has my Grandaughter 10 days out of 14 based upon initial agreement. My son has always been in his Daughters life and dotes on her when he has her, a very good Dad wanting to be in his childs life indeed wanting to be more in his childs life. His ex took him to court to reduce this amount of time to 2 days in 14 purely on the aspect, which she told him, that she wants to hurt him. All through the existing agreement my ex Daughter in Law has habitually harangued my son using their child as a tool against him by making various threats about witholding her from seeing him. Without going on and on and on, suffice to say when she decided to take my son to court we were delighted, finally a chance to show the courts that she was trying to exclude him from his daughters life, along with various documents, texts etc which clearly shows her using her anger against my son as her reason to reduce his time with his daughter. My son is hard working responsible, drug and drink free, never in trouble with the law, not that he hasn't made mistakes or some bad decisions he's not perfect, but never anything illegal. To condense the day down to the facts, "Judge" Scott refused to listen to any of the information my son wanted to present claiming it as irrelevant, these were not opinions but facts which supported his want to be more in his daughters life. "Judge" Scott made the statement that his child is not a "candy bar' which can be split 50-50, how rediculously insulting for her to say something like that, my son was not referring to his daughter as property, but how much better to have both his parents in her life equally . She didn't want to listen it seemed to any facts presented. Summation was my Son walked out of her court with no increase in visitation, seems "Judge Scott does not understand the value to a child of having both parents equally invilved in her life and financially he has to pay more because his ex wife wants to send my Grandaughter to pre-school, not a bad thing, but also to day care when my Son is capable of watching her. End result Father has to pay more, which immediately he was reminded as his ex and his family duelly celebrated in fron tof us outside the court and his ex later in the day through in his face that he had lost and she had won, to which my Son replied that it was not about winning it is about doing what is best for their Daughter. All in all a pretty sad reflection if this is what our judicial system has as decision makers. Shame on you "Judge" Scott for refusing a child to have a loving and caring father equally involved in a childs life to provide love and support. In todays world where you see so many unfortunate children who have to go through life without a Father, for the judicial system to deliberately exclude a loving parent without due cause is to say the least shocking.


4464. witness

I have to agree with the other users..judge scott is completely bias . If you are a concerned father and want to be involved in your childs life that honestly is the least important factor to her...she igores all relevant evidence and takes sides based on nothing but hearsay. This was my first look at the court system and it is sad. If you have the opportunity to switch judges and you are a male ....seriously do so quickly.


5252. other

Sitting in court while this judge sabotages this case. Gave visitation to a violent father of our 3 year old granddaughter while a restraining order is in place for my daughter! He gets to pick her up from daycare 3 times a week with no supervision??? Apauling! I agree with the others, she has no regard for a self represented person. Gave everything to this violent mans sarcastic attorney who was very disrespectful to the court. I'm afraid for my granddaughter. I'm so upset right now, that I can't breathe!


5613. party to case (with attorney)

Horrible judge!


5676. attorney (private practice)



6763. other

This Judge should be removed from the system.... useless


7004. other

She was not fair to any of the hearings I sat in. She didn't let me say anything in my case and I now have less time with my children and they now have to be with physical and emotional abusive father. The kids don't want to be at his house alone with him. I wish someone would be able to speak up for the children and this judge doesn't care about the kids at all. Sad


2179. party to case (with attorney)

She does not know anything about California Medical Marijuana Laws.. I have a Dr.s Rec, State I.D. and State Caregiver Cards for Medical Marijuana form the State Health Department. I had a sellers permit and a registered 501 C-3 with the Secretary of the State of California. Yet This Judge denied me any affirmative defenses with no explanation as to why, refused to listen to California Medical Marijuana Laws and read Federal Law at Jury instruction in my State trial....... I was saved by "Jury Nullification.. One juror new the Laws of California and could not convict me.. I got a 11-1 Hung Jury... Thanks Juror 110.. After being put through a trial and thinking I would be allowed o have all information pertaining to the Laws be allowed to help me, Then to have this perversion of Justice happen. All I can say is, I thought the laws were to Protect us and Judges, Cops and D.A.s were suppose to serve, protect and uphold it. Not use it to best suit them. Or be ignorant to the laws.. I cannot claim ignorance, How can they... Thanks Judge Daphney Sykes Scott for allowing me a fair day in Court.... NOT!!!!! Jason D. Andrews


5263. other

If you have information of any crime or suspicious activity, including events taking place within a judicial proceeding, please contact the FBI, at: 415-553-7400 fbi.dallas@ic.fbi.gov phoenix@ic.fbi.gov san.francisco@ic.fbi.gov richmond@ic.fbi.gov portland@ic.fbi.gov seattle@ic.fbi.gov


6180. party to case (pro se)

I had been in the Orange County Superior Court System for a total of 6 years, starting in 2007. In those 6 years I fought for custody of my children, I went through so many Judges that choose not see through the sad stories that my ex-wife was creating. Creating all these stories so that she could keep the children and remain getting the welfare and food stamps. Home custody investigations were a joke since they were scheduled and even if the kids told the truth they must have been "coached" by the father because kids wouldn't know stuff like that. Children tell the truth and say what they see, if its too graphic or too close to reality maybe its because they did indeed see what they are saying. Not with Judge Scott, she saw through the lies and ultimately suspending all rights to the children from my ex. Thanks to Judge Scott we have lived in peace and my children are finally recovering from living with a parent who ultimately was charged with welfare fraud for using the funds to fuel her lavish lifestyle and drug habit while the children lived in a house without food and drug paraphernalia laying around. Not to mention they were in my custody most of the time. My family owes our current stable life free from harassment from an abuse person. Thank You Judge Scott.


7195. witness

Absolutely horrible! I loosely use the word “judge” to describe her; she was only moved into this position to fill a spot in the court system. She cares nothing for the parties’ involved just pushing them through. A friend’s son, that I’ve known for most of his life, went through a devastating divorce. He was faithfully married for 25 years, worked two jobs and is the salt of the earth with a beautiful daughter. His ex on the other hand is a scammer, dishonest, unfaithful, alcoholic, drug-addict, hoarder. She didn’t care about him or their daughter, just wanted things and money. She worked a few years of their marriage and decided she didn’t want to anymore. She stayed home, drank, ingested drugs, drove under the influence with his daughter in the car, spent endless money on her hoarding addiction while he sent her to rehab, had family and friends assist with his daughter because his ex was incapable. His ex left him for another drug addicted, married man, so my friend filed for divorce. This “judge” awarded his ex to be paid 2/3rds of my friends pay check each month (his ex lives with her parents and does not pay a penny for anything, refuses to move out), pay her health insurance (which is elevated because she is a high risk, she has had cancer 2 times because she smokes 3 packs a day), pay her car insurance (which is always elevated as she’s had 2 DUI’s), pay her ½ of the sale of their home (which she didn’t contribute a cent for), pay ½ of his retirement. This “judge” daphne scott thought this was fair. He now rents a room for he and his daughter with a friend because he can’t afford anything more; daphne scott feels this is fair and will not allow him to change any part of the order. This man has worked every day since he was 15, took an oath that he did not want to break up his marriage, continues to do everything he can for his daughter and this is the card he was dealt by daphne scott; she knows the entire story and does not care. His ex makes more money than he does by laying around, drinking, doing drugs, collecting disability + $6,000 a month, free of rent and bills because she married a good hearted man that did everything in his power during their marriage to keep her happy & healthy and daphne scott feels this is the right thing to do. Daphne scott is a horrible person and does not know the definition of integrity.


7298. party to case (with attorney)

Horrible judge! Poor knowledge of family law! Bias! Rules as she pleases without looking at the evidence! Run! California Code of Civil Procedure Section 170.6 allows a party who timely files an “affidavit of prejudice” to disqualify a judge without any showing of cause. The affidavit of prejudice is not contestable and the disqualification of the judge is automatic. (CCP §170.6(a))


3706. party to case (pro se)

Great Judge! I wish more judges were like her, being able to see beyond the bogus, fair, and trying to make the best for both parties in the best interest of the children. Thank you Judge Daphne Scott! I got my kids back for a shared physical and legal custody in September, 2014.


7213. party to case (pro se)

Good luck, Dad.


7902. party to case (with attorney)

Skyes is a very biased traditional judge. She seems to have an ear for the confusing and ridiculous. Also seems to avoid confrontation with female attorneys. I've sat in the court room for three years listening to some of her cases. It seemed that the males would've had the same results with no attorney or not contesting anything. In a court of equity, it's the judges perception and descretion. No common sense very liberal and feminist judge. In my opinion, she shouldn't be a judge in cases that involve family, hardships,or fairness. She should be a traffic court judge


7922. witness

This judge is a total joke! From the first day in court you could see her lack of knowledge and proper judgement. For about two years I saw her work and she is one incompetent judge. I truly feel she was assigned to fill in the color gap in the system. I saw her be manipulated by knowledgeable attorneys, she was lost 90% of the time and had to be guided by any regular attorney or even the secretary at the court house, sitting next to this stupid judge. I am a female and I could see how she sided with the female side every time. Judge D. Sykes will not pay attention when she should be and she is bias to the female side. I feel sorry for any decent man who has to go in front of this horrible judge. I heard attorneys joke about her and several mention that they will request a different judge, if they are ever have a case that will be assigned to her. I really believe judge D. Sykes is more concerned about looking cute vs doing the intelligent fair, proper, legal and prudent thing. Find out who assigned this judge and then you will also understand why she has this position. So very sad and so wrong she is for anyone seeking justice!


8365. witness

Judge Sykes does not make rulings based on family law codes, state laws, federal laws, facts, or in the best interest of the child. She is disrespectful to unrepresented litigants and does not listen to cases in a fair and neutral manner.


8784. party to case (pro se)

Divorce is a game, it's all about the legal fees, attorneys getting paid outrageous amounts, and everyone knowing your personal business; The judges are off the bench more than they are there, completely frazzling to go to court, show up at 8:30 and watch this judge take break after break, she has a bad attitude too


8877. witness

Corrupt and biased. unbelievable.

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