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558. party to case (pro se)

He is arrogant, insulting and actually threatened the defendant in my case. I have never seen a judge act so bad. He should not be allowed to retire. He should be fired for so many reasons. Nothing but a dirtbag thug with power. Gives judges a bad name.


829. party to case (pro se)

Shame on you Sutter County for allowing this judge to behave the way he does, any other county would not allow it. He favors his golf buddies and all attorneys know it. He is a bully of the court and feels he is above the law. Unfortunately his mistakes affect peoples lives, when will this awful man stop?


2624. party to case (pro se)

It is extremely difficult for me to comprehend the attitude, manners, and conduct of Hon. Perry Parker. I am absolutely stunned and profoundly outraged with his demeanor! I felt as if he spat in my face in front of other people in the court room. A very exotic and uncivilized behavior of an autocratic pasha in a provincial Turkish bazaar. Alas, I am unimpressed with the person...


3135. other

California is sufferring from illegal activities in the courts, probate and divorce especially. Jury trial has been declared illegal, and the Appeals courts and state supreme courts are rigged. These violations of the constitution must be stopped, hopefully the federal government will step in and throw the crooks in prison for the RICO act violations that they are committing.


3861. party to case (with attorney)

I'm unclear as to how Perry Parker was given the title honorable because he is everything but that in the courtroom. He is a disgrace to the adjudication process and should be disbarred for consistently showing complete disregard for the legal due process he is entrusted to adhere to, honor and lead. He is disrespectful and rude to the people who stand before him. He is callous and caviliar in how he personally conducts his courtroom cases. Judge Parker is nothing short of suffering from the small town...good ole boys network that he is affiliated with and his character speaks for itself. He has none. Sutter County continues to show they are a network of buddies who sweep the dirt under the rugs for each other while representation such as Judge Parker continue to provide unfair and unbiased rulings over cases while he fulfills his very selfish and self serving agenda. Remove this guy now. Do the right thing.


3931. other

This person represents no grounds legally in the court room due to his uncontrollable decanter. He represents fault organized crime and forfeits the true legalities of the court system. He will be removed and has no legal holds in this county due to his misconduct of the state.


7346. party to case (with attorney)

I was just ruled against by Parker. Everything written on this site about this individual is completely accurate. He ignores fact and sides with local good old boys . Wondering how this subhuman sleeps at night. He is the lowest if the low. Common sense escapes even the most learned scum bag . Bordson and this Parker fellow have something going on and IM getting to the bottom of it. This is not the end


7412. party to case (pro se)

My "hearing" was heard and in dismissed in the matter of 35 seconds. Hardly an unbiased judge whom delivers judgement without any sense of hearing.


7722. party to case (with attorney)

Biased and prejudice. Ignores Finding of Fact and the law. Did not consider any facts presented at trial except for the side his local buddy was representing. We need to band together and report him to the Commission on Judicial Performance 455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400 San Francisco, CA 94102 His incompetence and bias has cost me tens of thousands of dollars.


8842. party to case (pro se)

Everything stated about this judge is correct.. I actually have had to deal with him as a family court matter, he is kept my son for 10 years from me illegally,sides with the (good old boys) him and Craig Leary have some weird going on. He follows no law no regulations or codes of the State of California.. I will help anyone who is fighting him...


8865. party to case (pro se)

OMG! Everything said is true about Perry Parker. He ruled against me in a TRO yesterday afternoon. He would not even let me speak. the def., a slum landlord, who violates my privacy had Vasquez, another slime ball defending him. I could tell they had this all worked out already. Thank the Lord, I had some witnesses present. He cleared the courtroom until he could get me alone to violate my rights. I did not get a fair hearing, and was ruled against. I am filing a complaint. please anyone out there wants to help remove this guy, hit me up; meliposa59@gmail.com. thank you.


8586. party to case (pro se)

I just want to thank Judge Parker for renewing my restraining order against a man who still harasses me daily. He does it with different email addresses. Judge Parker is the only one in 3 counties who helped me. God bless

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