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3703. party to case (with attorney)

it is absolutely unconscionable that this judge is allowed to sit on the bench. She completely ignores evidence, appears incompetent, horribly biased, turns a blind eye to unquestionable felony fraud and the introduction of altered and false documents, and then rules without even taking any time to review the testimony and evidence presented. From experiencing her court room first hand; it is quite obvious she is far more concerned about clearing her calendar, than she is about her swore duty to the court and the people of California. It is judges with a record and long history of reversals like this, that has caused citizenry to lose all faith in out judicial system, the rule of law, and the basic principles of equal justice for all. Anarchy and corruption reins today in America. A truly a sad and tragic commentary to have to report here. I believe others should have this information before walking into her court room. If we are to be a nation without the promise of fair justice, then what are we?


6862. party to case (with attorney)

Please do not discount this review for the lack of identification, there is a pending complaint. I felt a responsibility to support the other review provided on this Judge. Unfortunately, as non-legal practitioners, seldom do we research until after a problem, I would guess that to be part of the reasons why you hire a lawyer and the belief you can trust. There are no words to describe the absolute ignorant incompetence and blatant disregard for obligations to learn the facts and details when presiding over these sensitive cases that are critical in receiving correct rulings. I have experienced and witnessed the heinous crimes of elder abuse and theft of wealth at its most ridiculous and shameful failure of the legal sysrem to protect. The review above is simple and correct for this Judge having no place in the System, especially with assignment to protect the most vulnerable persons in our society. I will continue fighting to bring attention to this reprehensible failed case until the correct, right thing is done. The legal system is made up of a very large sector of Estate and Wealth Planning professionals whom are selling a false sense of security and no intention of enforcing. Do your research and do not trust any one person with the fate of your future. The Probate Court is a free-for all that can be shown effective only when presided by a Judge whom is disgusted by these crimes against our elders and imposes a just sentence, otherwise you have a varied chance of receiving a ruling inconsistent with false expectations that there are policies and procedures in place to ensure a chance at receiving justice. Sadly, these cases are very lucrative for the persons responsible and the system turns a blind eye to the crimes and victimization. Chances are, it will never be their own personal experience for installing the necessary protection at the expense of others. Too bad, it would stop the insanity of supporting these crimes and the ultimate devastation of persons and wealth of innocent families. This Judge should be held at a criminal accountability as the persons whom cause the abuses and theft of wealth, she is a shameful demonstration of the reasons that support the need for total reformation of our legal system. There are errors and ill assignments of persons at every level and sector, however, it is negligent to overlook this position of power and responsibility for any reason. The appointment of this Judge is in gross error and responsibility to society, the failure of all to remove her is inexcusable.


7603. party to case (with attorney)

I agree with the above. Jomoa Moberly is not interested in finding out the truth in any of these cases with evidence that proves the attorneys, state fiduciaries and others lie and abuse seniors because she appears to not care. I have found the exact same experience as these two other reviews. The Orange County Register printed a front page article as to the abuses in this court system and judge Moberly is part of the reason why seniors with disabilities are robbed of their money and their health is neglected. This judge is lazy and an abuser since she allows this to happen in her jurisdiction by ignoring the evidence.


9264. witness

The Judges type as Moberly and Hubbard are the corrupted, biased, liers and criminal in their shameful rulings. Their deserve the same suffering that their providing to their innocent clients and families.


9265. witness

The Judges type as Moberly and Hubbard are the corrupted, biased, liers and criminal in their shameful rulings. Their deserve the same suffering that their providing to their innocent clients and families.

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