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530. other

I have to say, this guy shoots from the hip. I thought I was dead meat, and I thought my ex-wife had me dead to rights...but she got under his skin a little bit and I got everything I wanted. Not sure what will happen in the trial, but I'm happy. Thanks Judge Mcadam.


1234. party to case (pro se)

I am disappointed about this previous email. Many fathers are only trying to get custody to avoid paying some support. Many women are frustrated because the fathers come out of woodwork when mothers need support for the child. Many fathers also suffer because some women can be jerks when it comes to their children. I have no idea why, but domestic violence is a large part of it usually. I loved when my kids father took them for a weekend. I got to have a life. He used to be so good with them for short periods of time. But when I filed for the support he owed me when I found out he had a great job, he changed and used the kids as weapons. Hurting them if I filed anything. I also work with fathers who are denied any communication with their kids by the mothers, so it works both ways. I wish McAdam was a judge who could look at the laws and make good decisions on the evidence he saw. Saying my ex has to pay nothing after he disabled me by smashing into my car and has 5 companies and $314,000 yearly of proven after tax income is not a rational judicial decision. So anyone, man or woman, having trouble with McAdam, email me ginny@ecobaby.com, I am helping others for free. We have a support group to talk out legal things to do when your judge wont' follow the rules of evidence and abuses his "discretion".


1321. party to case (with attorney)

I had to see this Judge for all three of our court cases. I orginally went in only asking for estabishment of child support. My childs father's atorney asked for 50/50 custody of our 3 month old without filing the appropriate paperwork and the judge granted him a custody case and sent us to mediation. He then told the father to give me 24 hours notice on any visitation he wished to have with our son. He completed 10 hours that month. After coming to agreement in mediation, my child's father stated he was bullied into the agreement and the judge ordered us back to mediation, but not before granting the father 18 hours a week of visitation, despite proof that he had never completed more than 20 hours in a single month and frequently would go over a week without checking on or seeing his son. He also decreased his child care coverage to 1/3 of the total cost because he is a musician and doesn't have the money. Nevermind the fact that he gets lots of under the table cash, drinks every night, and is from the Carl's Jr family and gets money from his parents. We did come to a stipulation agreement on our 3rd visit to court, but he has yet to fully complete any hours agreed to. Any chance I get to try and talk about it and change things outside of court with my childs father, I am yelled at and threatened to be taken back to court and told that he will get his 50/50 custody and I will have to pay him child support. I am scared he's is right and that I am stuck covering for what my childs father is legally responsible for because the system is failing us, and this judge failed us. I am a fully employed mother, I spend all my free time with my child and all I am asking for is what is legally fair and what the father is responsible to pay and have an agreement that he can successfully complete without me having to cover for him all the time.


2954. party to case (with attorney)

This judge was completely bias, favoring the father on all issues. He broke laws, he ruins lives. Everything I read here, mirrors exactly what I experienced. I am thankful he has reitired and can no longer make unfair and unjust rulings against mothers.


4451. party to case (pro se)

Mar. of Mullins D523959/DS33307 Judge McAdam served in combat with the US Marines. It is my belief that while assigned to my case, he was suffering from PTSD. That would explain how he permitted Judge Timothy Taylor to write orders and finding for my case from 12-09-08 thru 11-19-09. Judge McAdam actually "heard" the case. Judge Taylor was reassigned from the case 10-14-08. I hope that he receives the therapy that he deserves. He disqualified himself 6-22-10 for not responding within the 10 day window to 170.1(a) disqualification submitted 4-10-10. Especially troubling is OSC 11-19-09. These minutes includes Judge Taylor's handwriting. This is the last hearing before the "Corrected Attachment" to Default Judgment 6-2-09 filed 2-11-10. This judgment transferred more than a million of personal and real property to my separated wife. Judge McAdam appointed an elisor to sign my name to transfer deeds at non-existent hearing. The order states I was present 5-3-10. I was not present. This Judge continued garnishment of my retirements based on wife's "ability to earn" of $1,500 per month. She held the position of supervisor, had worked on same job for 20 years, AA degree, four years of college, and children's center permit. Her 2004 IRS filing indicated a taxable income of $34,215. Her gross income exceeded $47,000 for same year. She was awarded $124,000 of her community retirement, both CA houses which were undervalued by $215,000. I could go describing the injustices allowed from 1-18-07 thru today, 11-09-15. I served 22 years in the US Navy and suffer from PTSD. Avoidance of confrontations is one of my issues. As a Judge, he may have had a similar problem - taking the side of the dominant player. It could also be that he remembered that he was a US Marine and could no longer participate in the sham known as the San Diego Family Court.


631. party to case (with attorney)

McAdam completely ignores the law when no one is looking if it benefits the father. He has gone above and beyond earing his reputation as a "father's judge." It's no doubt Bill's ex wife got "under his skin." All you have to do to get under his skin is be a female.


867. party to case (with attorney)

This judge does not care what is in the best interest of the child, only what the father wants. My ex tried to kill himself in front of our child and has severe mental issues, yet the judge still gave him everything he asked for and completely ignored any thing that was best for the child.


1002. party to case (with attorney)

I agree with other comments. This judge is a very pro father judge. Completely ignores law, child's best interest or mediator's recommendation if it benefits a father. My ex abused me for years and even got arrested for assaulting me. Then he dissappeared and did not see our child for very long time. Still this judge is trying to give him 50/50 custody. I do not know if he understands the seriousness of his job. I am very concerned for my kid's safety and well-being. He got boycotted by DA in criminal court. But family court is as serious too. Mcadam's order can ruin innocent children's life. Family court, please boycott him in family court too!!


1072. party to case (with attorney)

It concerns me that this judge consistently goes aganist the mediator's recommendations (if it serves the father) when he has no background or education in regards to children. He will even over turn a previous judges decisions with no grounds. He was boycotted and moved to family law court. It is a tragedy that he cannot practice criminal law but is now working in family law with innocent children. He either chooses to ignore or doesnt read and fully understand his files. He will rule with no burden of proof that the law requires if it benefits the father.


1086. party to case (pro se)

I have also dealt with him. He actually won't even let me talk, ignores evidence, and even laughed at me. This judge set my exes income at zero even though the evidence showed all his companies and the income of $300,000 year. So now the kids get nothing and one of my children had to drop out of college, no money to pay even though he was accepted to UC Davis. He takes many weeks to make his decisions. He even violates the rules vacating my hearing even though he had no authority to do so. I have sent letters to the Judicial council and have a site dedicated to correcting these issues. fixfamilycourtnow.org. We are all helping each other. If you contact me I will appear in court and wear my shirt Courtwatchers and take notes so that this judge cannot continue to act like this. Please contact me for free help with your case through our nonprofit. ginny@ecobaby.com


1096. party to case (with attorney)

I was granted a temporary restraining order due to the ex beating me before, during, and after pregnancy and him breaking into my house and telling me he was going to kill us. The father has strangled me many times and knocked me out in front of our son and didn't care if our son was in the way of the fight. I even had plenty of evidence. He ignored it and was brutal to my defense of the father's constant lies. I guess I should have been more firm, but was warned by many attorneys that if I was firm, he would immediately grant full custody to the father. Everything was proven but he wouldn't hear it. He even tested the father to see if he was telling the truth and acknowledged that he was not. After the "agreement" was made, the father kidnapped our child out of the state and left him with someone in... tx? okla? still not sure where or who with. And he continued to lie about his whereabouts and who our child was with.. I went ex-parte and this other judge ordered him back and ruled in my favor that the child should stay with me and the father gets supervised visitation. And the rest of the case was assigned to a different judge (not herself OR McAdam). McAdam changed it and reassigned the case to himself. Even afterward, before our next case, the father laughed in my face and called me names in front of our son, while flipping me off. The judge was made aware of the harassment and danger from this father and still revoked my full custody and made it 50/50. In addition, the father, who I gave a job to, says who cares about everything else, I have the money to take of the child and she doesn't.. so give the kid to me. Judge McAdam did not, but when it came time for the child support case, I was out the door. I used to make 80k/year. I gave this job to my son's father as his district manager. He refuses to let me work and I only made 4,200 last year. When I told the father our son was out of diapers and food, he laughed again and didn't help. Judge McAdam knows all of this. All he had to say to the dad was.. "I can tell you go off. Cut it out." We had no help and my son (now age 2) keeps getting tossed around to his different "girls" and is not taken care of the way he should be. I kept being warned by picketers. And even my council said that the father (in this court) was allowed to violate absolutely every order (which he has done and continues to do, literally), but I am not allowed to even argue it or the father would get the child full time. And, by the way, I have no criminal or drug or negative background or complaints of any kind, and the father has all of those many times over. Not even a driver's license anymore at age 38. So.. what do you think about his judge??


1097. party to case (with attorney)

The mediator we saw recommended that I have physical custody, with a limited weekend custody to the father (due to the violence, alcohol consumption, and neglect to the child of the father) and that the father take anger management classes before he seek further custody. Judge McAdam, without hearing anything, said that this doesn't make sense and that the dad gets 50% custody. He refused to let my attorney respond. My ex, with his fore arm in my throat and his fist on my nose warned me that he would "put me in the hospital" if I "said another word".... and I was 6 mos pregnant. He also said he would always win bc his parents had money. It turns out.. he's right. And Judge McAdam refuses to hear the mother's case. Who wins: Dad. Who loses: the child. MY child. He is not safe. McAdam doesn't look at the child's safety. His regime: the father wins. No questions asked.


1098. party to case (with attorney)

Judge McAdam had already had an Itinirary stating that he would even grant the father an extra day to have our son just because. I can't believe he would even suggest that despite our previous domestic violence. My ex was also trying to teach our son muoy thai and hitting him with his walking stick. I felt forced to come in stipulation with my ex with this ridiculous clause of the Right of first refusal in fear that the Judge would give him an extra day. This is not in the best interest of our son. I'm very Upset


1108. party to case (with attorney)

Thank you organic mom for the information. Please everyone write a letter to judicial council. He makes jokes about very serious situations and a mockary of the system. I also lost child support for no reason. He just did what the father said regardless of the fact that no burden of proof was filed as required by law. Allows the wealthy father to use the court system as a form of abuse. McAdams wants the mother to suffer financially and emotionally. Wouldn't hear any testimony or evidence and ruled in favor of the father increasing time from the mediators recommendations regardless.


1188. witness

It's funny how all of these negative comments are written by all women. It's about time a judge rules in favor for the fathers. You women are spiteful and just want more custody so you can get more money!!! I am a divorced mother of 3 and I couldn't imagine ever taking my children away from their father. Judge McAdam is doing a good job making sure that these fathers have the same rights as the mothers...as they should!!!!! My new husband has him for a judge and they go to court on Friday, I hope he is ruthless to my husbands ex-wife as she is a money grubbing bimbo trying to take his son from him!!!


1330. party to case (with attorney)

McAdam never fails to disappoint me. Yes father's right is very important and I do want father to be in child's life. But the most important thing is the best interest of children, it should not be about what father wants or mother wants. It should be about what is best for children. I do not like this judge because he does not care about children. All about what father wants. He needs to go. I really can not let this judge ruin my child's life.


1335. other

Short version: Father in divorce case wrongfully accuses the mother of child abuse. He is told to stop his behaviors by the previous judge. Case file shows father is extremely vendective toward the mother and a pattern of disturbing behaviors. Father uses court system to abuse the mother. Mcadam gives the father extra time with the child then the mediator recommends and laughs about the abuse of the father onto the mother. Similar case in McAdams courtroom only it is the mother accusing the father of unproven child abuse and who is mentally unstable. McAdam gives father custody. Outcome: A growing number of family court tragedy's that should be avoided.


1358. party to case (with attorney)

Great judge! He isnt giving into these mother's who claim domestic violence in order to take your children from you. He isn't buying your B.S. sob stories ladies. He knows that it's in the best interest for a child to have both a mother and father.


1359. party to case (with attorney)

Thank you judge McAdam for helping me re-build my relationship with my som when my ex-wife tried to take him away from me. You should be awarded judge of the year.


1371. witness

There is no justice in Judge McAdam's courtroom. Putting an "honorable" in front of his name is as broken as the system. He orders and rules based on no burden of proof that is required by law. Takes partys "word for it." Does not hold each and every litigant to equal standards. Does not allow for testimony or any evidence to be presented. He is unorganized, does not take the time to understand his files, overlooks important things, and makes inappropriate comments. I have to say that (Jamie Placheta) posting a comment on a public forum about the co parent shows you have no regard for the child involved in the case whatsoever.


1797. witness

Thank God this man has retired. In one of his last cases, his last rulings...he switched custody of a 12 year old girl from a custodial parent that had 80% time share (for the child's ENTIRE life) to the non-custodial parent...against the child's expressed wishes to every professional she was interviewed by. He relied heavily on a 730 evaluation report prepared by Dr. Robert Simon. Under direct cross examination, Dr. Simon was found to have violated his own ethical standards in preparing his evaluation and that he had violated California Rules of Court. He also admitted in his own testimony, that his report could easily be viewed as biased. He also admitted under oath that the child could suffer serious detriment if custody was switched...although he conveniently had left that out of his report. Dr. Robert Simon was paid over $36,000 by the non custodial parent for the "report". There was not one stitch of law used to make this decision....as a matter of FACT, Judge Macadam used every bit of his extremely liberal discretion and went against every bit of California Law that should have been considered. Judge Macadam and the 730 elevator Dr. Robert Simon are the the poster children for San Diego Family Law corruption. If you don't believe this, please look up the Federal RICO lawsuit filed August 20th, 2013 in San Diego. Check it out...Federal Case #13cv1944 CAB( BLM)...and beware if you are involved in Family Law litigation in San Diego. You have to PAY to PLAY.


1966. witness

For those of you who are interested in where the "Honorable" Judge Macadam will be spending his time after retirement, get a load of this.... "I am very much looking forward to my new career as in-house counsel for Infant Hearing Screening Specialists, a California company providing infant screening services for hospitals in California and hopefully across the country,'' he said. I find it ironic that he is involved with "Infant Hearing" when he himself turned a deaf ear to children's wishes during his years on the Family Court Bench.


2334. party to case (with attorney)

This "judge" is a nightmare. Gave my kids to a severe alcoholic with five DUI convictions (over a 13 year period) , a DV conviction (less than 5 years old) , and CPS findings of neglect and endangerment to my ex. . Why? because the kids wanted to live with "mommy". This woman had court ordered supervision twice...court ordered rehab (which she got another DUI three months in)..She let them do anything they wanted. When they lived with me, they were honor roll students. One year after this incompetent judge changed custody (and the mother denied me visitation to maximize support) my oldest was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward for attempted suicide...twice. Add to that multiple videos on the internet of my youngest smoking a bong with her sister and brother. She was 12 years old...all to the sound of "mommy" talking in the background. Yes..I could have gone back in to court with my evidence, but what's the point..the kids sure as hell don't want to give up smoking pot, and due to them taking 50% of my net in support, I no longer have a home for the kids anyway. ...so..thanks you corrupt incompetent clown. I hope you retire soon before you destroy any more childrens lives.


2774. party to case (with attorney)

Unbelievable! This judge was incoherent on the bench (especially after lunch!). Random drug and alcohol testing should become instituted for these judicial officers who are given the power (and ridiculous immunity) to make orders that can life-alter and injure children and families. Thank goodness this incompetent officer (who was shifted around due to his poor performance) is now gone from the bench.


2811. party to case (pro se)

Thankfully that Judge McAdam remembered that he was still a US Marine and retired from the San Diego Superior Court. Although Judge McAdam was the sitting judge, allowed an illegal default judgment 1-12-09, awarded both my California houses to my separated spouse with all the contents, did not change the ability to earn $1,500 per month, and awarded all of the community retirements to her, Judge Taylor's handwriting is on the minutes and orders from 12-18-08 to 11-19-09. Judge Taylor was reassigned from the case October 14, 2008. Why this Judge made my life miserable for past 7 years is a mystery to me,


3571. party to case (with attorney)

How McAdams ever became a judge is mind-boggling. He is dishonest, breaks rules and laws. He has forever impacted my children's lives in the most negative way. He was part of the good ol boys network of lawyers and 730's (Robert Wesley), you can include the FCS mediators as well. Linda Litzau is as biased as the come. Don't dare have her on your child custody case. They're all in it together and side with whoever has the deepest pockets. McAdams retired 1 week after he finalized my divorce. I hope he will be held accountable for all these wrong doings to good people and chldren.


3609. party to case (with attorney)

I hope you read this one day. You we're out only hope for my husband getting to see his son. We came to our final trial date and you weren't there. Some lady decided in 5 min that my husband who used to spend 5 days a week with his son, should never see him again. You believed in co-parenting, none of these other judges grasp that concept, they buy into the "Golden Uterus Syndrome". It's too ad you retired, but I imagine family court sucks the life out of you. It was just nice knowing someone actually cared.


4400. other

You have been gone for a few years, but the ripple will be felt for many years to come. Judging by the previous posts, my family wasn't the only one who were victims of your chauvinistic rulings. I purposely did not google your name, before I went to appear in front of you for my divorce, custody and support case. I didn't want to know. I had always heard that women/moms would always be favored in CA and although I felt that that was unfair(then and now), I learned that it was also untrue, after seeing how unfair you were. I remember sitting with the lawyers from the firm that I used to represent me and I remember the discussion they had over the judge presiding for my divorce. I was soooo naive( stupid) at the time and scared to death, so when I heard one of the lawyers say " He's very paternal", and then they all nodded in agreement. Idiotic me!! I felt comforted, like he was going to look at my daughters, as if they were his own daughters to protect and I thought that this would keep him fair. If I was being unreasonable or overly protective regarding the issues my family faced, he would be more apt to keep their best interests when it came to visitation, but keep their safety as priority number one-as this "paternal Judge". Ha!! Boy was I stupid! It was a few years later, when I read about some of his other rulings and how horrible he was when it came to fairness and more importantly SAFETY. I am glad that I didn't read them until much later or I would have been scared $&#!less, when appearing in front of him the first , second and third time. For those of you that will criticize me for 'Being a money-hungry, jilted woman", let me tell you that is the farthest thing from the truth!! My ex and I didn't agree on visitation. We did at first, but then he got a DUI ( I wanted to get sober, he didn't) and since he wanted to put my daughter in the car the night of his arrest, it was a game changer. I stopped agreeing. McAdam asked for FCS to interview us (our kids were too young at the time) After my ex and I were interviewed by FCS, they recommended that he have supervised visits and only 7% at that. By the time we got the report, I hated his guts for several reasons, but I went against my lawyers advice and said I was not in favor. He swore he would get help and not drink around the kids and since I was promised that if he did drink again with the kids, I could just go back on an ex-parte and request to go with FCS recommendations for visitation. I made the mistake of trusting that. I went back and the judge yucked it up with my ex about the guns he was supposed to be selling and good-old-boy banter. Later when I went back to file again, after his girlfriend physically accosted my daughter, wrestling on the ground, arms flailing, my daughter accidentally landing phone-fisted hand in girlfriend's eye, while trying to prevent her from calling me to come pick her sister and her up (her dad and his girlfriend were drunk, screaming, cursing and fighting-nothing new with them), I went to McAdam again. I tell him that father is not following orders and he has the nerve to tell me "Do you know how many people do not follow my orders?" and has a big chuckle. During one of my justified reasons for going back for an ex-parte, he proceeds to tell me that its just like what he sees in his own son's divorce(my daughter telling me this "story". Kids say whatever the parent they are currently with , want to hear. He has seen it with his own grand-daughter and then tells me a story that he really seemed to think was cute about his grand-daughter, bacon and a phone call from his ex daughter in law and how ugly their divorce is, but not sure which is worse- his sons or ours. Really?? Are you kidding me? The only way this guy was gonna separate my ex from his daughters, was if there was 6 feet of dirt between them. This judge and the whole system stinks. I am glad he is gone, but I don't think any of them downtown are worth a damn. There is a good one up in Vista, but I think I am stuck in San Diego. If there is a way around that, I wish somebody would say something. My ex is now a deadbeat who recently left the state and I am still stuck having to go downtown. I think the kids are doomed...not just mine but any in the system. God help them all.


6942. party to case (with attorney)

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