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3055. other

Finding out that the dependency court judge is an Iranian, seemed my prayers were answered! I have had high hopes as an iranian single mother to my 11 years old autistic son that judge manssourian will be more compassionate and understanding and won't let me down! After all during his campaign, he openly was asking for Iranian community support by voting for him or contributing financially that he would win the chair and make us all proud. What a disappointment that was when he showed no mercy of any kind shouting humiliating me totally embarrassed me and going along with DCFS cruel recommendations to detain my son!


3539. other

Well what can I say when a judge is so taken by his status and newly appointed as the least important judges of them all with the minimum autoriry Invested in in him - a very bad investment by the way .. Granteed no cash returned by the way he waste public fundings - he is banned to hold on to it by any means! Than when his position is threatened, he panics and throws a fit and leave the court room - Probably goes to the restroom to check himself out in his custom for one last time! As if the end is near and soon he will be exposed and be shown the door! The same arrogance and insensitive way that he treats those unfortunate enough to find themselves in his courtroom will be his ending as his failure to stand grounded and serve those elected him and put their trust and faith in his competency and locality to preform his duties and obligations towards the community and its people as due is the main downfall for such judges that don't even bother to put on a show of impartiality and none bias act without prejudice! They go about ruling in favor of whom he believes to serve as an ally in his political games and endorsement and not the rightful party! His total disregard for the law of the country at any level, is obvious at one glance as he feels it is him that makes the law not that the law is already there and he is supposed to implement it accordingly with due process and respect the rights of all without ignoring them and hope he never gets find out and he can get away with saving his favors for those unimportant to his campaign and to the security of his prestigious position! Shameful really ... in his He is way too arrogant way too rude and unfair to stay in the chair for long. The other day at my hearing while he was observing the social worker's recommendation on he went on to say hkknttklkltktykntknttkntk


3540. other

By the look of it, it seems that the first comment had been written by Manssourian himself! Or some insane lunatic that is severly dislecsic! The Judge Manssourian that I saw - many times - is anything but those things


7032. attorney (private practice)

I've had an opportunity to watch this judge in action on several occasions as an observer in his courtroom. I have seen him thoroughly and carefully consider The facts and information in front of him and make thoughtful and judicially sound decisions in accordance with our laws. I have the utmost respect for his ability and professionalism as A Superior Court Judge.


7157. attorney (private practice)

Court starts on time. Andre makes offers to try and help clients with substance abuse issues, and gets to the root of the problem. Extremely friendly and approachable at the bench. I have truly never found him to be punitive or harsh.


8328. party to case (pro se)

Again the last few overly positive on this judge must be from himself as no one in a sane mind will gather that kind of insight into a judge that is as dishonest, bias and as coward. This judge is pumpous, full of himself and doesn't fit to be in the position that he is and there is nothing honorable about him. I had difficulty to address him as "Your honor" instead I called him "sir"


8841. party to case (pro se)

I had pleaded guilty to a charge I know I'd done. Despite the court extending alternative sentencing options to avoid Probation, I wasn't able to afford the expenses related to the Deferred Entry Judgement. Because of the nature of the charge, I'd become an untrusted individual to any potential employer... it has since left me unemployed and homeless. I'd been given a window to explain my situation in the courtroom, breaking down in tears -- making clear that I know what I did was wrong, and I was at a point where I had lost all hope in myself I was prepared to go through whatever punished the Court might've had in mind. He was seemingly sympathetic (to a Court appropriate level, albeit) and told me the charge wasnt as severe as one would expect, and had advised me the charge didnt entail jail time. I was ultimately sentenced to informal probation, and I'll be honest -- I'm extremely grateful for that.

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