Hon. Roger L. Lund

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4754. party to case (pro se)

Corrupt, Ignorant, Dangerous, Coward. Corrupt: He, graciously, walked out from closed doors with opposing attorney, just before hearing my case. He was angry, violent, disruptive, and refused to let me speak. He interrupted every argument I calmly attempted to make, threatened to put me in jail with no just cause, threatened to censure me with no explanation, and refused to answer any one of my three well placed objections. He failed to follow the DA recommendations, initiated redundant and pointless orders to harass (never requested by opp. counsel), and biasedly denied paperwork in the face of its legality. Ignorant: The DA requested reimbursement for "actual expenses," for recovering my child, but had no "actual expenses," and did not recover my child. He granted then reimbursement without hearing out my argument, or having any authority to support his decision. Dangerous: In just two years, he single handedly destroyed the relationship between me and my child. He said it himself, my child will be in his courtroom in the future. He erroneously thought he knew my profession, but his arrogance prevented him from even knowing his own. Coward: He came out, neurotically defensive, about how scared he is not - red flag - however, time and again, showed he cannot go against popular decision, and is willing to bully people.


4753. witness

He has no business being in the courtroom. I would confidently venture as far as to say he lacks the mental capacity, or integrity, to oversee anything - especially children in the most minute of details. When attorneys are secretly flipping him off in his courtroom, you see what kind of respect he garners.


9045. party to case (pro se)

when judiciaries aid and abette frauds upon the court state and Internal Revenue Service they should be prosecuted as accomplices

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