Hon. Leslie G. Landau

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4475. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Landau is currently residing over Domestic Violence cases. She is heavily biased, in favor of the "Female"...should be no surprise when you learn that she's on several Woman Rights Groups. She is Anti-Second Amendment, and will take you Guns every chance she has! Beware, get a good Attorney and be prepared to defend your your rights.


4730. witness

Extremely biast judge she did me and my son so wrong


6198. attorney (private practice)

Judge Landau is quick to anger and a bit intense


8481. party to case (pro se)

I am a female/mom & victim of severe domestic violence, this terrible, accusing, non-attentive Judge deserves absolutely NO RESPECT! She has favored my abusive, molesting (true case admitted by daughter to 5 adults & sister) husband and flat out accused me of lying, disregarded ALL of my witnesses testimony and said police reports are hearsay! My husband rented or bought a new house, has his mother's house to live in and she told me I am not to live in my separate guest house over 100 feet apart from my main house while DEMANDING that I keep my daughter enrolled in her local with perfect attendance with NO CAR AFTER my husband corruptly removed me from the titles if our vehicles and proceeded to wreck one for insurance $ having a friend claim that it's totaled! It's not. He siphoned my IRA dry & mailed the checks to his mother's, removed me from the title of one of our homes, violated the restraining order at least 5 times, committed mail fraud & kept ALL of my mail from me, destroyed my credit, bank accounts & parentally abducted my 15 now 16 year old OUT OF STATE while not answering the Judges questions as to my daughters whereabouts & being ALLOWED NOT TO ANSWER, while my 13 now 14 yr old struggle to get by due to CONSTANT abuse, threats, turmoil ensue (such as attempted break ins, broken windows, hacked emails, surveillance, etc. Endangering our lives. I was married for 32 years, together for 46 yrs, mother of 4 & his niece for 4yrs, caught him in habitual lies & deceit AND SLEEPING WITH MY SISTER & neighbors confessed they had seen him on our porch know MULTIPLE OCCASIONS kissing TWO GIRLS AT A TIME! Judge Landau is corrupt! He has her in his pocket while robbing me blind of hundreds of thousands of $$.


7324. witness

If they had 0 stars She would get that ...She did me and my son no justice at all very biases


8090. party to case (with attorney)

The judge failed to protect the best interest of the children. Didn't read the RFO and the evidence which showed that the mother has withheld the children for almost a year. Didn't care that the opposing attorney didn't meet any deadlines. Forced to to the judges job which failed our children. Ex refused to follow the court order and the judge could careless. So I gave up trying. I feel defeated and there's no point in trying to see my kids because my ex refuses to follow the order and nobody cares. Defeated and moving on. One day I hope to see my children again. Judge was definitely bias and doesn't care.


8609. attorney (private practice)

Stay away from this Judge. Very poor demeanor, not particularly bright, seems confused.


8684. party to case (pro se)

I am so grateful to honorable judge Leslie G. Landau. She gave me a fair chance in the dispute in the custody case between my child's mother and I. She made decisions based on fact rather than hearsay and she definitely understood what i was being put through. My court case was. 08/10/2017

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