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1795. party to case (with attorney)

At the time of the original court date, I took a plea with the DOJ system indicating that I would complete school (bachelor degree in criminal justice). I was 17 credits away from graduation, and my court date came around. The judge sentenced me to complete an anger management program, complete 20 days of cal trans and pay $215 and be charged with a misdemeanor for battery. All because I failed to graduate on time, I explained that I am both working and school full time, therefore it is taking me longer to graduate than expected. She didn't care and now I have a degree, and nothing to show for it because I have a conviction on my record. She was rude, and would never allow me to explain my side of the story.


2133. other

I have found that Judge Laura Laesecke to have a very discriminatory bias when dealing with any person having any relation to the Medical Marijuana issue. For some reason all marijuana cases have been funneled to her courtroom. With over 300+ jailed arrests involving Medical Marijuana her courtroom has often been so overcrowded that she judges groups of humans ten at a time. All for a municipal code violation which has caused there to be a purging of people through a forced, "stay away order." This order if not signed before even being found guilt of any crime will land you in the LA Twin Towers as punishment for not doing the Judges will. This action has purged all willing State legal volunteers from stepping foot in any collective within the city. Also to note, city council has just voted to draft a new ordinance regulating cannabis in Long Beach. Ms Laesecke seems like an outwardly fair judge but once you sit and watch her send room full after room full of people to jail for petty violations there does not appear to be any compassion in her judgements.


3556. party to case (with attorney)

She has no remorse for anything exspecially if your african american she will show no type of concern wether your innocent or guilty shes all about over populating the jail system


1315. party to case (with attorney)

I agree with the above comment that she trys to be a professional in the courtroom. Her quietness and patience can be misleading. After sitting in her courtroom for a few different days and many hours over a period of time I was able to observe just a human with a job. Her sentencing was at times very unbalanced. A black gentleman had missed court a few times and she sentenced him the max time for each missed date. So us tax payers got to spend 100,000 to pay for jail time for a poor guy who just missed a few court hearings. I could think of more productive ways to use our tax dollars. I saw a young single mother of two swept away to jail because she was taking too long to get attorney. Obviously she needed help but being single, a mother, and trying to work is difficult. But no empathy from Laura. From what I seen she didn't have a comfortable setting in the courtroom. The DA and Prosecutor stayed quiet a lot. One of the DA was sort of kissie, kissie to her. Like she was afraid to just talk to Laura normally as a adult coworker. Sort of sad to experience this in our courtroom. And thirdly, she didn't remember my case very well. After reviewing my paperwork it wasn't well documented and left important facts out. One paper had the wrong dates. So though she went to some good schools, her work isn't the greatest.


8398. party to case (with attorney)

Laura Lewinsky aka Laesecke is very heavy handed and biased, all I will say is if you have a CAPO crime (Crimes Against Police Officers) or any drug case steer clear of Ms Laeseke at all costs.


368. attorney (private practice)

Wonderful Judge


855. juror

This judge made the experience of being a juror not only interesting, but pleasant as well. Rarely have I been so impressed by someone's demeanor as I was by The Honorable Judge Laura Laesecke. It was obvious that everyone working in her court had great respect and admiration for her. Her level of patience was well beyond reasonable necessity and she made everyone -- jurors, attorneys, witnesses, plaintiff, and defendent -- as comfortable as could be possible within the confines of the circumstances. She sets a very high bar for all other members of the judiciary.


3613. attorney (government, criminal matters)

Excellent Judge! Efficient, cordial, thorough, thinks about rulings. Exactly what you want when you are charged with serious criminal matters.


6759. juror

Fair, respectful, time conscious and courteous. The control she has in and over her courtroom is needed in this day and age where lack of manners are exhibited by many without apology. She handled herself as one could only hope a Judge would do in a serious and life altering trial. I was honored to be a juror in her courtroom.


9066. other

Unfortunately, I had the privilege of watching her work as a DA? It was not very pretty? I agree with the previous comments about her being bias, especially against African Americans? My daughter's father is still serving time some twenty something years later on a case that she tried four times? 1)dismissal 2) then two hung jury's (9 to 3) in his favor. She even went after his bail twice? I am definitely in Awe that she is now a judge?

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