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3529. party to case (pro se)

Cheryl c Kersey is White Supremist that has a Personal Vendetta towards Blacks and Hispanics All she represents is a lie she only supports and stands up for the White community and has connections with white gang members and doesn't prosecute white criminals because there in her family although she is not a kkk member she still has and follows the beleifs of the kkk. She has illeagally adopted out numerous Black and Brown babies for money and has people under her payroll and fires any cps or cfs worker who stands for good like Robert pallota and larry sears which are good honest social workers . individuals like Robert bass,amy young,melven friedland,demetruis vouhyn,beatrice gullian,richard haghani,cody dawkins,jessica shears ,Kimberly foster,peggy little,daniel mcclain parks are under her payroll I have came in contact with a few of Cheryl c kerseys friends that have told me alittle about her also several sanbernardino county children and family services social workers that have been and received threats about them loosing their jobs. this person is a fraud,crook,and racsist that is promoting genocide on the African American community. And targets low income families that don't have money or knowledge of the Judical system.


2982. party to case (pro se)

Cheryl c kersey illegally stole my kids for money has a personal vendetta agansit me and my kids and has personal relationships with foster parents


3636. party to case (pro se)

do not vote for Cheryl c kersey we don't need any more racist judges that think there better than god and can punish black men women and children she has it out for all blacks and thinks every black man is a gang member and racially profiles black males and lies in court to illegally adopt children that have a mom and dad .


6509. witness

I witnessed Judge Kersey verbally berate attorneys in her courtroom. She was extremely unprofessional, and I cannot believe she treats people with such disrespect. She displays blatant sexist and an absolute disregard for the professionalism that is expected from someone of her office.


8400. party to case (with attorney)

This judge refuses to hear witnesses and refuses to read evidence. Judge Kersey orders children to return to the care of abusers who are being charged with child abuse instead of the care of safe parents with no records. This judge is so unprofessional she prejudges cases based on appearances and she is sexist. She ordered a child to leave their mother who's sole custodian to visit a home where everyone has been convicted of abuse. Judge is unprofessional, rude to lawyers, laughs at lawyers and tells abusers she's there to protect them instead of protecting the children. Judge doesn't follow any processes she's suppose to and endangering lives daily. Someone get her off the bench!


8837. other

The Court's abuse has victimized you. You have suffered grave trauma because of the corrupt Judge. Therefore you must file an ADA form so that they give you the consideration you need. Also the Judge loses their immunity and can be sued. Call Melissa at (707) 239-9908 for help filing the ADA form to protect you in court. God bless, Julia

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