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4813. party to case (with attorney)

San Diego Probate court is a cozy collection of lawyers, fiduciaries, and other minions who brush their teeth together every morning (metiforically ) If you get into that system, you will wish YOU were dead. Kelety treated some great, young attorneys who came before her but not in the "sorority" with a rudeness and a palpable disdain as they were presenting arguments but she could not find issue with any of their points. I would campaign to eject her from the bench she warms and give her no star in this venue if that was a choice She treats the courts cronies with smiles, jokes and best wishes and family members who were trying to address her- she dismissed with warnings disrespect which these heartbroken and abused heirs did not deserve from their judicial servant. The complaint was usually the same: Your Honor- So and So ( court-appointed fiduciary and lawyers ) My case did not belong in probate but Kelety ignored the trustee and executor named by both my parents. Kelety has allowed 4 years to go buy to settle a 800k estate. 1 modest home to sell. No debt. No mortgage. Household items to be sold at an estate sale and split equally between my sibling and I. And then I saw it work. Borrow money from private lenders to put money in the house which it did not need and take a long time with that- multiple gardners,painters, contractors, engineers, It just so happens that the trustee's husband own a big electrical business and uses all the workers she hired. Then she lists that house 100k below comps waits one month and then drops the price another 100k. She never notified me about anything and continued to go to Kelety for instructions. In the meantime, my attorney did nothing to fight for my rights to information as an equal heir. She said it was a sewn up deal. That the judges will always find for the professionals and rubber-stamp their way through no matter what is right. And the lawyers, including mine, want to stay on the good side of everyone in that club. Future business -opportunities for climbing. There have been even more shocking and unbelievable twists and turns in this case- but I will end now. I will say that out of approximately 350k which should have gone to me- I am not offered 25k to walk away and keep my mouth shut. These people are despicable. As a writer and a political cartoonist,I am going to dedicate a good deal of time to exposing this system; those who captain it and those who have suffered through it only to be financially gutted and emotionally broken from it all. I hope others who have experienced it -and there are plenty -will come forward and help me create a much needed shake-up and change. We want a very bright light shone on all of them. This has been a dark tunnel for too long.


3166. witness

Judge Kelety of the San Diego Superior Court Probate Division, along with fiduciary - Julie Lubitz and her attny. Linda Grunow plus numerous attorneys, knowingly, willfully and unlawfully devised with the intent to deceive for obtaining money and property from the Dorothy A. Bearinger Trust. Today Judge Kelety joined the ranks of judicial misconduct by admittedly "not reading all or understanding the Objection" entered by the Lawrence family, Bearinger's heirs. Kelety participated in court collusion by purposely concealing material facts from the Lawrence family who were unlawfully forced into destitute poverty as a result of destruction and misrepresentations of court documents involving the Bearinger Trust. The Court and its Judges continue to demonstrate the determination and follow through with corrosive judicial misconduct of the San Diego County Superior Court.


990. other

In my view, based on personal experence , she does not rule based on clear convencing evidence. To me she seems to be making up her own rules as they suit her . I am of the opinion that she is biased. I believe she is incompetent and should be removed from the bench before she bring her office into disrepute.


3731. party to case (pro se)

I can absolutely and definitively attest to the fact thatJudge Kelety is completely biased and makes her rulings supporting local professional fiduciaries she is familiar with, with COMPLETE disregard for actual laws, at the expense of many beneficiaries in the county! When she picks a side the law be damned, THEY WILL WIN! She not only allows but aids her licensed fiduciary girlfriends not only to shamelessly bilk estates with impunity all while ignoring the theory of FIDUCIARY DUTY altogether! She epitomizes EVERYTHING that is Callifornias BROKEN probate system, where the majority of money that goes through probate ends up in hands other than the legal heirs!


1137. other

Mr. Crawford's comments posted above are seconded. The purpose of the San Diego Probate Court Judges, in particular Kelety, is to aid and abet the interests of the local probate bar lawyers and not the interest of the trustees and beneficiaries that appear before it. Because it is a back water court in equity, they lack accountability and have the power to get away with anything they feel like regardless of the law and fiduciary standards. It is a shame.


3088. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Kelety does not appear to take facts, evidence or the law into consideration in rendering her decisions. One example, in my case she made decisions in Ex Parte hearings that displayed her wanting to feed one side's requests. She ignored the evidence we had and simply went through the opposing side's filing, item by item and gave them what they wanted, not even trying to disguise her bias. Opposing counsel filed after the deadline too. She went out of the way to assist the opposing side in financial gain at my expense. She forced me to purchase, with cash, part of a property that I already owned so the cash was in the trust and the opposing party had easier access to it if they chose to continue to sue me. She backed the trustees decision to hold all the cash from the sale of the property until I settled with the other side on an unrelated matter. She openly stated in court that this was a good idea. That is not the action of an honorable judge. The settlement judge commented verbally that they did not have a case. These transactions should have been considered separate. Some lenders and their legal counsel stepped away because of the punitive nature of the ruling saying they had never seen anything like it. Distribution of the proceeds should have been done at the close of escrow, not when an unrelated matter was settled. She decided she did not want me to have my parents' home and if I pursued it and could not get financing in 10 days, over the Thanksgiving weekend, to purchase what was already mine, I would have been liable for a large sum of money to the other party. It was punitive no matter what I did. I made the highest offer on the open market, it should have been accepted as I also provided proof of ability to pay. The opposing side did not think that could happen and apparently she wanted to help them make their view of the situation come to fruition. This was not an impartial decision. She seems to lack a concept of the law or even due process and does not possess the maturity required to be an impartial justice.


5272. other

The appeals court constantly reverses rulings by San Diego Superior Court Judge Julia C. Kelety. She is pals with certain probate lawyers and she does not read files. So if you have the time and the money file and appeal as soon as possible or file to get a different probate judge in San Diego. Judge Julia C. Kelety's misconduct is prejudicial to the effective and expeditious administration of the probate court in San Diego. Judge Julia C. Kelety acts in ways that are unethical and violate the judge's obligations of impartial conduct.


944. attorney (private practice)

Judge Kelety is a outcome-driven judge and lacks flexibility in changing her opinion. She has a destination and she will achieve that goal, law be damned. In short, she lacks integrity, for the law or the facts. She is driven by emotion and has the inability to admit when she is wrong that is typical with the position. Ego based and centered decisions.


5282. other

If you, or someone you know, have information of a crime or suspicious activity, including events taking place within a judicial proceeding, judicial corruption, obstruction of justice, witness, evidence, or jury tampering, or illegal asset and monetary seizure, embezzlement, or conversion, please contact the FBI, at: 415-553-7400 fbi.dallas@ic.fbi.gov phoenix@ic.fbi.gov san.francisco@ic.fbi.gov richmond@ic.fbi.gov portland@ic.fbi.gov seattle@ic.fbi.gov or the US Securities and Exchange Commission (703) 813-9322 fax, saltlake@sec.gov sanfrancisco@sec.gov newyork@sec.gov denver@sec.gov losangeles@sec.gov miami@sec.gov


5681. other

Julia Craig Kelety, Presiding on Probate Court in San Diego needs to be fired. Judge Julia Kelety needs to be investigated and then thrown off the bench. I looked up her salary – Judge Julia Kelety makes over $183,000 a year and at every hearing, she complains that she does not have time to read the files because her calendar is so over-booked. However, she does have time to meet in private with attorneys who are part of her clique and decide cases. She is a corrupt judge. Kelety admittedly does not read files, petitions, or examine evidence before ruling. She does not even know what is in the files. Hundreds of thousands of dollars is missing from our family Trust. Kelety is not serving justice and her total lack of accountability means she needs to go find a different job.


6701. party to case (with attorney)

Julia Kelety has had many complaints filed against her because she operates outside the law and ignores the law in favor of lawyers who are her friends and relatives. Julia Kelety does not read case files and she lies to people in her courtroom. Julia Kelety is bias toward particular people and cases based on the side is represented by her friends and relatives. Julia Kelety is in constant ex parte communications with her lawyer pals and her staff witnesses this every day. Misconduct is a constant thing for Julia Kelety and someone needs to run against her for judge next time around to get her out of office and off the bench. File A Complaint For Julia Kelety, judicial Immunity is a way of life. Julia Kelety has not been held liable for her judicial actions. Julia Kelety invites local lawyers to contribute to her projects (such as new windows for the law library costing $5 million dollars). Julia Kelety has her lawyer friends over to her house for booze and food, referring to them as her mentees. Julia Kelety used to work for her uncle's law firm and she rules in favor of the lawyers from his firm no matter what the evidence proves.


5235. party to case (with attorney)

You have a system that demands one using the website to provide a rating of a judge as "Overall" 1-5 "*"s. I have given her i "*" otherwise my comments would be rejected, I gather. In my opinion, it was a gross error of the "system" she was ever appointed in the first place and a continuing and daily disaster she is allowed to preside over any court in this state, but especially a probate court, where helpless and hapless folks, designated as Conservatees, are subjected to the vagaries of her totally distorted sense of justice.


6134. party to case (with attorney)

Don't think a legally written will or trust will be executed in this court. Judge Kelety will allow inheritance highjacking and illegal use of trust money and WILL NOT protect the beneficiaries. So if you want to steal money from family members or other beneficiaries you will get away with it here in San Deigo Probate court.


6422. party to case (with attorney)

This woman should never have been appointed to any judicial position in this country. I have read the admonition below placed at this website and since its operators have indicated they will delete anything I might say about Kelety which they deem to be "disrespectful" and since anything and everything I would say herein as a result of dealing with Kelety for over a five year period would not only be considered disrespectful, such would be absolutely and deliberately intended to be disrespectful, I will shorten this greatly. In my opinion this woman was and is a disgrace to every fair minded judge in this state who gets up each morning, goes to court, puts on a judicial robe and then attempts to dispense justice according to the laws of the state in light of the facts presented as evidence. As to the website operators, a suggestion: I understand the requirement you impose as to eliminating comments which are clearly' profane, rambling, illiterate and ALL CAPS, however including "disrespectful" comment as something you would deem necessary to "censor" seems absolutely ridiculous to me. And I have read all of the comments I found hereon re: Kelety, accordingly, I am quite sure you and I do not have the same definition of the word "disrespectful" when we utter or communicate it in some other form. I suggest you remove it from the "admonition".


2559. other

Crawford was sanctioned by Judge Kelety for his outrageous behavior. The sanctions were affirmed by the Court of Appeal. How much weight do you give to his opinions about this Judge or any other?


7288. party to case (with attorney)

Everything being said is true. I don't know how this woman can continue practicing as a Judge. She has her favorites and decides the case before any evidence is even presented. I can't believe that this even goes on. San Diego is the most incestuous court system I've ever seen.


7679. party to case (with attorney)

From the beginning of my case this judge sided with her attorney friends despite the fact that they were charging obscene fees and preparing totally botched, innacurate accountings costing 12,0000 to 14,0000. This was brought to her attention by the guardian on numerous occasions only to be bullied by the judge to protect her attorney friends. She clearly showed her lack of concern to protect the minor children the guardianship represented but to ensure her cronies are paid regardless of their complete incompetence. A real "cash cow" for these probate law firms . This Judge should be investigated for unethical practices.


7685. attorney (public defender)

ATTENTION: You can protect the JUSTICE System and oppose obstructions of JUSTICE. Demand JURY TRIALS be provided, TO SWEEP THESE ACTS OF WRONGDOING WITH THE JUSTICE OF THE GRAND JURY. With enough persistence you should be able to obtain a mailing address, email address, and/or fax number for a sitting grand jury in your area. Send your evidence presentment in all possible means, ASAP. Any person that tells you that you do not have the right to present knowledge of WRONGDOING to your district grand jury is acting in contradiction to law, and aiding and abetting, adhering, giving comfort to enemies (and enemy forces, organized crime) of this country and United States. If you have knowledge of what you believe to be wrongdoing/crimes, immediately report that evidence to your nearest grand juries ASAP, and law enforcement, local, state, and federal (district attorney, police, sheriff, state attorney General, FBI, securities and exchange commission, US Marshall service, etc. etc.)


8445. other

Judge Kelety is an example of why Thomas Jefferson called Judicial the germ of our destruction. Judicial has granted Judicial sovereign immunity. Corruption, collusion and fraud rule the Judicial system. Judicial exists for the wealth, power, and prestige of Judicial. Thomas Jefferson: “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions [is] a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.” “The exemption of the judges from [re-election concerns] is quite dangerous enough …. The people themselves …. [are] the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.” Thomas Jefferson said in 1821: “The germ of destruction of our nation is in the power of the judiciary, an irresponsible body — working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall render powerless the checks of one branch over the other and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated.”


8835. other

A complaint for violating the civil rights of a woman in court was filed against Julia Craig Kelety - The complaint against Julia Kelety is for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief in Alaska District Court.

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