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3842. party to case (pro se)

Judge Jessop has obviously seen it all and heard it all. I can see how the other reviewers can call bias, in their perspective, and try are entitled to their views and opinions. He handled my case expeditiously (I was the defendant) even though my ex was lying in court as well. His concern for the kids however WAS priority, and he was able to not only read us (looked through us practically as if we were transparent) but also gave the mediator's recommendation credit and allowed it to stand. He chastised both of us for our wrongdoings and made sure the kids win in the end. He is a genuinely concerned man when it comes to children, and I think he is basically just disgusted by divorce like anyone should be. It was a tough day for all of us but in the end, the kids won.


5008. witness

I would put a negative star but can't. I was a witness to a custody case over child support. Not only didn't he side with the mother who has custody of the kids 70 percent of the time he reduced her child support. Basically didnt listen to any of the facts to the case. When by some out of date information provided by the pedophiliactic father who still baths the 8 year old daughers. Who is a worthless judge, completely bias. My advise get a change a venue as quick as possible or get a female attorney who know how to flirt with him.


2410. party to case (with attorney)

Excellent Judge. The first child custody hearing was about parenting plan and he didn't weigh our arguments much and adopted FCS recommendation almost in full. He did make some significant modifications that ended up protecting my child from abduction. The second child custody hearing was about international travel with the child. This time, he really listened to both sides' arguments and ruled very fairly. He is a follower of the law (though sometimes unfair) and has keen eyes and ears to spot liars.


538. other

This judge did not listen to any of the evidence before him. He flat-out agreed with the mother of the children in a custody dispute without her providing any evidence. As it turned out, she lied in court and still got more custody than had been suggested by a mediator. He refused to hear arguments by the father of the children and was completely biased towards the mother for no reason at all. The mother has been (and continues to be) confrontational in front of her children towards their father and picks fights. She's abusing child care costs towards her roommate and has yet to provide proof of times when the roommate watches the kids or how much she pays him. This judge should have reviewed the facts of the case and looked at the evidence before him and put the children first like he is supposed to do.


968. other

Agree with above. For some reason my case was changed to this judge from Goldsmith, who had previously shown to be fair in our 2-3 hearings. Judge Jessop appeared to have immediate bias against my meticulously prepared evidence and documents. He ruled in all of my proposed actions for the father, who has exposed minor child to weapons. Judge Jessop even had the gall to state that it didn't matter if guns were registered or not. He decided to give me an analogy (as if I'm an idiot) that there are many dangerous cars on the road, but they are still allowed to drive. In other words, my child might get shot by a registered or unregistered weapon. In other cases in front of Goldsmith, even when she did not agree with my complaints or assertions, she at least took the opportunity to "advise" the father on the topic at hand. Judge Jessop had ample opportunity to do this and completely missed the mark. How hard is it for a judge to say to a parent: "I would advise you to keep guns out of reach of five-year-old children." Seriously. What a joke. But not a funny one.


3732. party to case (pro se)

This judge sided with the father (an SDPD sergeant) did not listen to my side. All he cared was keeping status quo.


3767. party to case (pro se)

Judge Jessup did not look at the evidence what's so ever. He keeps status quo in favor of my ex even though I have the majority of time. Very pro-police and father to the point that no argument is acceptable. He was biased towards the father and ruled EVERYTHING against me even though I am clearly the primary parent. One of the evidence was racist in favor of one school and the judge still accepted. I am sorry for you if you are Hispanic or African American and are going in front of this judge.


3815. witness

This judge is the more unfair person he favorite fathers and doesn't see the dark side of a lot of bad people he needs to protect the well being of the child


4381. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Jessop definitely favors men in his courtroom, although I think he could see through some of my ex's lies and exaggerations. In child custody matters, he seemed fair but went solely with the FCS mediator's suggestions (which was fair, in my opinion). My ex represented himself that the judge was overly patient with his mistakes and delays. Too much, so, I feel. He gave him the benefit of the doubt over and over again. Luckily, my attorney did an adequate job representing me and was able to keep on task and get my case resolved. I believe it was my attorney's previous relationship with Judge Jessop that gave me a little bit of an edge.


2937. party to case (with attorney)

Did not listen to arguments of either attorney (THANK GOODNESS!) Reviewed the evidence (even though we submitted our declaration right before the hearing), found a few math errors and ruled accordingly.


4302. party to case (with attorney)

This Judge appeared to have immediate bias against me, the evidence, and documents. My ex wrote on official documents to the courts and also stated it at the hearing that she did not care about what the divorce decree stated and that she did not have to follow the parenting plan (which I thought is contempt of court) and this judge did not care, he still ruled in her favor.


7492. other

Hr took my daughter and gave her to her father for 5 years on a restraining order he filed after I had tried registering my out if state custody agreement to the San Diego Courts. I was not given a chance at being heard. I walked in angry at the fact that they had not gone into his place and seized his gun from him. He always had it unlocked and I was concerned. I had mentioned I didnt want to see any body else get shot from these type incidents involving CPS. I had brought up Senator Nancy Shaefar and that ticked him off I guess.


7836. party to case (with attorney)

I would have given him 0 stars, but that isn't an option. I went to his court for a child custody issue. He sided with the dad, who is a police sargeant, in everything. He would not let me speak at all. When deciding for a school for my children, he decided for my kids to go in his neighborhood even though I have my boys the majority of time. Part of the reason to go with him was that there were too many mexicans where I live in Bonita. He told me that if I took my ex to court again, I would have to pay for my ex's attorney.


8158. other

Watching Judge Jessop send the Clerk for his glasses and coffee was cute. Regardless, if you feel poorly treated or have observed bias or judicial activism, by all means contact your elected officials at the state and Federal level. Notify the Governor, Commission on Judicial Performance and Calif and US Attorney General. Many believe Family Law is a RICO Act violation where the is enrichment the attorneys and expert witnesses to the maximum amount any family can endure.


9100. party to case (pro se)

Their is no honor in Jessop. I wrote up and filed a motion for a reduction of spousal support based on Family Court 4321. He didn't read the motion before he entered the court room nor read it while in the court room. He then was condescending and told me that he was trying to help me. Only ignorant people talk to people like that! So I pay the fee's and come in from out-of-state thinking I would be heard and it didn't happen & then to make it worse he awarded $1000. to her attorney. He also stated that he might be able to double the spousal support after my child support obligation was complete. None of that happened of course because it was illegal. I got a new Judge and explained the situation. He said I was in my right to be heard which I wasn't. He also reversed the $1000. I am still a little shaken up that a Judge would do that and have not gone back in to be heard again. Jessop was way out of line. I have had two Judges that have been pretty fair, Harry Powazek being my first and the most fair. I didn't always get my way with either Judge but Jessop is a joke!

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