Hon. Arthur Harrison

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6267. attorney (private practice)

Poor judicial officer. Simple things - he mumbles and is barely intelligible. Major issues - severe lack of knowledge of family law, arrogant and disrespectful. Gender bias. Paper this judge.


8599. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Harrison has no business being on the bench in family court. During my last court date he refused to listen to any of the evidence that was presented, then while my attorney was going through her questions he was literally spinning back and forth in his chair while staring at the ceiling just doing the "I'm bored" thing like a child. After all of this completely disrespectful behavior, during his ruling I asked him to clarify something, he proceeded to threaten me in front of the entire court. He threatened to take away my parental rights to my child and slap me with every fine that he could as well as instructed my ex wife to find the most expensive attorney she could and ask for attorneys fees which he would grant if I ever tried to come back to his court. My attorney's jaw hit the floor.


7582. witness

He has no knowledge of family law or any kind of family law


7583. other

Suck my balls harris


7768. party to case (with attorney)

Calling this person a judge is laughable! He is the most gender and racists member of the courts I have ever seen. If your a male and other than white your screwed especially if you married a white woman! Has little knowledge of family law and likes to argue with attorneys with decades more family law experience than him. Write to Sacramento on this person and have him removed and disbarred he is a discrace to the legal system.


9277. witness

Why is there no 0 stars option... this judge doesn’t know the first thing about the best interest of a child. Has allowed a child to be kidnapped from their father for almost 18 months. Let’s Mother’s disobey orders, lie to his face without any consequences, and damage the children in the process. He Had such an awesome life with and thanks to his father but denies fathers that have done no harm to their children to not have access to them. This judge doesn’t see the parental alienation he’s allowing. You are a terrible judge Harrison.

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