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3149. party to case (with attorney)

this judge was so crooked in my divorce case that it was clear to see that she was going to do what ever attorney david beaven said to do who was representing my ex husband and his mother famous susan tiefenbraum.. David became the star witness at the trial and if he told her there was no money in the marriaGE WHAT Sthe use for discovery there was no money. If she told him my first attorney did not mail papers on time even thougth there was a proof of service that said she did she through my first attorney off the case. Sge later sanctioned me $2200.00 for being late with form interrogatory and for losing a protective order and because her friend mr Beaven told her to. We were the only ones in the court room when she did thisa. I was so shocked and even my ex mother in law was shocked. It went just like Mr Beavens and my mother in law planned even better. What a fraud


1803. party to case (with attorney)

I went before Judge Goldsmith after my ex refused to return my daughter home after her summer visitation with him. My ex used false allegations (as he has done repeatedly) to Child Protective Services in order to do so. Judge Goldsmith issued a TEMPORARY ORDER that my daughter live with him until CPS concluded their findings. Like other posts here, Judge Goldsmith made faces and glared when material, written evidence was presented to her on my behalf, while lapping up any hearsay he had in his arsenal (which was all he had). CPS ONCE AGAIN found his allegations to be unfounded, and after a FULL EVIDENTIARY HEARING (requested by my ex), in which his allegations were further debunked (and his extensive criminal record exposed, including REPEATED fraud and perjury), Judge Goldsmith still managed to find a way to rule in his favor. Out of the rubble of my ex's crashed credibility from the hearing (and the fact that he apparently no longer wanted to bring up or discuss any allegations of abuse), Judge Goldsmith, in all her errant glory, decided to change course on his behalf, and declare that this actually was not a case of whether or not his reasons for keeping her were valid in the first place, but that THIS WAS NOW A MOVE-AWAY CASE...FROM HER HOME WITH HIM. No joke...my ex could blatantly violate several court orders, make false allegations, drag everyone through a costly and time-consuming evidentiary hearing with absolutely no consequences, except for an award of full custody in his favor, because Judge Goldsmith could not see any reason why she should NOW remove my daughter from her current "home" with him (WHICH WAS BASED ON HER OWN TEMPORARY ORDER IN THE FIRST PLACE, IN RESPONSE TO COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED ALLEGATIONS FROM A KNOWN PERJURER!!!) So, if you're not so hot on justice, but love playing legal "TWISTER", you may be very pleased with your experience with Judge Goldsmith. Unfortunately, my daughter is the one who is paying the ultimate price for it.


2452. other

When it comes to San Diego Family Law judges, this woman is the worst of the bunch...and that is saying something. It is widely recognized that San Diego Family Law courts have a reputation for ignoring the law and making rogue judgments, but Judge Goldsmith takes this practice to an entirely new level. She is rude, demonstrative and dismissive. She plays favorites, and will consider evidence from one attorney and ignore evidence from the other. It almost seems like she is trying to make up her own law as she goes along. As the previous poster correctly pointed out, she is married to the City Attorney of San Diego, and she acts like that gives her the power to do whatever she wants to do...regardless of the law, regardless of what is right or wrong. If you are going to court to settle a divorce, or to battle for your child...and you end up with Judge Goldsmith...get ready for a "clown car" of rulings and judgments. In the end, everyone involved...especially your child...will forever be scarred by her recklessness.


823. party to case (pro se)

This judge makes faces, glares, and will not liusten to you even when you have all the written evidence and the other person only has hear say. Goldsmith should not be a judge. She has no common sense as she has shown in the past in the El Cajon court house.


2228. witness

It is unfortunate that Judge Goldsmith is still allowed to rule on family matters. I guess if you are married to the City Attorney, you feel a little invisible, and the law takes a back seat to your own agenda. She has been overturned by the appellate court in the past, and she will again. She is yet another in a long line of San Diego Family Law judges that do not follow the law and continue to give San Diego the well earned reputation as the "Cesspool of Family Law".


2775. other

San Diego family court needs to be closely examined and held accountable for not following the law and rules of court in a number of cases....And this judicial officer (Goldsmith) should be at the top of the list based on her total disregard for the law and the welfare and voice of the children she literally harms with her lack of common sense and uninformed, lazy rulings. She has demonstrated blatant disregard of valid evidence, allows due process violations, doesn't do her homework and can't locate case documents.....after all, she already has a rote ruling ready in keeping with the back room agendas. Can we have an ethical whistle-blower step forward, please?


3150. attorney (private practice)

The previous listening I witnesses the words gavel banger thenthen disappreared. Judge even monitor this cite. scary


6791. party to case (with attorney)

The most unintelligent, irrational individual I have ever come across. She is a disaster of a human being and as a person. It is obviously true when they say "what do you call an attorney too dumb to be successful in practice? Your honor". But she fits in perfectly well with the family court system. Ruining people's and children's lives with arrogance, hubris, ego, and narcissism. There is no law or reason in that court and goldsmith is one of the worst


6506. party to case (with attorney)

the most corrupt judge to ever be seated in the El Cajon court house . and that's saying a lot considering the rank and file of all the corrupt judges in El Cajon.


9073. party to case (pro se)

Jugde Goldsmith managed to resolve a very contentious divorce effectively and efficiently. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly. She is fabulous

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