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6921. party to case (with attorney)

Since Sugiyama's review section is CLOSED, and since Judge Cram shares his lack of ethics, due process and respect/regard for the TRUTH...I'll post here. Greetings John! You are a disgrace to the robe you wear, the community you serve and the human race. When it comes time to meet your maker - do you think your pro tems and political beneficiaries will be there to put in a good word for you? You have victimized those unfortunate enough to find themselves in your courtroom for reasons so trivial in comparison to the consequences they will undoubtedly suffer as a result of your rulings. Redefining people's lives on YOUR terms and your hidden agendas. There is no such thing as litigation in YOUR courtroom - prepare to be patronized, exploited and trivialized. Don't worry too much over the financial aftershocks you will be facing (i.e. losing your home, car, etc.) over attorney fees. Once your mind begins to process what's left of your life in a meaningful or spiritual sense - you will truly understand the meaning of empty. John H Sugiyama is a child abuser and a sociopath.


4838. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Cram is in Alameda court. the system is broken to let judge like her to make judgement on people as long as she wanted…Horrible…


653. party to case (pro se)

This woman makes her own laws and doesnt follow what the probate code laws are. How come these judges are not overseen by anyone. She was bias and had her mind made up before the trial even started. She is unfair and is a complete anti family judge, Gave me no way to reunify with my child whatsoever and there was no clear and convincing evidence of all the crap my family was saying about me to make me an unfit parent. Refused to refer the case to CPS for an investigation as required by law. She is an old woman who is all for old people ....


1075. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Cram is an evil bias judge. She marches to the beat of her own drum and has no compassion or interest at stake when it comes to FAMILIES. Yes, F-A-M-I-L-I-E-S. She does not belong in family court nor does she she acknowledge CASE LAW. Who are these judges in Martinez? They are anti-family. Good luck to anyone that goes before her...you will need it.


1982. witness

On Cram's last day before retiring, I saw her in action. She ignorantly supported a guy who schmoozed her with his innocent demeanor. When she asked him to comment on a subpoenaed hidden bank account--he is a deadbeat dad--he just said, "I don't know anything about that." crummy Cram responded, "ok" and that was it! This guy makes over $15000 a month not counting the money he steals from partners. He really "crammed" it to Cram that morning last fall.


4315. party to case (pro se)

I am pleased to hear Cram is gone. She was embarrassing and disrespectful.


7088. party to case (with attorney)

This judge is beyond evil! She is a rogue judge and does not follow the law. She gave custody to a convicted child abuser while on probation for cruelty to a child. She is a disgrace to the human race.


7848. attorney (private practice)

Judge Cram is good friends with corrupt attorney Mary Nolan who was indicted, and Judge Cram is very pro-abuse and pro-corruption. Cram is a liar with no integrity who takes bribes from high powered attorneys and not only fails to do her job, but is negligent altogether. How many kids has Cram sent back to abusive parents? At least several.


4329. attorney (public defender)

Hopefully Judge Cram will help clean up the CORRUPTION and REAL ESTATE THEFT going on in the Judge Sugiyama Probate Department, where the proceedings are rigged and "just for show", and the outcomes are predetermined, contrary to the law and facts. FRAUD is committed against the property owners, and the property is embezzled, and concurrently converted to the "SUGIYAMA HEIST CREW".


8076. other

No thanks! I'll pass on Cram. Look up 'Allison v. Shabazz et al.' You'll be HORRIFIED as I did...I had to go before Judge Cram and once I read Allison's federal case I cried myself to sleep! ARGHGHH!!


8859. attorney (private practice)

I am very pleased that this judge has left Contra Costa County Superior Court. In the family division, she was a nightmare to go before, as you could count on her being erratic and seemed to practice sex discrimination against women. I hesitant to say the latter part, being that I do not like to favor either gender or accuse another of that, but with this judge it was all too obvious. Among local attorney, we happily bid good riddance to Cram.

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