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795. other

When she was an attorney at LAUSD she kept getting transferred/shifted around because she didn't pull her weight (and seemed content not pulling her weight), and was difficult to get along with, but still managed to keep her job for several years at LAUSD until she was appointed as a judge...not sure how she is as a judge....she must be well connected to go from one high paying judge where she did very little to being appointed to another high paying job as judge.


2054. party to case (pro se)

I was in her courtroom twice. Court was supposed to start at 1:30. Both times, she graced us with her presence at 2:15. One time, she heard a case for 20 minutes and then excused herself to the restroom for 10 minutes. She is rude and her MO is to take matters "under submission" ie, I'm going to rule against you just not in front of everyone .In my case, the other side didn't appear and didn't produce documents that were subpoenaed. She asked some flippant questions and then took the matter "under submission". She works on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you are scheduled for those days, request a continuance to a Tues, Thurs or Friday. You'll thanks me later. She is the reason that I have lost faith in the justice system.


4406. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Bowick is an embarrassment to the bench and to the legal community as a whole. She is temperamental, rude, shrill, unprepared, unpleasant, impatient, and incapable of inspiring confidence in the our system of justice. I've never heard her say anything indicating even average intelligence. So unpleasant is she when handling a case that both sides go home feeling they've lost. I've given her one star here because it seems that you're not allowed to give her zero stars.


3719. attorney (private practice)

Not prepared on the bench and makes reckless rulings without any basis. Only Judge on my 170.6 list


2458. party to case (pro se)

THE COURAGE: US Law Without Precise Meaning. Anyone that had experienced with the American legal system will tell you that the law is being used in a loose fashion. Every judge interprets the same section of a statute differently and most time being inconsistent to their own ruling. Here is an example. Plaintiff (P) brought suit against two Defendants (D1 & D2). P obtained judgment after D1 & D2 failed to answer within statutorily limit. Three days after judgment attorney for D1 filed ex parte motion to vacate, P objected stating motion was improper. Judge agreed. Seven months later after judgment D2 with the same attorney as D1 brought the same ex parte motion to vacate. P objected stating motion was improper as P did previously. Judge ruled motion granted. When P pointed out that the ruling was inconsistent to the judge’s previous ruling, judge claimed no inconsistency. P requested that judge be recused from the case, judge refused. This is neither following the letter nor the spirit of the law. Now this;: How can justice be served when the law has a loose or lenient interpretation? This decision is neither following the letter of the law nor adhere to the spirit of the law. This decision is personal bias amidst confusion of the law


2705. party to case (with attorney)

Thank GOD she was removed from the bench in Alhambra. She did me dirty because she didnt like me. She was the worst criminal judge ever, and her lack of knowledge was present in my trial. She convicted me of a felony charge (a phone call that was never proven to have taken place, because it didnt), and I was sent to jail for a year. She sent an innocent person to jail and let a rapist Doctor go free. She was never on time, her ego was larger then the bench she sat on, her knowledge of a criminal trial was as big as a gnat, she was most definitely a bigot. The worst judge ever........what a dissolution of our judicial system.


6510. attorney (private practice)

Just awful. Not smart. Insecure, indecisive, and erratic in rulings. Doesn't understand the law. Picks favorites. Frequently gets frustrated and confused over simple issues and yells at counsel. Complains about the union rights of her courtroom staff to the attorneys - totally inappropriate.


7466. other

Sadly, very unproductive judge, should have never been elected nor appointed, a real do nothing lawyer made judge.


8069. attorney (private practice)

She is far and away the worst Judge in the Mosk Center, she is singularly unprepared, she does not read what is put in front of her, and she is dismissive at best, (and contemptuous at worst) to those who appear before her. She plays favorites, rules notwithstanding factual or logical inconsistencies that have been pointed out to her, lazy, opinionated, and apparently because she herself does no work whatsoever, completely oblivious to the difficulties faced by the practitioners of of this stressful and demanding profession. She focuses on random points to make dispositive rulings without apparent rhyme nor reason, and I honestly and truly cannot think of one good thing to say about her. She is THE WORST, and an automatic 170.6 when you are unlucky enough to draw her name.


8222. attorney (private practice)

I have been in this department several times now. The judge's mood and demeanor fluctuates daily. She often cuts attorneys off, both on the phone and in the courtroom, making it impossible for her to "hear" an argument. She is rude and unprofessional. She does not seem to know the law or rules and makes flippant decisions and judgments with no legal basis. I am shocked to find she ran unopposed in the last election. Hopefully, this changes before the next one. I will be sure to stay out of her courtroom in the future.


8650. attorney (private practice)

In an on going case; if you reading this your honor, I beg of you to take the time to read the Motions before you. You have been mislead by the opposing side, a each time I have filed Motions, it has been clear as day you have not taken the time to read what is before you. this is evermore so true in your ruling of my demurrer, where you rule in my favor on the counts that you should have denied, while ruling on the counts that were ever so clear that should have been in my favor. my reputation in this particular case is at stake, with everyone in my network is following this case. Please please take the time to read these motions and briefs before you rule.


8677. attorney (private practice)


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