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2762. party to case (pro se)

Terrible judge. I provided evidence of corruption in the Contra Costa County mediation department and this judge disregarded it - a clear indication that he condones such corruption. Judge Bowen informed me that he had decided to rule against me even before the hearing began. I asked if he read my declaration and supporting documents and he said he had - and then completely overlooked several important points i made in the declaration - but when I tried to state that I had put it all into the declaration he shut me up and said I'd had my time to speak. I can only believe that he didn't actually read my declaration and lied when he said he had. In my next hearing I will go over the entire declaration point by point - since I now know that he most likely will not have read it. Woe be unto any female pro-per litigant with the misfortune to be stuck in this judge's court.


1419. attorney (private practice)

Incompetence with a bad and sarcastic attitude. Another loser political appointee.


5275. party to case (pro se)

Judge Bowen was my attorney back in 2005-06. I had to file a Marsden Motion to Substitute Judge Bowen as my Attorney of Record Judge Arnason granted my motion i was assigned a conflict Attorney. I am suprise Bowen is a Judge he did a poor job as a Public Defender most of his client referred to him as "DumpTruck".


7558. party to case (with attorney)

I am an African-American father of a smart,delightful and bright little girl. When I began fighting an uphill battle against lurid and false allegations I did not know what to expect. I have no prior experience with family law courts or any court for that matter. I was accused of being a deviant guy with an anger problem from the start of my case. Judge Bowen is competent and he has much integrity in his courtroom.


6742. party to case (pro se)

I read a review when he had become a judge that said he liked. Self-represented people and he wanted to be sure they were heard he also in clarifying the witness testimony would make sure he didn't ask questions that might tip the scale I came to Cort thinking it would be fair and just and boy has this been an eye-opener every time I was self-represented one more thing your honor one more thing your honor I also had a code to help protect that my house would not get sold and judge Bowen jumped out of his chair to tell me that I had lost my right to that code because I have a stipulation and there never was any stipulation there goes his desire not to tip the scales to the other side he spoke for the other side and he didn't have his facts correct being self-represented I didn't know better and I lost my house that's just one small thing in my trial I will be posting the whole trial in the cloud with a connection for everybody to be able to read exactly how this judge works in his courtroom if you get him assigned as your judge take him off while you can in your first 10 day window of chance to change judges he does not like women and once he doesn't like somebody that's it plus he wastes a lot of court time because he makes up his mind at the beginning and it doesn't matter what's presented he will use testimony as part of his reason for his decision and the testimony isn't correct and if you show him the transcripts that say you got that wrong you're saying it's black and testimony saying it's white he doesn't care he'll continue to say it's black in his decisions it's amazing he doesn't follow the law you can prevent law for your side and if the other side has nothing he'll still go for the other side it's a joke when does this guy come up for reelection how do we take him off his job


7215. witness

I found him fair, knowledgeable about the case, gave it time, asked questions and waited patiently for answers. He took no bullshit from lawyers or from defendants. I saw compassion and firmness. My faith in the system is restored and I want to thank him for serving the community.


6997. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Bowen is unprofessional, biased and unfit to preside in family court. His lack of self-control and abuse of power is deplorable. Not only does Bowen mismanage time, but makes firm decisions prior to hearing testimony or reviewing evidence. I have frequently overheard attorneys and courtroom staff, who are obviously intimidated by Bowen, complain about his rudeness, bias against women and temper tantrums.


6803. party to case (with attorney)

i was requesting that my children have supervised visitation because my ex husband has 9 felony's and just got out of rehab after using heroin for many years and is now on a controlled substance Suobxone but Judge Bowen granted him unsupervised visitation of 4 young children ....... Where did this system go wrong? he only requested him have 3 hair follicle test for 9 months.! Did I mention My ex is a Heroin addict. This judge is a joke. moody as hell and does not let the public address what is the obvious. he stated " We are beating a dead horse!" " I read the statement!" so as the defendent i did not get to voice my concern i was shut down! Great constitution! Great judge! Protect the Felon , not the single mother of four children. Let him drive around(on Suboxone) and drive four children in the car. He did not address my concerns , i was shut down and my attorney was shut down. pray you dont get this judge


7536. party to case (with attorney)

This judge is sarcastic, incompetent and lacks the ability to make decisions. He is openly biased, and provides unfair advantages to his "preferred" party up to and including ex parte communications. Children who are a party to any case being heard by this judge are at extreme risk. Exercise your right to be re-assigned immediately if you get stuck in dept 40 or your ability to secure an attorney will be severely limited. His disrespectful behavior and prejudiced conduct towards female petitioners, respondents and attorneys is disturbing.


7537. party to case (with attorney)

Terrible judge who apparently missed the one day of judges school that taught them how to make a decision. Drags cases out forever and stands by his narcissistic attitude that it is your fault this is going on so long. Has made a decision "not to make a decision" which is why his cases are train wrecks and go on forever. If you have the opportunity request another judge within 30 days of your first appearance with Judge Bowen, you will be glad you did.


7541. other

GET THOSE JURY TRIALS GOING, TO SWEEP THESE ACTS OF WRONGDOING WITH THE JUSTICE OF THE GRAND JURY. With enough persistence you should be able to obtain a mailing address, email address, and/or fax number for a sitting grand jury in your area. Send your evidence presentment in all possible means, ASAP.


7609. party to case (pro se)

No stars for this judge. All the negative comments about him are true. Bowen is a complete joke for a judge. Parties go to a judge because they can't get along so they need a judge to make a ruling. Bowen never makes rulings and keeps your case dragging.


7911. party to case (pro se)

This is one of the worst judges I've ever had. he is definitely biased .very much against women . He is unprofessional and very rude and doesn't allow you to speak at ALL, even if you have everything prepared. He reads NOTHING. And doesn't allow you to talk. He uses his court room as a way to torture, honestly only women !! his mind is made up before you even walk into his court room. regardless if it's written out or not, he doesn't give you an opportunity to speak .if you are defending yourself ,you're automatically guilty especially if you are a woman . I am shocked because he used to be a public defender in The juvenile department . the father of my kids is a drug dealer has no job and hasn't even filed taxes in 6 years . He has been absent 70% of the kids life, all the sudden he makes one accusation against my mental health ;I am ordered by this judge to take a full psych evaluation and go into therapy. I do this and I spend thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars doing this as a single mother this was hard for me to to come up with this I had to borrow money from a lot of people . we go to court and he doesn't ask for any of the documents. My children are supposed to be into therapy and not one time the entire courthouse did my children or their best interest come up at all he wasn't even concerned if they were in therapy and he never asked for their report which was court ordered . within 10 minutes he the Father full custody of the kids . Even Denying me access to them on Mother's Day..


7856. witness

Judge John Sugiyama is unfair; his cronyism with specific attorneys makes it hard to get a fair ruling. Judge Sugiyama makes a habit of unnecessarily continuing hearing after hearing after hearing, rather than make a ruling. This practice ensures the attorneys make money off the estates in which they've been hired to defend.

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