Hon. Teresa M. Bennett

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2541. other

Teresa Bennett is a careless, bitter judge, clearly tired of her job. I watched her rush every person out of her courtroom without paying any attention to their cases.


2928. party to case (with attorney)

I father of multiple children.........I have been in her courtroom for various Family Law Matters. She has ruled in my favor about 90% of the time. She is patient at times where it seems she not be, but on matters that should seem to take time she rushes. She allows some attorneys such as Christopher Abernathy too much leeway. The court should stop his antics and mockery of the justice system. I am not bitter, this judge should just stop unethical, unprofessional and unmoral behavior. Especially when he is just wasting everyone's time for his benefit of charging his clients.


3395. witness

As a witness of a persons illegal behavior that took place over a number of years, all of them ending in convictions, we were called upon to present our evidence. We were one of the plaintiffs witness. We know, as does this judge, the two times in a span of less than four years that the defendant has been convicted of driving drunk (DUI), twice convicted of driving under a suspended license (which he still does), and his lying under perjury regarding his declarations. When the defendant filed his declarations, which were never received by or mailed to the plaintiff, so he lied under oath. This judge apparently is not interested in evidence as she choose to ignore the facts and did not allow the evidence to be brought in. Even when the defendant tried to say that he "had been sober over nine months" the judge told him that she had information on his court record. In spite of his convictions she choose to ignore them.


2230. witness

This judge is partial to sworn officers in her family court room, especially sb sheriffs.


2616. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Bennett is the presiding judge in my divorce case and it has been almost a year since the divorce papers were filed and I am still waiting for this person to move things along. She should NOT be in family court and should return to her roots which is criminal law. It is obvious to me that she and the OA in my case are BFF because she has continually condoned the attorney's tardiness at every hearing (at minimum 90 minutes late and more to seven hearings and counting) and has tolerated this attorney's unethical behavior -- straight-up lying in court. I can't stand the judge (or the attorney) and am definitely going to file a complaint to the Commissioner and California Bar. Beware of this woman's "kindr and soft-spoken demeanor; she doesn't read any of the documents and good luck with her knowing anything about family law!


7186. other

She needs to speed it up. It is not right that we sometimes have to wait 5 to 7 hours in our out of the court room. This is the third year that I have observed her.. I am not impressed with her judgment. Clearly she have her favorite attorney's. Justice seams to be both.blind and deaf in judge Bennets court room.


6981. other

me the father files a cases to gain time with my child while the mother is at work . i ask to have that time with my child. nope the judge says wednesday an thursday time to time says the child can be brought to my parents to visit. i tell the judge to just drop the supervised but she does not do that . does not state on case that we should meet at my parents house . visit day get a text from baby mom says she dont wanna come to the house meet else where .. now this is failer to follow court order but no one is answering any phone calls or giving me my right to my child i m not a felon nor convicted anything why the judge treat me an rush us out


7725. other

Someone needs to do something about this judge. She is hurting families, not helping them and is partial to sworn officers.


9284. other

This is the worst judge. She does not know what she is doing. So many families including my own have been hurt by her. She needs to step down.

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