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1068. witness

Not very caring towards children in relation to father visitation and the like. Close-minded, is what comes to mind.


1888. witness

In the three years under custody and dissolution, Lorna Alksne was acting commissioner over my case. In my personal experience, Lorna Alksne requested compliance in verbal orders during a hearing that had no 'legal' basis and were illegal for her to issue. I did not comply with illegal orders. Lorna Alksne, in my three years, did show a compliance with lawyers to solicit as much financial damage to both parties as possible and was a bias Judge against women. I witnessed a conspiracy of Judge Lorna Alksne and an Attorney outside of No. Co. San Diego Jurisdiction to rule on the removal of children to the father. Lorna Alksne on several occasions refused to rule on the abuse of children despite evidence submitted to the court. In my experience, I found her to be a Judge who did not follow federal standards to rule 'in the best interest of the child' and was compliant with the extended, unnecessary years of dissolution and custody cases resulting in financial losses to the divorcing parents. In my case, Lorna Alksne allowed suppression of evidence and as a result, a twenty three year marriage ruled invalid, no marital assets divided, no alimony, no child support despite the Mother's position in the marriage, company, and unemployment with three children under the age of eight as a result of the divorce. Lorna Alksne refused to limit child visitation despite six reports to the child protective service by mandated reporters and testimonies submitted to attest physical violence.


2203. other

"The Court has already made findings that we're going to reunify these children with their father whether the abuse happened or not." Judge Lorna Alksne, June 2009 This was her statement. As Court Watchers we believe this says everything about her as a Judge.


3950. party to case (with attorney)

This judge should have been the star in the sitcom BAD JUDGE. She was assigned my case when the acting commissioner transferred it after helping the opposing counsel file and serve a frivolous contempt citation. Alskne attempted to run a trial , made NUMEROUS errors and then declared 3 mistrials--on the same day, for her own mistakes, then REFUSED to dismiss the case after the first mistrial in violation of the US constitution , out of personal animosity and desire to be vindictive. She then had the case transferred to the criminal court just to be vindictive and created a morass out of what should have been a simple issue and a required dismissal under double jeopardy rules. We call this the triple jeopardy judge, she just declares mistrials and doesn't know what to do after shes made 3 separate mistakes. Shes worse than incompetent, shes unprofessional and vindictive , profoundly biased and a problem.


5230. attorney (private practice)

Lorne Alskne is the worst judge on the highest order. She is corrupt, biased, bitter, and vindictive. She does not have a solid grasp of Family Law, and has developed a growing loyal following of San Diego families damaged by her incompetence, and mis-guided deeds.


8348. party to case (with attorney)

This woman is the epitome of INCOMPETENCE and bad decisions. I was involved in a DCSS child support contempt case where the father claimed he was owed a small sun of money for a long since past issue, alskne was handed the case by commissioner Wertheimer after he bungled it himself made numerous horrible rulings and spent 2 years on this same issue. Alskne violated virtually every one of my constitutional rights in order to hold me in contempt for not paying money that was not owed to the father, she refused to give my attorney access to an expert then told him he couldn't get any continuances when he had a family emergency so he asked to be relieved, I was provided another attorney just as bad , this guy released confidential documents to the other side and then couldn't figure out how to schedule an ex parte hearing, when I requested he be relieved for incompetence she refused, I had to sue him for malpractice to get him relieved, I When we eventually went to trial and she made numerous judicial errors and declared a mistrial 3 TIMES on herself then kept restarting the trial IGNORING THE DOUBLE JEOPARDY clause then sent my family law case over to the criminal court for the 3rd TRIAL on the same issue that should have been dismissed under the constitution. She is a total and complete failure as a judge and lacks any ethical standards, not to mention her inability to function as an intelligent human . My concern is that she got her law degree and license from a cereal box.

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