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Hon. Carol Edmead Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County, New York


7314. party to case (pro se)

She's awful. Shoots from the hip without having all the facts or hearing both sides. Needs to slow down or retire if you lack the patience or analytical ability to review cases. Stop the bias.

Hon. John L. Flynn III Superior Court of California, County of Orange, California


7313. witness

Judge Flynn is very biased. HE allowed a person to testify as an expert witness without proper credentials. This so called expert witness did not have credentials in the field in which he was deemed an expert. Nor was this so called witness ever declared as an expert. Judge Flynn did not like me or one of the parties. He was completely biased. He does not belong in family law.

Hon. Scott H. Jenkins District Court, 53rd District Court, Travis County, Texas


7312. witness

Unbelievable , this judge should be disbarred. Despite unrefutable evidence he rules against based upon his own personal biase. He made a predetermined judgement, was easily manipulated by the ' victim role ' of the parent . Has no sense of his judicial boundaries and adjusted child support payments beyond the limits. Despite expert opinion and child rights , he decreased a child time with a parent without any logical reason .

Hon. Michael P. Jergins District Court, 395th District Court, Williamson County, Texas


7311. witness

Unbelievable , this judge should be disbarred. Despite unrefutable evidence he rules against based upon his own personal biase. He made a predetermined judgement, was easily manipulated by the ' victim role ' of the parent . Has no sense of his judicial boundaries and adjusted child support payments beyond the limits. Despite expert opinion and child rights , he decreased a child time with a parent without any logical reason .

Hon. Stephen Newhouse District Court, 313th District Court, Harris County, Texas


7310. other

i like him

Hon. Kathleen R. Mulligan Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania


7309. party to case (pro se)

Thank you for this. I want to keep it as proof that I fought as hard as I could to keep ______. In case you were wondering, his dad has been awarded primary custody and I have been given partial custody.Father did not even allow our son to come outside to my car for 5 brief minutes so that I could give him a hug and wish him luck on the night before his first day of his new school. His lawyer had child support suspended 2 days before Christmas. Him and I are to have shared legal custody however he took our son and withdrew him from his current school and enrolled him in new school without my knowledge. On _____ emergency contact list for our son's school, father put himself then his wife then wife's parents, then father's parents, then me. What that means is it I will be the last one contacted if anything should happen to _________. Everything I was afraid of is exactly what has happened. This was not justice, equality nor was it in our son's best interest. At my house, my son has his own room and his own study and friends his age on our street. I know he should be with me primarily because he has flourished and grown wonderfully being in my care. I have done all of this for him and now he's gone. I live in a now empty house by myself, which my son helped pick out. His dad has also enrolled him in spring baseball, which to refresh your memory was a large reason of why we started fighting in the first place) and expects me to take him to his games on the other side of town during the nine days a month I see him. Just because father does not seek assistance for his anger management and mental health issues doesn't mean they are not present. I on the other hand openly admit of my shortcomings and seek help for them and have for many years. I feel that I am being punished for something that I did not do and as much as his dad has hurt me I asked myself the other day," if custody were to be changed right now would I still let our son see his dad ?" My answer was absolutely. I would never keep our son away from his dad but I cannot say the same for____. His dad could care less whether or not our son ever saw me again. For his dad, just as he admitted during the psychological evaluation(that by the way cost me 2,000.00 and was all of my savings) that he is competitive,this was about winning and this was about money. It's evident because he immediately had child support suspended and even during court when I cried to him and asked him if he would allow us to resolve this right now that I would take him back to court and give him his child support back he declined; this to him was about winning. He himself makes twice as much as I do and he is taking me to court for child support on February 1st. The judge said that yes you made a recommendation but no you did not make a strong recommendation. I assure you that this decision was a grave mistake that is detrimental to both our son and I. His dad never cared at all about ______ from the time he was born and even before that until ______ was 8 years old, until he got married. The evaluation was biased because of course they're going to seem more "like a traditional family" if father, his wife, our son, and his half sibling is there at the evaluation. Your evaluation also stated that _____ would benefit from a more traditional family setting. However how was our son ever harmed from not being in a traditional family setting? What example does your evaluation give to others? I feel that it shows that if you are married that you are somehow superior to persons who are not married. I promised myself the day that _______ was born that I would do the best I could and I stayed by his side his whole life. Regardless of where my life brought me and all of its ups and downs I did the best I could every single day and will try to continue doing so although I feel like my world is gone. Our son had one week off from school starting on December 28th and father would not even allow me to see him one of those 5 days even though I also had off of work. The evaluation cost so much money and didn't grant me a shred of support justice or fairness. All of my effort has been in vain, our son is so heavily influenced by his dad did it already feels like a stranger is visiting my house on the weekends. I already can feel the rigidity, lack of sensitivity, and coldness and it has only been 18 days. For the $2,000 I spent which was my entire savings I feel that the evaluation could have been more supportive of all of my hard work rather than my shortcomings. Our son deserves to be happy and healthy and have both of his parents equally and actively involved in his life. With the court order that has been granted, this is not feasible. The school district his father resides in has embarrassing academic ratings compared to the one in which I reside. Not giving a strong recommendation for us both to have equal and shared custody was a grave mistake that our son will ultimately pay the price for. Father does not promote or encourage any type of relationship between our son and I, let alone a strong one. I am his mother and my son has been taken away I now see him 6 out of every 9 weekends and once during the week on the weekend that he is not with me. All of these years his dad never wanted custody, why now? Why after I worked so hard to get to this point in my life? I did all of this for ______and now what? That is my son my baby my child my whole world. Thanks so much Judge Kathleen Mulligan and Allegheny Forensics - thanks for making a careless decision you knew nothing about and thanks for taking my son away after I busted my ass to get through college, get a job and a house - This was not justice - only corruption at it's finest - May God make you pay for your callousness,greed and ignorance * DO NOT GO TO CUSTODY PROCEEDINGS WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY * Mulligan does favor fathers so beware

Hon. Michael J. Rushton Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


7308. party to case (pro se)

Why you destroyed my life i haven't done anything bad to you or to anybody why why whyyyyyyyyyyyy rushton ?

Hon. Joel S. Johnson Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania


7307. courthouse employee

Johnson..... He makes real Honorable Judges of The US look really bad. He will break your constitutional rights. Every single last one of them without a care, as if he is backed by his higher ups to illegally incarcerate people outside the guidelines of the Law. He won't let you talk to plead your case or show evidence. He is by far the dirtiest Judge in PA. Don't end your complaints here. If you want to see Johnson out of Office you need to complain to the Judicial Conduct Board Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 601 Commonwealth Avenue Suite 3500, PO BOX 62525 Harrisburg, PA 17120-0901 (717) 234-7911. Let your voice be heard and stand up for your rights. Johnson is a crocked Judge. We all know it. Even the Board knows Johnson is a Dirty Judge but they need your help to get rid of bad Judges like Johnson. Do as much research as you can. You have rights. If you don't know your Constitution Rights Google them online. Honestly write the Board and tell them all the Constitutional Rights Judge Johnson has broken with you in as much detail as possible after you first contact them about sending you a "Confidential Complaint Questionnaire".

Hon. Jeff Almquist Superior Court of California, County of Santa Cruz, California


7306. party to case (pro se)

Judge Almquist is biased, lazy, uneducated and immoral. If you have the very unfortunate experience of appearing before him, get ready to feel treated like less than a human being. The worst part is knowing that this uneducated and immoral person is in charge of the well being of some of this community's most vulnerable children. His behavior suggests that he is trying to hurt people, rather than upholding his ethical duty to act in the best interest of children. Acting in the best interest of children means that you help their parents, not punish them. This judge is a travesty, a sickness, an outrage and a sham. It is the children who pay the highest price for judge Almquist's injustices. It is time that we as a community hold him accountable for his crimes.

Hon. Beth Poulos District Court, 324th District Court, Tarrant County, Texas


7305. party to case (pro se)

This Jusge is a disgusting abusive corrupt Judge who forges signatures of the District Judge to strip litigants of all their legal rights and force them at gun point to comply to her demands! This Judge needes to be immediately terminated and criminally prosecuted and thrown in PRISON!!