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Hon. Michael P. Kelbley Seneca Co. Common Pleas Court, Ohio


8932. party to case (with attorney)

I was charged with the felony out of Fostoria. The police lied on their report and once I went in front of Judge Repp in Fostoria I was treated very poorly and seen as guilty right away. I figured all judges it probably this way. I do have to say this judge is a very professional and very fair. Although I was found guilty Judge Kelbleh did treat me with respect and like a human being.

Hon. Mark E. Repp Tiffin Municipal Court, Ohio


8931. other

If you want to test a man’s character, give him a little power. Mark Repp fails miserably. I am physically disabled in when Repp walked in the court room, all is supposed to rise to honor him. I had trouble standing up in time and Repp through a childish fit. I tried to apologize and explain to him my condition but he refused to listen or even let me speak at all. He Attempted to humiliate me for a good two minutes. Repp is by far the biggest asshole I’ve ever met in my life.

Hon. Gordon G. Adams District Court, 169th District Court, Bell County, Texas


8930. party to case (with attorney)

judge ruled against in an obvious and fully evidenced case on non interest. just unvelievable. just utterly unbelievable the process errors, and disregard for child's welfare.

Hon. Jacqueline C. Cody Court of Common Pleas of Chester County, Pennsylvania


8929. party to case (pro se)

I happened upon this site by circumstance while googling a certain Chester County judge, and I feel the need to add to the comment above. I find it both refreshing, because it was written by a lawyer, and frightening, because it was written by a lawyer. It is impossible to get a judge removed from the bench, or even a case, in PA. What happened to me in Chester County Orphan's Court is so outrageous that I cannot find an attorney, at any price. I have had lawyers in Chester County hang up on me and then call the judge in question and tell them about my phone call; I have had lawyers outside the county tell me "I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole", other Chester County lawyers tell me, "No way. I have to work with him/her for the next 30-years", etc. To call it misconduct would be kind. The actions of the court and its staff are, more than likely, illegal. I was certain a higher court in PA would hear the case or appeal because of the egregious actions of the court, but no. It will never happen. Therefore, I live in constant fear of my personal safety and security because I, literally, "know too much". I have moved out of state and I still do not feel safe. I am scared to death the case will be remanded back to the same judge, and I am afraid to, even, set foot inside the courthouse for fear I will be locked up on a bogus contempt charge, or worse. The judges will not stop until they have inflicted the maximum amount of pain and punishment, financial and otherwise, to anyone who dare speaks up ..or out... and they can do whatever they want, unencumbered by the law, the Constitution, due process, the PA Supreme Court, the JCB or anything else. That is what I have learned after three years of trying to probate my father's will. People in positions of power who do the wrong thing, generally, do not do any more than they know they can get away with. I was sure at every level of wrongdoing that someone higher up would look at my situation and say, "This is wrong. This is not allowed. This cannot happen". But that never happened and it will not. In fact, the more outrageous the judicial conduct (or attorney misconduct that the judges allow), the more the state will try to shut you up, until you have lost everything, including your mind, and just go away with your tail between your legs and try to start over, if you can. Meanwhile, I hope the poster who claimed to be from the Chester County public defender's office was real, and there really is an FBI or U.S. Attorney's investigation into this court simply because no one should ever have to endure what I have for the last three years for just trying to "do the right thing". They showed me, didn't they? How DARE I try to have a voice....

Hon. Lisa Benge Michalk District Court, 221st District Court, Montgomery County, Texas


8928. juror

This Judge does not know what she is doing to the community. Also she had broke the law several times and she had put innocent people behind bars for nothing. I am so worried to see this judge in her place she must be removed ASAP and be under federal investigation of she had done. Please Share and vote to be removed ASAP.

Hon. Gregory W. Pollack Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


8927. party to case (pro se)

FRUIT LOOP ON STEROIDS, people!!!! Total Wild Card! Will he rule within the law, or won't he - that is the question with him. Only if he chooses to is the answer. When he doesn't choose to - will follow his TOTAL BS down till the bitter end - like a dog with a bone - just won't let go of his utter ridiculousness, unless forced - I guess, by the wise and impartial mediation and enforcement of REAL LAW by REAL QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS, who call themselves REAL JUDGES!!!! I know - the question is: what should you do if your case is assigned to the Honorable Gregory W. Pollack, right? Best advice: 170.6. If not, best of luck to you - it may work out, really - it could. It's not that he is incapable - it's simply that he is perfectly okay with ruling entirely outside the law if he decides that's what's best for everyone involved. Crazy, you say? Indeed, it is! The man is ONLY the gatekeeper of the law - and he just will not accept that - if he chooses not to on any given day! Best of luck here.

Hon. Esther Morgenstern Kings County Supreme Court, New York


8926. other

our small family is in the midst right now of dealing with this unreasonable heartless judge. my nephew is trying desparately to see his child without an order of protection that was initiated by an extremely unstable, vindictive angry woman whos lies have been actually entertained by this ruthless judge. there is no mercy shown to a man who has proven his ability and desire to care for his child thru supervised visits that were given an excellent report by his social worker. the most outlandish lies that the childs mother has presented to this judge has been given credence without absolutely no proof of said allegations. from reading these comments about this judges behavior and track record in destroying families and taking children away from their decent hardworking fathers is extremely discouraging and devastating. what hope do we have? our family is in so much pain over this drawn out torture imposed by this judge. how can she not have the interest of the child and be unbiased based on the actual facts of my nephews track record? why is she entertaining the allegations of an unstable woman who is not caring about the repercusions of her childs mental state by trying to seek revenge? why is this judge even still on the bench? from the comments I have read here it sounds like shes not even an upstanding and honorable person who takes pride in her work to help families. I hope eventually our outcome will be positive and fair. that is what we are all counting on.

Hon. R. Stephen Barrett Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


8925. party to case (pro se)

Judge Barrett yells, doesn't allow pro se to execute their complaints and seems to have determined the outcome of a case before they even begin. He always goes "off the record", where valuable insight could be gained for someone reviewing transcripts. He physically shakes, and it's no wonder his mental capacity is at a low--there is something physically wrong of which affects his mental capability. He should be off the bench. Horrible Judge. He also doesn't take Petition for Contempt seriously if you're Pro se.

Hon. Gregory W. Pollack Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


8924. party to case (pro se)

A lot of things can be said here - to be fair, both good and bad. Yet, in the end, it's really basically boring: The bottom line is that this man is just taking his place on the long line of idiots who color the phrase "absolute power corrupts". Fairly sad at 60ish, and with a visible brain, as well. Another one bites the dust, I guess. Advice? 170.6 - if you don't want to be subjected to a straight gamble on whether the law will be upheld today.

Hon. Salvador Sarmiento Superior Court of California, County of Orange, California


8923. other

This "judge" is unfit to sit on the bench. He doesn't read the moving papers or evidence and is lazy. He allows perjured testimony and won't let it be challenged. He should be removed from the bench to protect children from his very bad judgment. How many lives has he destroyed? Why doesn't the supervising judge intervene?