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Hon. Scott H. Jenkins District Court, 53rd District Court, Travis County, Texas


7903. party to case (pro se)

This judge appears to forget that by the time parents are in court the relationship is already adversarial , and possibly irrepairable . I understand that he had a tragedy with his own son , and is very biased in regard to fathers, even with obvious evidence that is presented. It is possible that his own experience with his own son has left an impression on him and this judge unknowingly blames the fathers or does not want fathers in the responsible role and wants mother to be in the responsible role. I guess then mothers can then take all the blame for the outcome of their children. I hope someday he sees otherwise and shifts toward fathers right to care for children such as many of other judges.

Hon. Daphne Sykes Scott Superior Court of California, County of Orange, California


7902. party to case (with attorney)

Skyes is a very biased traditional judge. She seems to have an ear for the confusing and ridiculous. Also seems to avoid confrontation with female attorneys. I've sat in the court room for three years listening to some of her cases. It seemed that the males would've had the same results with no attorney or not contesting anything. In a court of equity, it's the judges perception and descretion. No common sense very liberal and feminist judge. In my opinion, she shouldn't be a judge in cases that involve family, hardships,or fairness. She should be a traffic court judge

Hon. Dale Ikeda Superior Court of California, County of Fresno, California


7901. other

Corrupt officer of the court, makes decisions based on fact that family was put in internment camps during World War 2 does not uphold constitution should be disbarred and put in prison.

Hon. Diane R. Thompson Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania


7900. party to case (pro se)

Wow! My daughter father and Inhad her years ago. In 2010-2012 she was mean, nasty, prejudice, condescending, and very professional. And all the other things mentioned before this way way back then. I'm not sure how she is still sitting on a bench? Isn't she like last retirment stage by now? She is horrible. The worst Judge we ever had. Ever!

Hon. Gloria Connor Trask Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


7899. party to case (pro se)

Awful Judge, she comes in late and will recess and leave the court house and make everyone wait, even when receiving flowers in court. She in not ethical, will say one thing and do something else. Upholds white supremacy, which is why she is in the position. She is backwards and corrupt. She went out of her way to make me lose my mothers home.

Hon. Patrice McDonald County Court, County Court at Law No. 3, Montgomery County, Texas


7898. party to case (with attorney)

Imagine a parent being just shy of $13k behind in child support...and the judge splitting the children, narrowing the geographic restriction to ONE COUNTY (Montgomery), and NOT ORDERING the deadbeat parent to make good on their owed child support! Sounds as if it might be fiction, but it is not. In fact, after the judge ruled against what the Supreme Court ruled is best for children, she then ordered the other parent to PAY child support to the parent that NEVER PAYED almost $13k in child support!!! What in the hell happened here? The parent that NEVER PAYED makes about $500k and she ordered a single parent to pay more in child support that the MORTGAGE for the home she has for her children! Unbelievable? Only in MoCo, does this GARBAGE happen. In addition to a WEAK AND SORRY EXCUSE FOR AN ATTORNEY, the judge could have been creative in her ruling, but instead chose to stick it to me and my children. Did she EVEN LISTEN to the attorney that suggested the child support kick in AFTER the deadbeat parent provided financial support that was owed? Nope, she didn't. Power monger in a robe.

Hon. Patrice McDonald County Court, County Court at Law No. 3, Montgomery County, Texas


7897. party to case (with attorney)

The INJUSTICE system of MoCo will forever be a force to be reckoned with as long as the incompetents continue to run unopposed! The repeated abuse of powers that I have personally witnessed over the course of fifteen years is the true definition of BULLYING. If only I had an endless supply of money...I could prove that there have been multiple pay offs. There is no other explanation for their rulings which have significantly harmed my children and one day, there will be a scathing book written and published to expose each and every one of their actions that impacted my family negatively. As a dear mentor once stated, hell is hot!

Hon. Esther Morgenstern Kings County Supreme Court, New York


7896. party to case (with attorney)

I'm not sure why she's a judge. She lack empathy, she doesn't care about facts, she desensitized to the judicial system primarily around domestic violence. She comes in late, have no care in the world about individual that's in her court. I wish should would retire already.

Hon. Jose R. Benavides Superior Court of California, County of Kern, California


7895. witness

This Judge has little man syndrome just like the Jerk he gave custodial custody over my daughters son. He was very clear that he was abusing her mentally and she hasn't done anything wrong...this judge is racist, unprofessional, and dishonest. Who takes a 15 month old away from his mother because her brother smoked marijuana, and the ex claimed that he was doing it around the baby....Never Happened!!!! But he took his word for it and now has the control over my daughter that he wanted before they had broke up. This judge gave an abuser custody! Wtf I wrong with this world

Hon. Melodie Snell Conner Gwinnett Circuit, Georgia


7894. courthouse employee

The D. A. office in Gwinnett County needs to be investigated. Prosecutors are overlooking justice in their quest to win convictions at any cost most often at the expense of young trouble teens/adults, some of the teens obviously has underlining mental health issues. Some public defenders, investigator, and police officers are using scared tactics to force these teens into pleading guilty. They are being told that they are facing 25 to life sentences for non violent crimes. They are being taking advantage of in the worse way, they are called stupid and laugh at. Prosecutors are destroying these young peoples lives just for a win, how sick is that. There is a tremendous level of misconduct and unethical practices among Gwinnett County's D.A. office. Individuals are afraid to come forward to report parties involved because they are connected and very dangerous.