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Hon. Francis Ricigliano Nassau County District Court, New York


8185. other

Nice guy. Don't know about his son tho.

Hon. Alice Vilardi Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, California


8184. witness

Judge Alice Vilardi is a shining star in the family court system! If you gave her anything but 5 *'s then you must be a bad parent, abusive, or got railroaded by a represented ex who manufactured evidence, which you did not refute. Vilardi is sharp as a tack, quick as a whip, and will put you in your place quicker than you can figure out what's going on if you're screwing up. Don't walk into her courtroom thinking you know more than she does, because you will get schooled. Alice Vilardi is the best Family Court judge in the CA Fam Court system... She knows how to read between the lines, and also knows that: 'the truth is the truth no matter how much time passes'. Thanks to Judge Vilardi, my best friend's children were rescued from their abusive mother, who retained Jerome Blaha's firm- the father was In Pro Per. Because of the mother's plethora of lies, unwillingness to cooperate w/the court orders, psych eval's, counseling, her fabrication of evidence, etc, etc, etc... The pendulum got swung. My best friend kept every piece of paper he ever got, including receipts from gas stations in another State, where they lived together before moving back to Ca. This is what saved his kids. He had 'Material Evidence' to refute Everything that the 'mother' made up/fabricated. W/O going into detail I will say this: Judge Vilardi helped literally save at least one of the children's lives. The mother was hell bent on creating a fake mental illness in him, and removing him from society. After all was said and done HONORABLE Judge Vilardi made a statement at the final hearing in Pleasanton. She, in part, stated that, "What the mother has allowed to occur, and perpetrated herself is bizarre and disturbing"... She then had the case moved to the county my bff lives in, after she ordered sole legal custody to him, since neither parent, nor child lived in Alameda Co any longer. She knew what she was doing when she did that, and that was one of the best things she could have done. She also ordered that the mother is a Vexatious Litigant- barring her from filing any more motions- after over 200 appearances. I really hope my friend writes a book about his and his son's experiences, so that other men and boys know that they are not alone in this crap that sick mothers do. Alice Vilardi- a bright shining star*****. We need way more judges like her!!

Hon. Cathleen Cawood Bubash Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania


8183. party to case (pro se)

Please sign, share and friend the Facebook Page. We are sick and tired of being Sick and Tired. There is a facebook page that has a link that will not let me post to this site. It's a petition to remove bubash from the bench. The name is Gavel Bangers The picture is a fist that says fight for your rightS

Hon. Elizabeth K. Kelly Court of Common Pleas of Erie County, Pennsylvania


8182. party to case (pro se)

Been dealing with an ex that has split personality and for some reason the judge is still in her favor. I had proof of past and everything. Judge didn't want to hear anything because I am a man and she always sides with the female. The kids are being brainwashed and the psycho ex is getting everything she wants to make up. Very sad that a judge don't want to hear anything and still can make a ruling. Plus other judges in the courthouse don't want to overturn another judges decisions. The whole courthouse is a joke . What happened to innocent till proven guilty? Not in this state at least ....

Hon. Steve Owen Child Support (Title IV-D) Court, Title IV-D Court No. 37, Texas


8181. witness

If I could rate Steve Owens with a 0 I would! He does not read any reports or look at any evidence. When he ask a question and it is obvious that the person lied and easy to probe he sides with the liar. He ordered as cps review that which in fact stated that false accusations were in force and that cps was being obviously used as a weapon against the other party just to be spiteful, he did not read it or if he did he didn't give a damn! I hope anyone gets some other person presiding over their case due to this judge not practicing the law or giving a damn about the children involved. What is worse about this situation is when both parties have equal custody but yet one is ordered yo pay cs regardless of what both parents have agreed upon. This jerk said I Don't Care I've made my decision!! Seriously??? Obviously he is one of many in the family courts working the cases to profit the ag and the state of TX!!! Get this pos off the bench!!!!!

Hon. William H. Follett Superior Court of California, County of Del Norte, California


8180. other


Hon. Jennifer Jensen Saratoga County Family Court, New York


8179. party to case (with attorney)

If I could give her no stars I would. She is nothing but a two bit liar. All she does is think of herself and not the best interest of children. She makes up her own laws and changes any rules she wants. I can't believe she is still on the bench when so so many people have complained and to think that the lawyers are all afraid of her. I am so glad my youngest doesn't have to be involved with the court system or lack of but when he is forced to go down to the other parents house up until he turned 18. I hope ALOT of people would complain so she can be where be where she belongs out of office.

Hon. Steve Burgess District Court, 158th District Court, Denton County, Texas


8178. party to case (pro se)

It is a waste of time and money to appear in this judges court.

Hon. John E. Niedrach Rome Circuit, Georgia


8177. other

How do you take action on Judge Niedrach to be removed from his seat? I read an article about Ramad Chatman and that man needs to be removed from jail and replaced by Judge Niedrach. I am not in the state of Georgia however if there is an active petition that leads to removal of this "judge". Please let me know so that I can add my name. Thanks

Hon. William H. Follett Superior Court of California, County of Del Norte, California


8176. other

The judge found the defendant guilty of rape, incest and drugging his victim. But ignored DA recommendations and statutory law. This judge empathizes with rapists and disregards laws meant to protect the community. A sentence of probation does not deter but encourage rapists. An intended, non-violent theft case, would have received a more severe sentence than just probation. Please remove this Judge from criminal law cases.